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Ben Affleck’s Air is joining a new wave of basketball movies for seasoned fans.



To the top of Ben Affleck’s sneakers procedural air, Bigwigs from Nike’s basketball division sit around a conference room table discussing the merit of players in the 1984 NBA draft. They have a $250,000 budget to split between three prospects, meaning that giants Converse and Adidas will inevitably cede the right to sponsor the best players in the draft. Thus, they look further at the draft board: the fifth choice, Charles Barkley, is mired in “club problems” and “nobody wants to see him on TV”; 16th pick, John Stockton, played his college ball on Gonzaga and “no one even knows where it is”; Melvin Turpin, drafted sixth, seems like the safest bet – he appears to have “excellent vision,” though Sonny Vaccaro (Matt Damon) notes that he only averages one assist per game. In 2023, of course, we know that Barkley and Stockton are in the Hall of Fame, Gonzaga is a perennial leader, and Turpin has never done much in the league.

These kind of nods to knowledgeable viewers hidden everywhere air by rookie screenwriter Alex Convery, this is nothing new. At least since 1980, when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar complained about Walton and Leimbeer being dragged around the court for 48 minutes at airplane!, knowing allusions to the savvy audience watching basketball have been built into films affecting the sport. But the new generation of basketball films reflected a new generation of basketball fans who are as versed in collective bargaining agreements, overseas scouts, sports gambling and shoe deals as they are in the products on the court. In a world where every move of an NBA grandmaster spawns hundreds of podcast episodes, Hollywood has adapted by releasing a flood of films that deeply explore aspects of the game that seemed unimaginable at the time. chusirs.

In fits and starts, this revolution has already happened in sports films. Bennet Miller money ball filmed a seemingly inedible story about a renegade general manager and Yale economist using sabermetrics to find underrated baseball players. Ivan Reitman Draft Day dropped spectators into the Cleveland Browns war room during the NFL Draft. Even Jerry Maguire, in his own 90s dramatic style, saw former journalist Cameron Crowe unearth some of the secrets of the sports agencies. It’s natural for fans of these sports to see themselves in these supporting characters—think of the massive popularity of fantasy football and baseball, which dwarf the NBA’s fantasy league audience. But the culture of basketball is driven primarily by the culture of black youth, and the inevitable tension between the game and the business interests that surround it is only now being explored in detail on screen.

high flying bird
Photo: Peter Andrews/Netflix

high flying bird makes this tension his main obsession. The 2019 Steven Soderbergh drama is set during the NBA lockout as the league’s owners and players are deadlocked over their new collective bargaining agreement. The film follows the maneuvers of superspy Ray Burke (the excellent Andre Holland) as he negotiates with seemingly everyone in the basketball universe for a purpose that is not always clear to anyone but him. It’s a tight, intellectual film that introduces the audience to sharks and invites them to swim, but it’s amazingly insightful about the symbiosis of basketball and commerce.

Written by Tarell Alvin McCraney, the playwright behind the story that inspired Moonlight, Soderbergh’s gritty cinematography on the iPhone fills audiences in offices, boardrooms, lounges, bars, restaurants, gyms, saunas, and wherever the basketball business is. Fans are now more interested than ever in understanding how NBA sausages are made, and Soderbergh doesn’t miss a single nasty detail.

“They invented the game on top of the game,” says Spence (Bill Duke), an experienced basketball coach and South Bronx community activist. Spence is the kind of guy who’s been wearing tracksuits for the last 40 years and still thinks three-pointers and slam dunks are useless; anyone who has been in the game long enough knows a penny or two. Having put the thesis about high flying bird in his mouth, McCraney and Soderbergh seem to draw a contrast between old-school hoopers and money-crazed new jacks.

However, it is not so easy. The lockout also hurts Spence’s money by making it difficult to get professionals to his charity events, and it’s illegal for him to advertise their presence there. It soon becomes clear that lockouts are a common problem, and the player-focused revolution in streetball that the film is driving helped tease him during screenings, but never materialized. (Like Kevin Durant’s viral pickup game at Rucker Park during the last real lockout, high flying birdthe climactic one-on-one behind-the-scenes game is one of a kind.)

The lockout ends because it has to end because the game over the game just feeds too many mouths. It’s a bittersweet but authentic finale, and life has already imitated the art: earlier this month, owners and players agreed in principle to a new CBA, delaying a new lockout by at least seven years.

Uncut Gems
Image: A24

Another prestigious basketball film of 2019 was Uncut Gems, Josh and Benny Safdie’s disturbing take on the underworld of sports gambling. Adam Sandler plays Howard Ratner, a jeweler and gambler who always thinks his next bet will be big. (Spoiler: yes, until it stops.) Safdie and Sandler kind of revive Howard, diluting his very real passion for basketball with his mind-clouding proclivity for betting. His aggressive bets are scary, but for the most part they are based on a deep understanding of the game. Meeting Kevin Garnett thrills Howard for more reasons than the opportunity to make money off him.

Uncut Gems The action takes place in 2012, when sports betting in the United States was banned by law. Today it is impossible to watch the NBA broadcast without betting shops advertising. In 2019, Howard’s vocabulary of betting, over/under and accumulators seemed insider, even dubious. Now it’s business as usual. This has already begun to seep into the game in an ugly way. After the March game in Orlando, fan turned to Wizards All-Star Bradley Beal outside of the arena, yelling “You fucked me for $1300, you fucking!” Beal justly retaliated by saying, “I don’t care about your bets or accumulators, bro. That’s not why I play this game.” We now live in the world of Howard Ratner.

Sandler’s hoop fandom goes way beyond it. Uncut Gems character, and he let it fuel his passionate 2022 project, Fuss. With dozens of high-profile cameos and deep basketball vocabulary, Fuss it’s the NBA’s biggest love letter in this wave of films, but it’s still scathingly critical of the league’s mechanics.

The film is about Sandy Sugerman, an international scout for the Philadelphia 76ers, whose life is an endless cycle of low-level games in lighted gyms, fast food meals in five-star hotels, and business class flights to no one knows where. Sugerman is promoted to the bench at the beginning of the film, but is sent back to the field for one last job when beloved team owner Rex Merrick (Robert Duvall) dies and leaves his underdog son Vince (Ben Foster) in charge. (By the way, Foster plays the best dick-wielding guy in any of these films, slightly beating the insufferably coaxing Kyle MacLachlan in a duel in high flying bird.)

Juancho Hernangomez as Bo Cruz and Adam Sandler as Stanley Sugerman in Hustle.

Photo: Scott Yamano/Netflix

Remainder Fuss catnip for amateur draft pickers. Sugerman discovers Beau Cruz (real NBA player Juancho Hernangomez), a streetball player wearing work boots, while on a business trip to Spain. He practically ferries Cruz back to Philadelphia when the Sixers front office says they’re not interested. “There are 450 players in the NBA and 100 are just waiting to be called,” says Sugerman Cruz. “My job is to know everyone else.” With the proliferation of recruiting news, tryout drafts, and televised international and development league games, many fans now feel like they have the same job.

But being a prospect (or a scout tasked with finding them) is hard work, and most Fuss about the unglamorous routine of being outside, looking inward. Cruz competes, shows, fights, pre-draft practice and endless hours of some of the most grueling training ever filmed outside of Rocky. franchise. Fuss is a blast, and certainly a far less subversive film than high flying bird or Uncut Gemsbut constantly reminds fans that working in the NBA is just a job.

The most recent of this wave of postmodern basketball films doesn’t depict life in the NBA at all, but is nonetheless defined by it. airSonny Vaccaro walks in the same amateur circles as Stanley Sugerman, but he’s not going to sign prospective players to the NBA roster. He wants them to wear his shoes. Sneakerhead culture and basketball culture are closely and inextricably intertwined, but air depicts a time when branded shoes did not yet exist, and invites viewers to witness their birth.

Director Ben Affleck talks about the origins of Nike’s Air Jordan line in a casual yet detailed contract negotiation. As with the rest of the films, much of the action takes place off the basketball court, in conference rooms and corner offices. Michael Jordan himself – a player whose face never appears on screen – is a controversial choice that sometimes seems incompatible with airA story about empowering the player.

Affleck defended his decision, saying that Jordan is “too big” for a film that’s really more about merchandising and workforce, and in truth, he’s probably right. The story of the machine that surrounds the sport – the game on top of the game – cannot be told through the most prominent stars. In the age of social media, fans have unprecedented access to LeBron James, Steph Curry and, yes, even Michael Jordan. But they also know more than ever about basketball players Ray Burks, Stanley Sugermans and Sonny Vaccaros. These days, we can also see their stories in movies, and this allows us to see a richer and more subtle vision of the world of basketball.

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You need to try this incredible new Fortnite deathmatch random map



There’s a pretty sick new Fortnite Creative 2.0 map that’s been getting a lot of attention this week, and for good reason – Lucky blocky arena The free card from Rafa To Ja is a refreshing remix of the old Creative formula.

Based on Fortnite’s Unreal Editor, Fortnite Creative 2.0 is still so new that creators continue to figure out exactly what they can do with it. For now, this means that most Fortnite Creative maps made with UEFN are basically the same things the creators have done before, but with new bells and whistles that weren’t possible before. In other words, Creative 2.0 is more of an evolution than a revolution. Lucky Block Arena is a great example of this kind of thing.

You and other players will spawn on your own floating platforms above the arena, a format that the creators of Fortnite love to use for a wide variety of games. It usually involves construction, but Lucky Block Arena doesn’t.

The novelty of this card is that it turns the standard Creative Deathmatch formula on its head. There are many deathmatch maps where you will start with blue quality weapons and defeat other players to earn coins to buy better weapons in a lot of vending machines like The Pit for example. But Lucky Block Arena doesn’t let you choose which weapon to use.

Instead, you’ll spend your coins from defeated enemies to open crates that give you random weapons. You can select the quality you want – higher quality requires more coins – and you can also open boxes with gadgets and other items. And on top of that, once you jump into the arena for everyone, you will find various boxes with bonuses, such as damage multipliers. And, of course, there are other surprises, such as the random appearance of a low-gravity region.

It might not sound very impressive, but that’s because this map is pretty much an evolution of the quality of life below the surface: these crates are custom assets that do things that the old creative tools couldn’t do. They don’t do anything particularly shocking or startling, but Rafa To Jah essentially had to invent them (or they borrowed the idea from whoever did).

On top of that, Lucky Block Arena is just a well designed free map that is fun to play. So unlike many of the new Creative 2.0 cards, this one is actually practical and fun and could become a long-term community favorite rather than a fun tech demo like most other Creative 2.0 cards we’ve seen. far.

The products discussed here have been independently selected by our editors. GameSpot may receive a portion of the income if you purchase anything featured on our site.

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Top 10 companions in gaming history by ranking



They have a friend in you

Sometimes you need a friend to defeat your greatest enemies. Just like Woody and Buzz in toy story movies, you can also have great gaming companions.

They will guide you to the next location, provide moral support to your character, and sometimes even support you in combat. Here are the best companions in gaming history, ranked.

10. Midna (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

Image via Nintendo

Most Memorable Companion The Legend of Zelda series Midna. Her brash personality intrigues you as she smiles slyly whenever you question her motives. This laugh is still in my head, even though I played Twilight Princess over ten years ago. Seriously, Nintendo, bring Twilight Princess HD to the switch already.

She also helps Link transform into a wolf and destroy enemies in one fell swoop. Whenever the emotional track “Midna’s Lament” plays, you also remember the moments in which the character is on the verge of death. You care about the character and want to make sure they are safe. This is the mark of a great companion.

9. Donald and Goofy (Kingdom Hearts

Donald and Goofy Kingdom Hearts Best Gaming Companions
Screenshot from Destructoid

As you would expect from Mickey’s best friends, Donald and Goofy are extremely devoted to Sora. They were tasked to follow the key in the first game and have since developed a strong relationship with the owner of the key. Goofy unexpectedly appears in the group as the voice of reason, giving advice to a teenager, and Donald becomes an irrational but kind comedic character. They are extremely useful in games, healing Sora whenever he’s in trouble, or teaming up for powerful attacks like Trinity Limit and Duck Flare, among others. They even look for their lost friend in Kingdom Hearts IV show the trailer in the darkness of the underworld of Hades.

8. Page (Beyond good and evil

Beyond Good and Evil Pey'j
Images via Ubisoft

One of the best companions in gaming that not many people have heard of is Pey’Jay. He is Jade’s protagonist’s uncle. Beyond good and evil. He is an adorable little pig who jokes throughout the journey, encouraging Jade to follow her plans. Without a father, Pey’Jay becomes for her that figure who gives the heroine valuable advice. He is also a tech genius, creating intricate boots that get him off the ground and help Jade solve puzzles. Play Beyond good and evil and understand how cool Pey’j is in this game.

7. Sally (unknown row)

Uncharted 4 Sally
Screenshot from PlayStation YouTube channel

Someone who has always been there for Nathan Drake, no matter what, is Sally from unknown row. Seeing potential in the boy, Sully practically raised him to become a treasure hunter when Nate was a teenager. During Nate’s adventures, Sully plays a hilarious prank on the protagonist, despite his age, who keeps up with the deadly platformer. He is very loyal and treats Nathan Drake like a son. Their relationship is very sweet and this camaraderie makes Sally one of the best companions in gaming history.

6. Atreus (god of War row)

God of War Atreus best companions in games
Images via PlayStation

Father-son relationship in the Scandinavian era god of War series is flawless. Before Kratos teamed up with Atreus, he was ferocious, edgy, and, frankly, lacking in depth. However, as the relationship between Atreus and Kratos grew, the walls of his stoicism began to crumble. He finally began to care about the welfare of someone’s safety, and this showed the other side of the Greek god. It is further strengthened in God of War: Ragnarok while Kratos learns to give his son more freedom and allows Atreus to be whoever he wants to be. The natural development of this father-son dynamic is amazing and commendable. Aside from the story elements, Atreus helps set up attacks for his father and can deal damage with his bow and arrows.

5. Kazui (Banjo Kazooie row)

Banjo Kazooie Super Smash Bros
Screenshot from Super Smash Bros. YouTube channel.

There are several other platform duos more iconic than Banjo and Kazooie. In the Nintendo 64 era, they were the bee’s knees, as Kazooie helped the bear climb steep hills and glide across Treasure Bay. The speech between the characters is sweet, though Kazui can be irrational at times. They also appeared as an exciting character duo in Brothers Super Smash. row. Hopefully one day Microsoft will finally remake Banjo Kazooie or even develop a new entry for the Xbox Series X and S. Let’s cross our fingers.

4. Ellie (The Last of Us Part 1)

The Last of Us Part 1 Ellie
Images via PlayStation

There’s a reason Ellie is on the cover and not Joel. IN the last of us part 1, she is a key component of why the game has attracted so many fans around the world. This companion, like Atreus, grows throughout the adventure as she comes to trust her father figure and is entrusted with weapons to protect herself. With her funny humor and witty wit, Ellie blends in perfectly with Joel’s fierce nature. They work so well together as a duo, which makes the sequel devastating. By the end of the game, we really believe how much Joel cares about Ellie because of the terrible things he does against the fireflies in order to save her.

3. clan (Ratchet and Clank row)

Ratchet & Clank are the best companions in games
Images via PlayStation

Clank is a whimsical robot that stands (or hangs) next to (or behind) Ratchet. With his goofy laugh, the robot makes funny remarks about Ratchet’s adventures. The two play well with each other as Clank provides the brains of the operation and Ratchet is a brave warrior who takes out waves of enemies with his cavalcade of weapons. Their friendship is believable, and both Lombax and robot go out of their way to help each other. Sometimes even to our own detriment, as we see in Rift Apart.

2. Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog row)

Sonic the Hedgehog from Tail
Image via Sega

Despite his young age, Tails is a brilliant inventor who helps Sonic in every possible way. Their friendship is coming to an end and has led them on many adventures, most notably in the original Genesis/Mega Drive trilogy. One of the coolest moments is when Tails pilots the Tornado and accompanies Sonic to the Skychasing Zone. IN sound Heroes, he also helps Sonic and Knuckles fly through the air and land on the other side of hard to reach platforms. The friendship between Sonic and Tails is like a hedgehog looking after his little brother; This is amazing. Tails is one of the best companions in games.

1. Luigi (Super Mario row)

Luigi best companions in games
Image via Nintendo

Mario’s oldest friend and brother, Luigi, has always been by his side. As a fellow plumber, he has helped Mario on many levels, battling goombas alongside his brother in the Mario & Luigi handheld RPG series, and winning tennis matches as a duo. He also managed to save Mario at Luigi’s mansion despite his great fear of ghosts. While not as deep as Joel and Ellie’s, Mario and Luigi’s relationship is inseparable in the hearts and minds of many Nintendo fans around the world. Luigi’s shy personality goes well with Mario’s brave and optimistic quirks. From the film adaptation of the series, it can be seen that Mario and Luigi are an amazing team in the final battle against Bowser.

Chris Penwell

Chris is a freelance writer for several publications including Destructoid! He loves story based games like Kingdom Hearts, Life is Strange and Beyond Good & Evil. However, he enjoys Fortnite and Super Smash Bros from time to time. ultimate.

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Quordle today – tips and answers for Sunday, April 23 (game #454)



It’s time for your daily dose of Quordle Tips. And you might need them, because this popular online game uses the Wordle format and quadruples the difficulty. So if you’re already looking for Wordle hints, you’ll probably need some for Quordle as well.

I am a fan of Quordle and Wordle and have been playing since December 2021, so I can definitely help you solve Quordle today and improve your game for tomorrow. Read my Quordle tips for game #454 and bookmark this page so you can easily come back.

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