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Community Spotlight 2023.04.08 – Giant Bomb



Welcome to the latest issue of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! I, @zombiepie, once again have the honor of being your host as we look back at the best work the community has created over the past week.

First, as many of you already know, the site was a bit quiet as many regularly scheduled programs weren’t airing. That’s because the Giant Bomb staff went to San Diego to take part. dreamhack convention. If you missed the Giant Bomb live streams, don’t worry, most of them will be up on the site soon.

At the same time, perhaps consider returning Power Bombcast discussing WrestleMania 39 or Spoiler for the movie Super Mario Bros.! In the future, get ready for a live voicemail dump truck and hilarious coverage of Universal’s Super Nintendo World!

GB Chat and the Twitch channel will be available during DreamHack for segments involving GB, GameSpot and Fandom employees. Please be courteous on both channels and remember that your behavior will be monitored and moderated if necessary.

Finally, I want to thank you all for your kind and supportive comments on the latest Spotlight when I announced that @marino and I were turning 13 as moderators on the site. It means a lot, and it was incredibly touching to see some usernames that I haven’t seen in a while. With all of this in mind, let’s move on to the latest release of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight.



Tam’s Bizarre Adventure (TO: @PhillJWoodward & @ Fergie21)

Here, PhillJWoodward sketched a drawing of Tam based on his appearance during the BAFTA for video games, but added a bit of JoJo’s whimsical adventures into the mix. Then came Fergi21 with flowers and I think we can agree they did an amazing job!

Tam As Ryu + Lucy as Rey + Tam at WrestleMania (TO: @MOHAMMEDFI10)

On Twitter, MOHAMMEDFI10 spent the day introducing Tamura and Lucy as different personalities in video games, movies, and wrestling, as you can see below. If you have any suggestions for the future or have time to thank them for a job well done, please click on any of the links above.


Mike Minotti is going to kick Jeff Grubb’s ass+

“Today will be the day they give you back” (TO: @CreakyLegs)

And it wouldn’t be the official end of the week without at least one Mike and Grubb artwork or photoshop. CreakyLegs did two this week: the first one added Jurassic World Dominion to the mix, and the second thought to creatively use the Giant Bomb x Fandom convention this week.


Jeff Grubb Climbing (TO: @adamwparker)

The site is already throwing unexpected content right and left, and Adam Parker especially enjoyed the impromptu video rig in which Grubb, Ian and Dan discuss their adventures at WrestleMania.


Don't forget to vote for the TWO GAMES you would like to discuss.
Don’t forget to vote for the TWO GAMES you would like to discuss.

Return to Monkey Island is the seventh UUGPGC game! Complete by April 10, 2023! Mark all spoilers! +

UUGPGC Voting Topic for Cycle Starting April 10, 2023 Everyone is invited to vote! (From: @bigsocrates)

A lot of people have this game on their GOTY lists and reviews, so don’t forget to join the open discussion on the Game Pass Community Gaming Club about returning to Monkey Island! How do you feel about the look of the game and the art style?

In addition, nominees for the next edition of the Community Game Pass have appeared on the site! Take a look at the games you can vote for and don’t forget to VOTE TWO! Just click on the second link!


Hey, it's time for Darkstalkers content on Giant Bomb!
Hey, it’s time for Darkstalkers content on Giant Bomb!

All Saturn games in order: March 1996 (From: @borgmaster)

borgmaster has a new blog where they talk about every game released for the Sega Saturn in North America and it’s time to get busy with March 1996! Check out their blog for Congo: The Movie – The Lost City of Zsinj, Night Warriors: Revenge of the Shadowhunters, Criticom, the magic carpet and MUCH!

Backlog Registration: March 2023 (From: @brian_)

brian_ made significant progress in video game development last month, and you can read about it on the site! If you’d like to read their thoughts on Soul Hackers 2, Frogun, Dragon Caffi, and Lil Gator Game, click the link above.

RE4 vs RE4: Gameplay Comparison and Retrospective (From: @atheistpreacher)

How many stars did you get for your best Mario 64 playthrough?
How many stars did you get for your best Mario 64 playthrough?

OG Resident Evil 4 is one of the most loved Atheist Preacher games. So they consider all the changes they like and don’t like. Click on the link to join the conversation if you have already played or are playing the game!

Kobayashi Mario: Part 1+

Indie Game of the Week 314: Amnesia: Rebirth (From: @mento)

Super Mario 64 is one of Mento’s favorite games of all time. After no less than two reviews of the game on the site, they decided to tackle every retro achievement for the game!

In addition, Mento has a new edition of their “Indie Games of the Week” feature, and it gets creepy with Amnesia: Rebirth! Do they think it’s good or bad compared to previous games in the franchise? Read to find out!

Is this already an application for the best surprise of 2023?
Is this already an application for the best surprise of 2023?

It’s good, it’s bad: Hi-Fi Rush (From: @purpleshyguy)

PurpleShyGuy provided Hi-Fi Rush with extended play sessions and wrote a blog on the site outlining what they liked and didn’t like about the game in the form of a new game. “It’s good, it’s bad” Blog! Read it and see if you agree with their points of view.

Topics of discussion

So... this is weird.
So… this is weird.

Sony Issues Official Denial to British Regulator Supporting Microsoft; Refers to forums about giant bombs (for example, You & Me) as evidence. (From: @zombiepie)

A single thread on the Giant Bomb forums was cited in Sony’s response to the UK CMA siding with Microsoft over a potential MS/Activision merger. Perhaps your answer will be recorded in a future message!

Three months from now, what is your 2023 game? (From: @ginormous76)

Three months before us, what are your GOTY leaders? Usually the community chooses Resident Evil 4, Hi-Fi Rush, Metroid Prime Remastered and some small indie games. Share your choice after clicking on the link!

What is your personal opinion on Q-lite (the next PlayStation handheld)? (From: @gtxforza)

Any thoughts on this game being disabled?
Any thoughts on this game being disabled?

What does the community think about all the rumors about Sony’s return to the handheld game market? Does a PSP or Vita resurgence make sense, along with Steam Deck and the rise of tablets?

What would impress and/or disappoint you about the new Mario movie? (From: @topcyclist)

What are your expectations for the Mario movie? What was your early reaction to the gap between the film’s target audience and how film critics view it? Is this another example of how critics don’t “understand” video game content or humor?

MultiVersus is officially withdrawn from sale; Online modes remain open until June 25th. (From: @zombiepie)

To be honest, I thought this movie was perfect.
To be honest, I thought this movie was perfect.

MultiVersus has been removed from online storefronts! Do you think the future of the game looks good, or are you worried that 2024 paints a bleak picture? What do you think about what the WB has been calling the last few months as a beta?

What game genre would you like to see yourself end with? (From: @topcyclist)

Are there any genres or styles of games that the gaming industry could do without? Are there certain genres that you feel inevitably lead to irresponsible game design and exploitation?


It's kind of dumb stuff that is the reason we have the list function in the first place.
It’s kind of dumb stuff that is the reason we have the list function in the first place.

Cinematic video game swimming scenes (From: @watermaiden15)

Here is a fun list that accepts YOUR OFFERS! Watermaiden15 is working on a list of every video game where characters bathe or shower during cutscenes and cutscenes. See what they have so far here!

User Reviews

Worst official Sega Genesis game?
Worst official Sega Genesis game?

Retro video game reviews @danryback are back on Giant Bomb and this week they talk about why they think Heavy Nova could be a worthy candidate for the “worst official Sega Genesis game” ever made!

@infantpipoc’s Massacre in Hong Kong The review is a definite recommendation if you have never heard of the game before! Find out why they loved this John Woo-inspired game so much and how it works with its Hotline Miami roots.

@blimpsgo180 decided to go back to the time Vicarious Visions/Blizzard Albany were making GBA Crash Bandicoot games by looking Crash Bandicoot 2: N-trans to see if it’s as good as they remembered!

Wiki of the week

Do it, Miyamoto!
Do it, Miyamoto!

Games based on movies based on games

If there’s one thing I’m terribly disappointed with when it comes to the new Mario Bros. movie, it’s the fact that there hasn’t been a single video game adaptation so far based on the movie’s interpretation of the Mario universe, Chris Pratt, and everything else. if that happened it would be a new entry on the Games Based Movies Based Games wiki page!


Comparison of sales of PS5 and Wii



William D’Angelo
posted 3 hours ago / 489 views

The VGChartz Sales Comparison Series is updated monthly, each featuring a different sales comparison using our video game hardware estimates. The charts include comparisons between PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch, as well as older platforms. There are articles based on our estimates from around the world, as well as from the US, Europe and Japan.

This monthly series compares PlayStation 5 and Wii worldwide sales.

The PlayStation 5 launched in November 2020 and the Nintendo Wii in November 2006. This means that the holiday periods for the two consoles are not the same.

PS5 vs. Wii sales comparison - February 2023

PS5 vs. Wii sales comparison - February 2023

PS5 vs. Wii sales comparison - February 2023

PS5 vs Wii around the world:

Gap change last month: 391,737 – PS5

Gap change in last 12 months: 8,880,466 – Wii

Total Leads: 13,008,262 – Wii

PlayStation 5 total sales: 33,536,456

Total Wii Sales: 46,544,718

February 2023 is the 28th month that the PlayStation 5 has been available. Last month, the gap widened in favor of the PlayStation 5 over the Nintendo Wii launch by 391,737 units.

Over the past 12 months, the Nintendo Wii has outsold the PlayStation 5 by 8.88 million units. The Nintendo Wii is ahead of the PlayStation 5 by 13.01 million units.

The PlayStation 5 sold 33.54 million units in 28 months, while the Nintendo Wii sold 46.54 million units. Month 28 for PlayStation 5 is February 2023 and for Nintendo Wii is February 2009.

The Nintendo Wii passed the 50 million mark in the 32nd month, 60 million in the 38th month, 70 million in the 43rd month and 80 million in the 50th month. Over the lifetime of the Nintendo Wii, 101.63 million units were sold. The PS5 trails the Wii by 68.09 million units.

Lifetime and avid gamer, William D’Angelo was first introduced by VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was hired in 2010 as a junior analyst, promoted to lead analyst in 2012, and took over hardware valuation in 2017. He expanded his involvement in the gaming community by creating content on his own YouTube channel another Twitch channels. You can contact the author on twitter @TrunksWD.

More articles

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Women in Games CEO warns ‘we’re going backwards as an industry’



Women in Games CEO Marie-Claire Isaman released a statement asking if the gaming industry is “moving backwards” after reports that “several people” were attacked or attacked at this year’s GDC event.

V public statementsIsaman analyzed employment statistics and found that while “both male and female gamers experience equally high levels of toxicity, suggesting that toxicity is a concern for the entire gaming community”, “experiences experienced by girls and women are often much darker and more menacing. “.

β€œSexist stereotypes and aggressive questions about their gaming skills often lead to more violent verbal abuse and threats of rape,” says Isaaman. β€œEven more disturbingly, the abuse does not always stop when players leave the game – some cases show up in serious consequences outside of games, including harassment on other platforms and threats to carry it over to real life.

β€œWe are going backwards as an industry! All this is not normal, none of this should be happening!”

Isaman provides several examples to support her claims, including reports that drinks were topped up and women were “belittled and undermined”, “relentlessly attacked” and “harassed in the exhibition hall”. She also cited a recent story that appeared at GDC 2023 that said “two women were lured into a hotel room to perform and then attacked.”

Isaaman adds that while some people speculate that Women In Games is no longer “relevant today,” the company’s work will only be “done after” a woman at a global gaming conference doesn’t have to wonder if she’ll be safe when she has a business meeting, alone, with a man” (thank you, TheGamer).

In response to recent statements, a GDC spokesperson told the press at the time that he was “very upset to hear that some people, especially women, have reported experiences during GDC week at offsite events, including assault and drinking.” This is outrageous and unacceptable, everyone has the right to feel safe.”

β€œWe strongly condemn any such behavior and support the victims, urge them to contact the police and hope that the perpetrators will be found,” the statement said.

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RPG Cast – Episode 670: “Press F for E3”



RPGamer has been in the RPG business since 1998, and the current version of the site was launched in 2018. Due to massive changes to our backend and systems, only certain content created since 2018 has been migrated to our new site. However, all of our old content can still be found at

broadcast schedule

Watch live (all times Eastern)
Times and content are subject to change.

18:30 β€” Hero Harmony

11:00 – THERE in AM
13:30 – HerrFrog Plays
6:30 p.m. β€” Scar plays classical

18:30 β€” Hero Harmony
21:30 – JCServant’s RPG XP Club

11:00 – THERE in AM
13:30 – HerrFrog Plays
21:30 – JCServant’s RPG XP Club

6:30 p.m. β€” Scar plays classical
21:30 – JCServant’s RPG XP Club

8:00 – spare ombre
12:00 – Role play
21:30 – JCServant’s RPG XP Club

8:00 – Role play carnival
13:30 – Mr. Frog Chills

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