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Bernie Sanders supports Biden and refuses the next presidential race



Bernie Sanders backed Joe Biden for re-election.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont formally endorsed by President Joe Biden for re-election on Tuesday, making it clear that another presidential race is not in sight during an interview with The Associated Press.

The last thing this country needs is Donald Trump or some other right-wing demagogue who will try to undermine American democracy or disempower women or not address the crisis of gun violence, racism, sexism or homophobia. . So, I will do everything in my power to make sure the president gets re-elected.

There is a strange group of people who want Biden to be challenged or to debate with the fringes who are currently pretending to run for president. Whether you’re a Biden fan or not (and frankly, he’s been a surprisingly successful president so far), nothing beats the advantage of being a sitting president. Actors almost never lose. Given the stakes in this election and the fact that Donald Trump is likely the Republican nominee, one would have to be crazy to forgo that advantage.

Not to mention, when people talk about wanting “someone else” in polls, that someone else is an idealized representation of what each individual person wants. There is no alternative candidate, and Biden is on the path to excellence. Name that alternative and suddenly Biden is back on top. Remember, that’s how he won the nomination in 2020.

Sanders’ decision to retire early is a relief that puts an end to a tedious and damaging speculation that would serve no other purpose than to undermine our Democratic nominee.


Dominion V. Fox News libel trial begins this week



What does Fox say?

V letter filed by Foxthe company believed it aired allegations of voting machine rigging because they came from the incumbent and those close to him and were thus newsworthy.

“The incumbent’s attempt to challenge the election results and change the outcome of his re-election bid is newsworthy,” the document says. “Therefore, the media throughout the country and around the world widely covered and commented on the president’s allegations and trials.”

Fox claimed that “Fox News has lived up to its commitment to full disclosure and unbiased commentary,” adding that “some presenters were skeptical of the president’s claims; others looked at them hopefully; everyone recognized them as deeply informational.”

The network claims to have covered Dominion’s denials and given the company a chance to make its point.

“In short, Fox News has done exactly what the First Amendment protects: it has provided the public with access to newsmakers and critical information that would help foster an “uninhibited, active and wide open” debate about fast-moving events of unprecedented importance.” V litigation according to Fox’s lawyers.

Fox also argues that “the Dominion lawsuit is an attack on the First Amendment and the free press.”

Who is expected to take the position?

According to Associated Press, Carlson, Hannity and Murdoch are to testify. Many also believe that Pirro, Scott and former host Lou Dobbs will also take the position.

Can you watch it on TV?

No cameras will be allowed under Delaware court policy, and a judge recently denied media companies’ request to broadcast audio excerpts.

What are the possible outcomes?

If Fox loses, the company is likely to be stuck with big payouts, its stock price could suffer and its reputation damaged. Fox News claims that if it loses, the case would damage press freedom and the First Amendment.

“Free, vibrant American discourse depends on First Amendment protection for news gathering and press reporting,” a Fox Network spokesperson said in a statement. The newspaper “New York Times.

If Dominion loses, not only will it keep the media defamation bar extremely high, it could push Fox News and other networks into even more defamation in the future.

“If Fox misses one thing that it says is that there are limits to propaganda, to lies on TV… to misinforming your viewers,” said Jay Rosen, professor of journalism at New York University. CNN. “If Fox wins, it kind of says otherwise, there are no limits.”

Whatever happens in the Dominion trial, this is far from the end of Fox News’ problems. in 2021, Smartmatic, a London-based global technology company, also filed a $2.7 billion libel suit. against Fox News and Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo, former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Dobbs.

The lawsuit was filed after a series of false claims about Smartmatic voting machines and the 2020 elections were posted online. About a month ago, the New York State Supreme Court Manhattan gave the go-ahead to keep the Smartmatic business going.

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DeSantis brings up political topics during international trip ahead of 2024



Ron DeSantis was technically speaking to Japanese business leaders on a trip meant to strengthen their ties in Florida. But part of his speech at the Tokyo round table – part of which was soon cut and posted online on the Republican governor’s Rumble account – sounded more like a message to his audience back home.

“People are voting with their feet very consistently,” the Florida governor said, noting that many Americans are moving to his state while some Democratic-led jurisdictions are seeing their populations decline. He didn’t just talk about Florida – he criticized Chicago with all his might.

“Chicago used to be one of the great cities in America. He had huge problems, and it really needs to move in a different direction,” DeSantis said. He mentioned the Liberal candidate’s victory in this month’s mayoral race, arguing that the city has chosen someone who “will continue to move in the same bad direction at an accelerated pace.”

For those who follow DeSantis closely, it was a familiar talking point as he makes moves to enter the Republican presidential race against Donald Trump and others, and it has heightened the domestic political overtones of his international trip this week. Japan was DeSantis’ first stop on an “international trade mission” in Florida that gives the governor a chance to boost his foreign policy profile ahead of the presidential election.

Despite the fact that his department viewed the trip as a narrow matter of the state, questions about his political future were inevitable.

“Governor, the polls show you are trailing Trump. Any thoughts on this?” asked a reporter in Tokyo.

“I’m not a candidate, so we’ll see if that changes and when,” DeSantis said. saidlooking upset, eyes wide open, ready for memes. The clip drew derision from critics and millions of views online, eclipsing his commentary on international affairs.

The Trump team lashed out at him, with adviser Jason Miller sharing a GIF and the former president delivering his latest statement criticizing DeSantis’ efforts to “wipe the stain off his failed campaign.”

A spokesman for the governor’s office said political investigations were not within their remit, and representatives of DeSantis’ political team did not respond to a request for comment.

Despite the adage that “politics stops at the water’s edge” – the idea that American leaders should speak with one voice abroad – the governor has struck at his usual political targets in the United States, from liberal cities to President Biden.

“Just walking around Tokyo, I don’t think I’ve seen a single piece of garbage anywhere,” DeSantis said later during his visit to Japan, according to the Wall Street Journal. In Florida, he says, “we’re doing a pretty good job, but there are other states, some other cities in other parts of the United States, that could learn a thing or two.”

In the past, discussing such a policy while on an international trip may have been frowned upon, said Robert Lieber. author and Distinguished Professor of Government and International Relations at Georgetown. “But now we have entered a new game,” he said, “and many rules of political etiquette have been lost.”

He added that foreign policy, like all other American politics, has become more polarized.

Past presidential candidates and their teams used trips abroad to create a contrast with their rivals – including the incumbent president at the time – in foreign policy.

In 2015, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie called President Barack Obama is an ineffective negotiator during a trip to the UK. In 2012 Vice President Joe Biden reproached Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) after his advisers criticized the Obama administration’s approach to the UK, speaking on condition of anonymity as the Romney campaign “asked not to criticize the president in foreign media”, as the Telegraph put it.

DeSantis was also critical of Biden this week, joining Japan’s Fox News anchor Sean Hannity to sound the alarm about China. He began his trip to Asia at a time when many politicians were focusing on China as the biggest threat to the United States, and many contenders for victory in 2024 were trying to take the hardest line on Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“They’re flexing their muscles and I think the fact that Biden was very weak on the world stage encourages them to do even more,” DeSantis said. Hannity saidhighlighting how he used the trip to inform local audiences.

Erin Perrin, director of communications for DeSantis supporters, super-PAK Never Back Down, also held a direct opposite to the president, saying that DeSantis “continues to show exceptional, strong leadership, including on the global stage,” while Biden ” made America weaker, led the shameful and deadly withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, and provoked aggression from China and Russia.”

The White House declined to comment on Perrin’s assessment.

DeSantis is expected to announce his run for the presidency soon when the Florida legislature closes in May. Polling suggests he will enter the race as the closest challenger to Trump, who has already focused his attacks on the Florida governor.

But DeSantis has spoken very little publicly about his views for 2024, and Trump has only solidified his status in the polls in recent weeks, even as he faces greater legal danger.

South Korea is next in line for DeSantis, followed by Israel and the UK.

DeSantis’ comments about foreign policy, where he has less experience than some other presidential contenders, are controversial. This year, he received several rebukes from both Democrats and Republicans after calling the Russian invasion of Ukraine a “territorial dispute” not critical to American interests – a comment he later tried to clear up and said he was “mischaracterized”.

He has since made it clear that he views potential Chinese aggression very differently from Russian aggression.

“I think they are much more powerful than [President Vladimir] Putin and Russia are like that, and they really pose the biggest threat to our ability to lead since the Soviet Union,” DeSantis said in an interview with conservative commentator Piers Morgan. in March.


In a previous version of this story, the quote was incorrectly attributed to Rep. Thomas Massey (R-Kentucky). It has been removed.

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GOP Leaders Try to Engage Dissenters Ahead of Debt Limit Vote



Subsequently, McCarthy acknowledged that “many of them raise a lot of questions” regarding the recurrence of biofuel loans. But he seemed confident that he had persuaded enough Midwesterners to vote for the bill (HR 2811) unchanged, admitting that it was just an opening bid for bipartisan talks.

“This bill should push us into negotiations,” McCarthy said. “These are not final provisions and there are a number of members who will vote for it in the future to say that they have some concerns and that they will be concerned about what things will come up, but they want to make sure that the negotiations go on. forward.”

Most participants declined to comment after the meeting. Van Orden only said he was going to the Rules Committee to discuss his amendment, which proposed a drastic repeal of loans that members of the Midwest wanted to protect, namely credits for biodiesel, cleaner fuels, cleaner jet fuel, and carbon capture for power plants. ethanol production. as well as one for nuclear power.

Finstad said negotiations are still ongoing.

“I just love what everyone is saying about biofuels, period,” Hinson said.

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