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Best Legend of Zelda boss battles



One of the main pillars on which The Legend of Zelda The franchise is known for its impressive boss battles. Each entry shakes you up with a new cast of powerful and unique bosses to defeat at the end of the dungeon. While some of them have appeared in multiple entries – we’re looking at you, Ganon – even when they recur, the fight against them is never the same.

The best bosses are those that test the player’s critical thinking, almost like solving a puzzle, offer a new way to play, present massive spectacles, or all three at once. With dozens of fantastic bosses in all of Link’s adventures, choosing the best of them was no easy task, but we survived and now we can present our list of the best. The Legend of Zelda bosses of all time.

Twinrova (Ocarina of Time)

We start this list with an often overlooked boss that is arguably the best in a game full of memorable bosses. Although it’s not the only one ocarina of time the boss we will show is our favorite. Twinrova is the boss of Spirit Temple and an absolutely perfect example of how a boss should work in Zelda Initially, you confront two witches – one fire and the other ice. Using the mirror shield that you’ve been practicing with the entire dungeon, you need to deflect the beam that one shoots at you to hit the other as they fly around the arena. In the second phase, they merge, and now you need to absorb three shots of the same element in order to shoot back without losing your charge by absorbing the opposite element. Everything makes sense, is interesting to understand and completely unique.

Goght (Major’s Mask)

Got a link chase./

In fact, there are only five bosses in this game, and although each of them offers something new, it’s good that our adrenaline went off the scale the most. As the boss of the Snow Temple, this beast is basically a chariot battle. You must use your Goron Form to roll after him around the circular arena, dodging lights and falling stalactites until you gain enough speed to create spikes on your exterior that you can use to crash into Goght to damage him. It’s high-speed, high-octane fun that no other boss in the series has created. It is simple, but so effective and memorable.

Dark Link (Ocarina of Time)

Dark Link makes a fool out of Link.

What could be a more terrifying adversary than an evil version of yourself? Dark Link gave us goosebumps for the first time in zelda 2, but his unexpected and disturbing appearance in Ocarina of time The Temple of Water is what everyone remembers. Able to mimic your every move and even jump and land on your sword to counterattack, Dark Link seems almost impossible if you’re swinging. You will need to use other tools and items to outsmart and outmaneuver this formidable enemy.

King Helmasaurus (Link to the Past)

Reference to the battle with the king of the Helmazaurus.

2D boss fights are hard to make memorable unless using strong visual design due to the more limited nature of perspective. However, we had to give credit to Link’s 2D roots, and Helmasaur King is one of the best examples of these classic bosses. What makes this boss fun is that you need to use multiple tools to get past him. You won’t be able to damage him until you destroy his mask with bombs or a hammer, at which point you can switch to more traditional means to finish him off.

Koloktus (sword directed to the sky)

Big golden robot with many arms.

Many were skeptical about traffic control in The Legend of Zelda game, but Koloktos proved that the system offered more depth for the series. This six-armed robot must be dismantled hand by hand with a whip to expose its core. This is one of the first times we really felt like our own ability, and not just using the right item, won the battle, and it’s an amazing feeling to get out of a boss.

Stalllord (Twilight Princess)

The dragon skeleton roars.

To be honest, the Spinner item seemed like a gimmick we used for the dungeon and never thought of it again in Twilight princess. The way it is used in the Stalllord fight made it unforgettable. In a way, just like Goght, you need to ride the Spinner, changing tracks on the wall to dodge and get close to attack this massive skeleton. The final stage of using the Spinner to climb the center column is one of the most exciting sets in the series.

Gohma (awakening wind)

Gohma splashes in the lava.

Gohma was the first boss we encountered in 3D. The Legend of Zelda game, but returned as the first boss in waking wind As the first fight, it shouldn’t be all that difficult, but above all fun. The process of defeating this fire-breathing spider isn’t too difficult, you just need to use your grappling hook on Val to open up Gohma for sword attacks, but it’s all just satisfying. And who doesn’t want to crush a giant spider?

Waati (mini hat)

How could we not sneak up on another 2D title, especially with Minish Cap the last traditional 2D entry in the series? What makes him so unique is the villain Vaati, without a single hint or mention of the usual big villain Ganon. As for his boss fight, this is the perfect final test to confirm that you’ve mastered the game. You will need to use every ability you have learned and acquired to win, such as splitting into four and shrinking. It’s a fantastic culmination of the game’s development, culminating in one epic final boss.

King Bulbin (Twilight Princess)

Angry monster riding a boar.

Epona has been Link’s faithful companion on many adventures, but it was only in her battle with King Bulbin that she could really lend a hand (or hoof) in a boss fight. It feels like it should have happened a lot sooner, and yet we’re almost glad it didn’t because it works well here. The first phase is a hectic horseback chase as you fend off other racers, but things get really intense once you get to the bridge. The fight ends in just two successful hits, but in such a narrow arena, the tension is at an all-time high with both of you riding each other.

Monk Maz Koshia (Breath of the Wild)

The monk is about to start the battle.

For all the amazing Breath of the Wild does the bosses weren’t the highlight. It took DLC to add a special and he nailed it. This fight comes at the end of a long quest chain and feels as epic as the actual final boss. Koshiya is fast, teleports, and changes his attacks insanely four times per fight. It’s a skirmish and a test of skill, worthy of completing after beating the main game.

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The best arguments in favor of gambling



There are many people telling you why you shouldn’t gamble. We at AllGambling love gambling if you do it responsibly. That is why we have created in this article the best arguments for why gambling can be something positive.

This is a new interesting way to spend time. Instead of meeting up with friends for dinner or a drink, why not try something different? Gathering everyone in a casino can be more interesting than sitting at a table waiting for a check. Imagine their surprise when you pull out chips instead of cash! Gambling can turn a boring night into something special.

You can win big in gambling. If you do it right, the odds will be in your favor, not against you. Statistics show that the player has a small chance of winning a lot of money, while the casino always takes a small percentage of each bet made into its profit. Of course, there is also a small chance that you will win big, which is why it is called gambling after all.

Gambling is a great way to earn extra money. Done responsibly, the feeling of winning more money at the casino than you spent betting can be an exhilarating experience. Seeing so much cash in your hand is a wonderful feeling, even if you know you’ll have to put it back in your wallet at the end of the day.

Many people take this idea further by turning gambling into their full-time job. Many jobs require minimum work while offering high salaries. Many professional poker players take advantage of this opportunity and travel the world playing poker while earning more money than ever with a regular job.

There are great opportunities to win big in gambling. People who don’t gamble often can’t understand why anyone would want to take that kind of risk when they can already make good money in a full-time job. However, for many people this chance is not enough. To understand this, you need to take a little risk and try it for yourself.

There are many good reasons to gamble. So much so that we decided to share with you the top five arguments in favor of gambling!

1. It’s a lot of fun!

Gambling is interesting and exciting. Imagine that you are going on vacation, but instead of just relaxing on the beach or by the pool, you can also sit at the table and turn your free time into a social activity. It can be more fun than just sitting on the beach all day, and you’ll have something to remember and talk to friends and family about when you get home.

2. You can win big!

We discussed earlier that gambling is a great way to earn extra money or even turn it into your full-time job. We will now focus on the benefits of big wins and how they can affect your life.

There is a special rush associated with victory. Everyone wants to know what it’s like to be at the top of your game and experience the feeling of incredible wealth; those feelings come from big wins. Of course, it’s not just fun and games, because the real winners are the casino owners who make money from gambling. But you can be one of the lucky few who make tons of money betting on your favorite teams or playing slots to win big at the casino!

3. Gambling is fun!

Even if you don’t win big, gambling is fun. Imagine going to a concert or going out for a drink with friends and enjoying the same night at the casino. Why would you go to a bar when you can gamble?

The casino has everything from slot machines to poker tables. Poker is one of the most popular games because it is very social. Most poker players play for fun, not money, so this is a great way to chill out with friends or even meet new people who share your interests.

4. It’s interesting!

Betting on your favorite team is a lot of fun, especially when they win! Just like in the game, when you bet on sports, there is an atmosphere of excitement. Casinos are designed to be exciting and popular because of the positive vibe they create for people, not only gamblers but also socialites, party goers and regular people who want to have a good time.

5. Gambling is intriguing!

It is hard to understand why so many people gamble. But casinos would not be so popular if not for their appeal to people of all types.

There’s something about pushing a few buttons and seeing money appear in front of you is so exciting. Even though there is no real money on the slot machine, people still love to watch their favorite TV shows and movies to get away from reality and relax. Gambling is a great way to have fun, relax and find something new on the weekend.

There are so many good reasons why people gamble! It is very important to understand what gambling has to offer you before deciding whether it is right for you or not. I hope these five reasons will help convince you that you should try your hand at a casino.

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LAPD upgrades car cameras for transparency with police



The Los Angeles Police Department is upgrading the cameras in its patrol cars to capture wider angles at higher resolutions and allow video to be uploaded from location to location in the hope of increasing transparency with the police, Chief Michelle Moore said.

The LAPD is collaborating with axona private company based in Scottsdale, Arizona to install a new Axon Fleet 3 car camera systemwhich will be rolled out to all vehicles within a year, Moore said.

“We recognize [our current systems] are based on technology that is sometimes more than a decade old,” Moore said at a press conference on Thursday. “We know that when this happens with technology, you fall behind… Technology is constantly improving.”

According to the LAPD, the cameras will also record high-quality video in patrol cars and provide “knee-to-head” video in the passenger area and “enhanced night vision capabilities.”

The new Axon Fleet 3 will also allow LAPD officers to use their body cameras as a microphone, meaning they no longer need to carry separate microphones that can move around while interacting with civilians.

In addition to the new cameras at the LAPD park, Moore announced the installation of new cloud routers from the Boise, Idaho-based company. lullaby point which are installed in the back of black and white LAPD vehicles.

The Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager routers will quickly relay data from the patrol car back to the Los Angeles police stations so that watch officers can see things like body-worn video and new vehicle cameras, rather than information stored in the car.

Moore called the LAPD technology upgrades the “next step” in the department’s “modernization”.

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Brydge ends production of Apple hardware, leaving pre-orders unfilled, staff tense



Increase / Brydge Max+ is one of the company’s latest iPad products. Brydge focused on aluminum construction, laptop-like hinges, and—before Apple decided to offer them—integrated trackpads.

Brydge, the company that once aimed to make high-quality iPad keyboards that practically turned them into MacBooks, has gone out of business. The company’s website is just a logoemployees and pre-order customers haven’t heard from anyone in months, and 9to5Mac details the fall of Bridgeconfirmed by conversations with almost a dozen former employees.

You should read the entire investigation if you want to know how poorly managed growth, a hostile workplace, the pandemic, and the jittery nature of trying to work with and with Apple led to the closure of Brydge. You’ll read about business, leadership, and marketing decisions that, in hindsight, lead to an inevitable conclusion. But there’s also an inside story about what it’s like to try to tie your van to the whims and preferences of the world’s largest technology corporation.

Brydge is best known for making Apple accessories, particularly iPad keyboard cases, with a focus on materials, design, and functionality that sought to go beyond Apple’s own accessories. They were made of aluminum, had laptop-like hinges, and their keyboards were backlit. In October 2019, Bridge attempted to beat Apple by six months by releasing a Pro+ with a trackpad for the iPad Pro. Because iPadOS 13 didn’t have the native trackpad support that was due in iPadOS 13.4 in March 2020, the Brydge keyboard used the Assistive Touch accessibility workaround. The trackpad and its implementation are disappointing critics such as Jason Snell of Six Colors.

When the Apple Magic Keyboard arrived in April 2020, it not only featured full trackpad software support and a great Apple tablet, but also multi-finger gestures that Apple didn’t offer Brydge. However, Apple offered them to industry leader Logitech for his Combined touch case. Brydge has apparently been caught off guard by Apple and Logitech products just months after their own. When Apple approached Brydge to offer better access to their trackpad, Brydge happily agreed and soon got a lesson in power dynamics, according to 9to5Mac sources.

Increase / Brydge Pro+, the keyboard case that so much depended on.


“Apple wanted Brydge to take the lead in unpacking its platform used by the Magic Keyboard in a way that third-party accessories can be used,” writes Chance Miller. Apple offered support, but Bridge’s questions led Apple to question whether Brydge was a worthy partner and whether it needed Apple’s help “too early”. Apple declined to provide debugging tools and responded to engineers’ questions with suggestions rather than outright fixes.

At the same time, Brydge’s not-quite-corrected Pro+ had a return rate of over 20 percent. Bridge was unable to tell customers about his work with Apple on its trackpad under a non-disclosure agreement. Full trackpad support was shipped in February 2021, almost a year after Logitech and Apple products. The company continued to spend money on marketing Pro+, a vital product that will fund further expansion. Having gotten this far into the post, you probably know how this would work.

From there, Brydge will be hungrily chasing acquisitions, first Razer, then Targus, and maybe even Foxconn. This will be followed by high return rates, exceptionally high employee turnover and many financial issues. Employees laid off after one bad acquisition in January are still due final payouts, and most people who pre-ordered ProDock I haven’t heard anything yet in January. Brydge issued a press release stating that its brand and intellectual property were “acquired by a third party as a result of a foreclosure process initiated by its senior creditor” and ceased operations.

Once again, you can read more about what happened on 9to5Mac.

Listing image by Brydge

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