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3D-printed Relativity Space rocket fails shortly after launch



The Terran 1 rocket, designed and built by Relativity Space, crashed shortly after liftoff from a launch pad in Cape Canaveral, Florida, late Wednesday night. Demonstration mission, the rocket carried no people or customer payload, no one was hurt.

The vehicle was equipped with nine 3D printed engines and was supposed to be the first rocket launched into orbit using liquid methane as fuel. During a flight webcast on Wednesday, the rocket rose on a plume of white flame that flashed blue as it shot into space.

But about four minutes into the flight, shortly after the rocket’s first stage fell, Clay Walker, launch director for Relativity Space, said on the company’s webcast that there had been a “T-plus anomaly with the second stage,” meaning the problem with the second stage of the rocket, which was supposed to put the payload into orbit.

The company’s webcast hosts said more details about the issue would be announced at a later date.

After the success of Elon Musk’s SpaceX, investors poured money into new space companies. Some of these companies have interplanetary ambitions, including Relativity Space, which announced last year that it would team up with another company called Impulse Space to send a private space mission to Mars, aiming to outdo Mr. Musk’s company on the red planet. .

But many nascent space companies struggle in their first attempts at orbit. In January, the Virgin Orbit spacecraft failed after an hour of flight; company since then fired employees. another company ABL space systems, lost its first missile immediately after launch from a base in Alaska. And even experienced rocket scientists lose new rockets on their first flight. Earlier this month, a new rocket built for the Japanese space agency by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which has been making rockets for decades, failed minutes after its first flight and lost the satellite it was supposed to launch.

The Relativity flight on Wednesday did not lose a client satellite. The only payload was a wheel-shaped object, the first ever produced by Relativity’s 3D printers, to demonstrate the rocket’s ability to launch a payload into orbit.

The flight, which the company has dubbed Good Luck, Have Fun, or GLHF, was the company’s third launch attempt in the past two weeks. The previous two were canceled due to a number of technical problems shortly before the start.

During the launch on Wednesday, the company marked some milestones reached by rocket. This was the first time that a 3D printed rocket reached “max-q”, the point where the booster experiences the heaviest loads, as well as the stage separation when the booster used for launch is dropped from the second stage of the rocket – carrier.

Relativity Space is among new companies building and testing low-lift launch vehicles: rockets that can carry a smaller payload of about two tons or less, typically with a destination in low Earth orbit.

The 110-foot-tall Terran 1 falls into this “small launcher” category and is planned as a precursor to the much larger Terran R reusable launcher, which the company hopes to begin testing soon.

To make these rockets, Relativity Space has developed massive 3D printers in Long Beach, California that use robotic arms to make engines and other metal alloy parts that can withstand the heat and pressure of burning rocket fuel.

Traditional manufacturing processes often slow down the construction of rockets. But 3D printers, which turn code into physical objects, allow engineers to move from design to testing faster. Instead of creating an entirely new part, engineers can simply tell printers to increase the size of existing parts or modify them in other ways.

Because of this, modern rockets have a lot of 3D printed parts. But Relativity Space treats 3D printers as a one-stop-shop for almost all of its rockets. About 85 percent of the Terran 1’s mass was 3D printed, and each rocket can be made from nothing in 60 days.

Relativity is among several companies building orbital launch rockets using liquid oxygen and liquid methane as fuel. In the past, most rockets used hydrogen or kerosene as fuel. Methane is the main component of liquefied gas – it is easier to store than hydrogen and has higher performance than kerosene. Starship, the next-generation rocket that SpaceX is building to fly to the Moon and Mars, will use a similar fuel.

Carissa Christensen, founder and CEO of space analytics firm BryceTech, noted that of the hundreds of space startups created in recent years, only a few have made it to the launch pad. This alone sets Relativity Space apart from many other private companies looking to launch rockets. It shows “something like proof of an investment thesis,” Ms. Christensen said in an interview earlier this month.

A launch attempt, successful or not, is what Ms. Christensen celebrates.

“This is a step towards creating a complex engineering system,” she said of the Terran 1 flight. “Success or failure, they learn something.”

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Wordle today: here is the answer, clues for March 23



Today is palindrome day! Well, depending on your preferred date format. But if you wrote this on 03/23/23, made a wish or whatever you want to do to mark the occasion. Maybe today wordle? Our daily hints and hints will help you find the solution.

If you’d rather just be told the solution, you can scroll through this article until March 23rd. wordle solution disclosed. But if you prefer to work it out on your own, keep reading for some hints, tips, and strategies to help you.

where wordle from?

Originally created by engineer Josh Wardle as a gift to his partner, wordle(Opens in a new tab) has quickly spread and become an international phenomenon played every day by thousands of people around the world. alternates wordle fan-made versions even jumped, including battle royale argumentmusical game of definition hurdleand options like sit back another Quordles which will make you guess several words at the same time.

wordle eventually became so popular that it was bought The newspaper “New York Timesand the creators of TikTok even stream their games live.

Not the day you need? Here wordle response on March 22.

What’s better wordle starting word?

the best wordle the initial word is what brings joy to your heart. But if what brings you joy is strategy, we have some ideas to help you choose a word that can help you find a solution faster. One tip is to choose a word that includes at least two different vowels, as well as some common consonants like S, T, R, or N.

what happened with wordle archives?

The entire archive of the past wordle puzzles used to be available for everyone to have fun whenever they wanted. Unfortunately, it has since been removed, with the website’s creator claiming it was at the request of The newspaper “New York Times.

is wordle getting harder?

It may seem wordle it gets harder, but it’s really no harder than when it first started. You can turn on wordleHowever, Hard Mode if you need more testing.

Why are there two different wordle answers a few days?

Although usually wordle will only make one correct decision per day, sometimes he will rebel against the norm and find two different answers acceptable. It is related to the change The newspaper “New York Times made wordle after he purchased the puzzle game.

V once has since added his own updated word list, so this should happen even less frequently than before. To avoid confusion, it’s a good idea to refresh your browser before diving into a new puzzle.

Here’s a hint for today wordle reply:

It rhymes with a beloved indie game, a handy gardening tool, and the first word of Eric B and Rakim’s debut album.

Today’s wordle does the answer have a double letter?

Not today!

Today’s wordle 5 letter word starting with…

Today’s wordle starts with the letter S.


Wordle obsessed? These are the best word games you can play in real life.

What is the answer to wordle Today?

We’re finally going to reveal the answer to today’s wordleso make your guesses right now!

You are ready?

Solution wordle No. 642 is…


Don’t be discouraged if you don’t succeed this time. beauty wordle is that there’s always something new to try the next day and we’ll be back here again with more helpful hints and tips.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 deals: big swap credits, gift card deals and more



This story is part Samsung eventsa collection of CNET news, tips and advice on Samsung’s most popular products.

The latest phones from Samsung’s flagship line, Galaxy S23, S23 Plus another S23 Ultraarrived in February. And while these aren’t the most affordable models on the market, with a starting price of $800, chances are you won’t have to pay full price if you’re hoping to get one of these. There are plenty of deals and offers from both carriers and retailers that can save you hundreds or even get one for free, especially if you have an old phone to trade in or need a new data plan. Below we’ve rounded up some of the best deals currently available so you can get your new S23 cheaper. And with the release of the new S23 models, you can also find great Discounts on the previous generation Galaxy S22 right now also.

Presented at the company’s exhibition Unpack event Earlier this year, Samsung’s refreshed Galaxy S line-up includes the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra. All three models retain the same screen sizes as the 2022 models of 6.1″, 6.6″ and 6.8″, respectively, with an improved exterior design and some modest upgrades to the camera hardware, battery sizes and internal storage of the two larger models. . Special version Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2optimized for the new Galaxy S23 lineup, works on the new phones, which the company claims should result in better performance.

Lisa Edichiko/CNET

Whether you’re excited to get your hands on one of Samsung’s latest phones, or maybe it’s just time to upgrade an old phone, we’re here to help you save some money on your S23 purchase. Please note that the offers and bonuses below are time limited and subject to change at any time.

Now playing:

Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup is here with big camera upgrades


How much does the Galaxy S23 cost?

The three Galaxy S23 models are available in different memory configurations. US pricing for each model starts at:

  • Samsung Galaxy S23: $800
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus: $1,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: $1,200

Please note that Samsung has improved the base storage for Galaxy S23 Plus and S23 Ultra, doubling it to 256GB instead of 128GB on the S22 models. However, the base model Galaxy S23 remains at 128GB. Both the Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus offer 8GB of RAM, while the Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with 12GB of RAM.

What colors is the Galaxy S23 available in?

Samsung Galaxy S23 series in grey, pink and cream


As always, Samsung has dressed its latest phones in an eye-catching color scheme. There’s a selection of nature-inspired colors this time around, including phantom black, cream, green, and lavender. All three S23 phones are available in these four colors regardless of where you buy them, although Samsung also offers four colors exclusive to own online store. These are the colors of lime, graphite, sky blue and red.

Best Galaxy S23 Deals

Go straight to the source of your Galaxy S23 order and get up to $750 when you trade in your old phone or device. You’ll also get access to Samsung’s exclusive online colors.

Samsung has some attractive offers from carriers if you don’t want an unlocked model, with up to $1,000 off at an acceptable trade-in. Finally, many of these offers can be extended with discounts for students, educators, first responders, government and military personnel, veterans and their families (see the Samsung website for details on discounts).

Best Buy is offering discounts on both unlocked and carrier models of the S23 line right now. If you don’t want to be locked into a carrier, you can save $50 on the base Galaxy S23 or $100 on the S23 Plus and Ultra. Best Buy states that you must choose the same activation to receive the discount, but the same price will be available if you choose to activate later. Best Buy also has its own trade-in program where you can get up to $600 off.

There are also carrier deals where you can save up to $1,000 on a Verizon model or $800 on an AT&T or T-Mobile model with an exchange and activation of the appropriate service plan.

Verizon’s Galaxy S23 deal offers up to $800 off with trade-in rights to an unlimited plan, and the carrier even accepts old or damaged phones. Those who switch to Verizon will also receive another $200 Verizon gift card. Other deals include free Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G with purchase, although it’s worth noting that each of these cellular-enabled devices requires a new line to be added, as well as a $100 discount on Galaxy Buds 2 with purchase of the phone.

Buy your Galaxy S23 device through a qualifying installation agreement with AT&T and trade in your old device for a discount of up to $800. Even better, to qualify for this discount, the device you are transferring can be a Galaxy S, Note, or Z series smartphone. any year, in any condition, or a different brand phone as long as it costs at least $35. The discount will be applied through monthly account credits for 36 months. Plus, you can get 50% off any Samsung accessory with your phone purchase.

T-Mobile offers several ways to save money on the S23 series right now. You can save $800 by getting the base model for free when you add a new line to your Magenta Max plan. Or save $400 when adding a new line to another qualifying plan. And you can save up to $400 by trading in your old phone while you have it, or by switching to an eligible plan.

Xfinity is offering new customers a $500 discount on their Galaxy S23 when porting to a new line as part of a 24-month plan. And both new and existing customers can save up to $800 on a qualifying exchange.

Walmart offers the Galaxy S23 series with various carrier offerings. Phones activated at the qualifying factory with AT&T or Verizon installments will receive a $250 rebate, plus up to $1,000 rebate through credit accounts (AT&T only) on qualifying exchange. Walmart also has prepaid deals with Verizon’s Straight Talk and Total, offering six months of free service to new customers on an unlimited plan.

Google Fi offers its own trade-in program where you can save up to $799 on the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus, or up to $899 on the S23 Ultra. Although, unlike some other carriers, Google Fi only accepts new devices in good condition. The discount is applied in the form of monthly bill credits for 24 months, and if you cancel the service before that time, you will have to pay the remaining amount yourself.

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Positive Grid Introduces Spark Go Ultra-Portable Enhanced Guitar Amplifier



Positive Grid has a new ultra-portable version of its high-tech Spark guitar amp. Designed for musicians who need a versatile and powerful practice amp, the 3.5″ tall Spark Go works with a companion app loaded with virtual amps, pedals and other effects, and can even flesh out your sound with AI drums and other accompaniments. tools.

Like its predecessors, Spark Go is paired with an iOS/Android app to go far beyond enhancing your strumming and gaming; it digitally enlarges it. It includes 50,000 tones (ranging from boutique to modern), 33 amps and 43 effects and pedals, giving you many new ways to shape your sound. The app can even “jam with you” by listening to your playing and learning from it by creating an appropriate background track. And if you want to learn new tunes, the app can sync with Spotify or Apple Music to display AI-generated chords for the song you hear.

A 2021 review of the Spark Pearl (a larger model in the same line) by Engadget found the app to have some rough edges, including an unconvincing AI drummer. However, the company has had plenty of time to iron this out, so we reserve the right to judge the current iteration until we test it again. After all, you may have heard that generative AI has made some impressive leaps since then.

The amplifier has a solid construction and “extra hard grille” to (at least in theory) live up to its “on the go” brand; Positive Grid says it’s even suitable for pedalboarding. The company suggests laying it flat for omnidirectional sound, or placing it on the edge for “sound in the face.” In addition, it uses computational audio that delivers “surprisingly big, full sound” from its tiny body. (And you can plug in headphones to practice in private.) The amp’s battery supposedly lasts up to eight hours and charges via USB-C. Finally, it supports four presets when you find a mix you want to keep close at hand.

Positive Grid accepts early registration to be notified when Spark Go pre-orders go live. Whenever they open (the company hasn’t announced a date yet), the company will offer the amplifier at an aggressive $109 price point, although it will eventually increase to the recommended $149.

All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team independently of our parent company. Some of our stories contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. All prices are current at the time of publication.

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