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Court says Hugh Grant’s lawsuit for illegal surveillance by tabloid The Sun could be taken to court



A London court has rejected an attempt by the publisher of The Sun newspaper to dismiss actor Hugh Grant’s lawsuit, alleging journalists and investigators hired by him were illegally spying on him.

ToBRIAN MELLY Associated Press

FILE – Hugh Grant arrives for the 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at the Shrine Auditorium & Expo Hall in Los Angeles, Sunday, January 29, 2023. A London court on Friday dismissed an attempt by tabloid publisher The Sun to throw out a lawsuit by actor Hugh Grant alleging journalists and investigators he hired were illegally spying on him. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, file)

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LONDON– A London court on Friday dismissed an attempt by tabloid publisher The Sun to dismiss actor Hugh Grant’s lawsuit, alleging journalists and investigators hired by him were illegally spying on him.

Judge Timothy Fancourt said that in January the court would have to determine whether The Sun carried out illegal information gathering, which included wiretapping his landline, tapping his car and breaking into his home.

The News Group newspapers, which own The Sun, claimed that Grant did not make his claims within the six-year term. The judge dismissed Grant’s phone hacking claim based on a time limit, but said the case could move forward on other charges.

“Only after seeing accounts uncovered … in 2021, Mr. Grant decided that The Sun had instructed private detectives (PIs) to pursue him in various ways, especially in 2011,” Fancourt wrote.

The case came to light during a hearing last month that also included accusations of Prince Harry of phone hacking against the News Group, Rupert Murdoch’s British newspapers.

Fancourt’s decision did not address the Duke of Sussex case because he wanted to hear more about Harry’s claims that he had been prevented from making his claims much earlier because of a “secret agreement” between Buckingham Palace and Murdoch’s papers.

Harry claimed that the royal family had agreed to settle out of court with NGN, publisher of the defunct News of the World, after the related lawsuit subsided. He said the deal required an apology from the newspapers.

In court documents, Harry said he only filed the lawsuit when attempts to expedite a settlement were unsuccessful. He said his brother, Prince William, heir to the throne, subsequently received a “massive” settlement for phone hacking allegations against the News Group.

NGN denies having a “secret agreement”. The Palace did not respond to messages asking for comment on this or William’s alleged agreement.

On Friday, a spokesman for the News Group issued a statement saying he was pleased that the court had dismissed Grant’s phone hacking allegations.

“NGN categorically denies the various historical allegations of illegal information gathering contained in what remains of Mr. Grant’s statement,” the statement said.


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‘Ghost’ Season 3 Finale Recap: Divided



(WARNING: spoilers (or maybe not?) this week Book of Power II: Ghost episode below.)

It took ten weeks, shocking deaths, relationships and countless drug deals, but the third season Book of Power II: Ghost came to an end. The finale aired after the penultimate episode following the death of Cooper Sacks in the eighth episode. After Rashad Tate informed the feds, Weston Holdings was raided for their alleged Ponzi scheme which put Briden, Tariq, Kiki and the rest of the staff in trouble as Lucas prepared to tell the police everything he knew about the scheme Ponzi and then some. Luckily for them, Briden (literally) pushed Lucas to his death, saving them from legal trouble. We also have Effy, who is in custody on charges of attempted murder of Lauren, the Tejada kids who discovered that Monet was the one who killed Lorenzo, and Tommy Egan, who made a shocking comeback to try and kill Tasha. in his witness protection home. As for the latter, Tommy’s mission was somewhat threatened by the arrival of Tariq, and that’s where we left off in the ninth episode.

At the third season finale Book of Power II: Ghost, it all starts with Tariq waking up not knowing where his mother is. He later learns that she ran away after the incident with Tariq and Tommy, but not before crushing her beef with Tommy. Despite all this, Tariq believes that Monet sent Tommy for his mother, giving Tasha’s location to Tommy. However, it was actually Diana who did this in a grand design to overthrow Monet. They made a plan with Drew’s help, as they saw it as their only opportunity to free themselves from Monet’s rule. In this regard, Tarik was also a pledge, but everything went awry when Tasha appeared in the heat of the moment. This is the spark for an all-out war between Tariq and Tejada. Briden stays by Tariq’s side, while Effy, who is released from prison in this episode, chooses Tejad and Nomu as her partners.

Here are some of the most important takeaways we’ve made since Season 3’s final episode, “We Stand Apart”:

Tariq and Briden are not ready for war with Tehadas

In the final minutes of the match, things didn’t go according to plan. Book of Power II: Ghost third season finale. Eventually, we watch the war come to life as Tarik and Braden are set to fight against Tehadas, Noma, and Effy. Tarik and Braden are outnumbered in this war, putting them at a disadvantage. You then add that Techadas and Effy know all about him and that they are working with Noma, and it’s clear that this will be Tarik and Briden’s toughest fight ever. We knew Tariq as a person who can get out of any situation, but this time it will be much more difficult. Tariq tried to get away by mentioning Noma’s daughter, but it didn’t work, just like his trust fund wants. It will take Tariq and Braden a lot of time, a lot of luck, and a little more help from the man upstairs to get out of this mess, because damn it, it’s not easy.

Tommy has wisdom from the past, Tarik should get it too

Tariq turns out to be your know-it-all and boyfriend in the season 3 finale. During conversations with Tommy and Tasha, he claims to have learned all the necessary lessons from his father Ghost’s mistakes, but as Tasha reminds him, Ghost was not dumb. However, it’s safe to say that the Phantom had his shortcomings, and as Tommy explains, it was because of his attempt to live in the world of business and drug play at the same time. Tommy tells Tariq that he is doing the same with school and the drug game, warning him to choose a side as his attention must be 100% if he wants to go with the Tejadas. Tariq was there to see his father fall, and while he is smart enough to know what they are and avoid them on his journey, his confidence and cockiness make him forget it. In the run-up to this war, Tarik needs not only to acknowledge the advice and mistakes of his elders, both dead and living, but to put them into practice.

Cooper Sachs’ death only caused more problems

Man, I thought the death of Cooper Sachs would mean that the former tormentor of St. Patrick would no longer be an influence on the show, but hell, I was wrong. Before his death, Sachs wrote numerous letters to people in his life, from Jenny Sullivan to Monet and other detectives. One of these letters contained the address of Tasha’s Witness Protection House, and somehow the letter ended up in Tejad’s hands. This was later used as bait to encourage Tariq to join Diana’s plan to “kill” Monet. Diana gave this letter to Tommy’s mother and instructed her to give it to Tommy, and when he received it, he drove to the address where he found Tasha, but luckily for her, Tariq was already there. Another letter from Sachs was given to the detective with a flash drive filled with unknown content, but we’re sure this will be a problem for Tarik and company in Season 4.


Diana is no longer underestimated

Diana didn’t deserve respect in everything Book of Power II: Ghostbut after the third finale of this season it should be in some way. Diana helped create a plan to free the Tejada family from Monet and Tarik. She used her charm to get Tarik exactly where she wanted to and sold him to Noma and Kaine without even batting an eyelid when things didn’t go her way. When Diana found herself with her back to the wall, she did what she needed to do and stood up for herself in the process. She sold drugs to her father in Stansfield when he asked her to, she exposed Salim and put him at a disadvantage when he tried to kill her, and she did what she needed to (possibly) kill her mother and take away her from her. life. She may not be as strong as her brothers, or a real street vendor like Effy or Tariq, but there is a place in this game for Diana and she makes good use of it.

lover no longer exists in Book of Power II: Ghost

Upon completion Book of Power II: Ghost In the third season, love is a thing of the past. The season began and continued with Tariq in a relationship with Effy, Monet with Lorenzo, Salim with Diana, Braden with Kiki and Drew with Gordo. Now it’s all gone. Lorenzo and Gordo are dead, Effy and Tariq have broken up and she is now enjoying her time with Kane, Salim is not seen in several episodes because Diana chastised him, and Kiki is heading home to clear her head after getting mixed up with Pongee’s scheme. . So all the love is gone, and while we can be sure she’ll find new ways to exist in Season 4, her absence at the moment really speaks to how foundations, structures, and relationships have been eroding. this season’s theme Book of Power II: Ghost. People have been pushed to their limit, and the results of that damage have led to one of the most normal things in their lives: love. Now a group that was once united (Tariq, Effy, Braden and Tejadas) is now divided in ways that we may not have imagined. On this say goodbye to love and the third season Book of Power II: Ghost Also.

The third season of Power Book II: Ghost is available to watch on the STARZ app.

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