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Eagles draft template that indicates who they won’t pick on Thursday



Three days to go. Let’s dive into…

• I said this morning that I doubt the Eagles would take Bijan Robinson No. 1. 10. I think so because most of their history says they won’t: in Howie Roseman’s 23 Philadelphia drafts, they took five. defensemen in the top 100 and none in the top 50. Since he became a grandmaster in 2010, the Eagles have played once in the top 100 – and Roseman just let it come back, Miles Sanders – without incident, in free agency.

My intuition tells me that in this matter they will stand their ground.

However, over the weekend I was told and later confirmed a story about them from 2017. The Eagles were ready to take Christian McCaffrey with the 14th pick (Sam Bradford’s pick), the ex-Stanford star went to them. . McCaffrey didn’t, and Philadelphia got Tennessee pass rusher Derek Barnett instead. Nine months later, the Eagles won the Super Bowl, Barnett was just fine, and McCaffrey became and remains a big star among the professionals.

So why were the Eagles willing to break their habit of passing running backs to McCaffrey? My understanding is that this was due to the value he brought to the passing game: McCaffrey was considered a good enough receiver after high school to be drafted solely as a slot.

Robinson is considered the best player in the draft.

Darron Cummings, File/AP

The question for me is whether you see Robinson like this or not. And I think, in the end, he’s not quite the same as a pass catcher. “He does a great job in all tasks and is also very good in defense,” said one of the coaches. “But you won’t call him to play passes that aren’t screen or flat routes.” That is, he is good in this area, like, say, Ezekiel Elliott. It’s just that Robinson isn’t as special as McCaffrey.

In any case, the McCaffrey story made me think a little more about Philadelphia and Robinson.

• Bengals OT Lael Collins briefed reporters on Monday about his Cincinnati media status, saying he won’t give a timetable for his recovery, but feels well enough to likely put a brace on his surgically repaired knee and go tomorrow. if Bengals played the game.

It is, of course, a bit aggressive. Collins was less than five months away from tearing his anterior cruciate ligament, an injury that occurred at 16 weeks. However, positive signs of his progress could potentially make the Bengals a little more willing to trade John Williams, whom they were hoping to trade. switch to right tackle after signing Orlando Brown Jr. (and who requested a trade because he didn’t want to make the switch).

Another thing that helps Cincinnati is the zeal for picking in the top 20 in the draft. We are going to get to the point in adolescence where there will be a tackle-hungry team left without him, which obviously could create a trading partner for the Bengals.

• Another name to watch out for as a potential trader this weekend is Dalwyn Cook. The Vikings have been in touch with their star tail and have been receptive to the idea of ​​bringing it back, but that just won’t happen if he pays $11 million this fall.

The Minnesota didn’t buy Cook, but if he returns in the first three rounds, I’m betting the Vikings will consider moving him on Saturday.

Cook may be on his way if Minnesota doesn’t

Matt Krohn/USA Sports Today

Of course, I assume that the sales team for him will also want to amend his contract.

• We mentioned the Steelers (for the offensive lineman) and the Chiefs (for the skill player) as potential trade teams in the Monday column. I would put the Saints in this category as well, as their history is such that they bring out the guys and are not afraid to step up for them (last year they moved up for Chris Olav), even if it costs them future capital.

• There could definitely be teams like these destinations looking for capital for 2024, especially those that could make it past the quarterback class this year — with USC’s Caleb Williams and UNC’s Drake May looming as arguably the top two prospects this year. positions since Trevor Lawrence came along. in the NFL in 21st.

• Just because Derrick Henry’s name pops up in trading conversations doesn’t mean anyone is willing to part with what it takes to get him off the Titans. And there are a couple of reasons for that. First, few teams value Henry as much as Tennessee, so from their point of view, they will charge 5 cents on the dollar for him. Then there is his run. He was in the same draft class as Elliott, had 1,750 career carries to his credit, got promoted in the last couple of years, and turned 30 eight months later.

Add to that his contract, and it’s hard to imagine new Titans CEO Ran Carton being offered a trade package that would be better for his team than just hanging on to Henry.

• I love how 49ers general manager John Lynch responded to the idea of ​​calling Nick Boza: “This hotline is closed. which never opened.” Of course, Lynch knows why this question is being asked, and he also knows that he will have to make Boz an even richer man before he takes another shot for the Nine. (Lynch also said he expects Trey Lance to be a No. 9 in 2023. We’ll see if they take QB this weekend.)

• There are two guys I mentioned the NFL above on your dummy design website think: I might see Ohio State’s Paris Johnson go third to the Cardinals, seventh to the Raiders or ninth to the Bears; and I could see Devon Witherspoon from Illinois go to the cards, raiders or lions at number 1. 6. Both made a very strong impression during the preparation for the draft.

• Even though the S2 test is now being abandoned, I would tell you that there are a lot of people in the NFL who are putting real money into it. And that could affect some things in the first round on Thursday night.

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Wu wins the playoffs and wins the first major title in the Chevron Championship | golf



Lilia Wu of the United States beat her compatriot Angel Ying in the playoffs to claim her first major Chevron championship title on Sunday by tackling a difficult and unfamiliar course at a club in Carlton Woods near Houston.

Wu started the day four shots back but moved up the leaderboard with five birdies, including two at 17 and 18, and one ghost, four points under par 68, bringing his win total to 10 points under 278.

She waited nervously on the sidelines while the previous leader, Ying (72), went to a tie-break with a couple of late ghosts.

Ying didn’t put up much of a fight in the playoffs, as her second shot hit the water, and Wu, who won her first tour title at the Honda LPGA Thailand in February, held her composure to exhaust a long bird kick for the win. .

“The last two days I have been very angry. I didn’t feel like myself,” Wu said. “I just felt like I was angry about every little thing, and that’s not how I usually behave.”

Wu said she thought of her grandfather, who fled his native Vietnam with his wife and children and died early during the Covid-19 pandemic to survive.

“Today I was very upset on the track and I just had to remind me that grandpa is with you and he would be very disappointed if you were so upset and that you didn’t come together. “.

The 25-year-old, who only a few years ago considered leaving the sport, was overwhelmed with emotion after the win and said it was a testament to the hardships she faced in her career.

Lily Wu celebrates her playoff victory over Angel Yin. Photographer: Eric Gay/AP

“Everything bad happens for a reason,” Wu said. “I’ve had quite a tough – not easy – last two days. I was definitely my own enemy and I don’t know how I got it out.”

It was a bitter disappointment for Yin, who started the day at the top of the leaderboard with compatriot Allisen Corpus (74) and led to 13th thanks to a near-perfect performance in a circuit designed by Jack Nicklaus.

But victory slipped through her fingers when she hit the bunker at 16 and 17, hitting both holes and never regained her composure ahead of the playoffs.

“It just didn’t hit very well. To be honest, I stuck together and then 16 and 17 were just a bad decision for the club,” Yin said. “Obviously, I just missed the playoff hole. It just said a lot about today.”

Players adjusted to new territory at the first Women’s Major of the year as the tournament kicked off in a new home after five decades at the Mission Country Club in Palm Springs.

American Nellie Korda handled an eagle kick in 18th and finished third after missing the tournament a year ago due to surgery for a blood clot in her hand. As a result, the Olympian and winner of the 2021 PGA Women’s Championship returns to the top of the world rankings.

“Whenever I can finish a major well, I compete, that’s what I strive for,” she said.

“I have a lot of work to do, but for this to be the first major of the year, I think I played pretty well and I hope I can develop it.”

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NFL Suspends Detroit Lions And Washington Commanders Players For Gambling



On Friday, the NFL suspended five players for violating the league’s gambling policy, including three who were banned for at least the entire 2023 season, the largest group of fines for gambling violations in 60 years.

The announcement comes at a time when the NFL, the nation’s richest and most popular sports league, encourages gambling through its relationships with betting companies, while also trying to maintain public confidence that football is flawless and doesn’t depend on huge sums of money. which are bidding. This.

The league declined to disclose details about the wagers placed by these players or how the violations were discovered, but said its investigation found no evidence that “any inside information was used or that any game was in any way compromised.”

After a league investigation, wide receiver Quintes Cephus and safety CJ Moore of the Detroit Lions and quarterback Shaka Tony of the Washington Commanders were suspended indefinitely for betting on NFL games last season. Players can petition the league to be reinstated after the 2023 season.

Two other Lions players, wide receivers Stanley Berryhill and Jameson Williams, were suspended six games each for other gambling violations, which the team said included betting on other sporting events in the NFL.

The fines are effective immediately and are no longer subject to appeal, an NFL spokesman said Friday.

Tony’s agent, Andy Simms, declined to comment Friday. Agents for the remaining four players and a representative from the NFL players’ union did not respond to messages seeking comment.

Shortly after the suspension was announced, the Lions fired Cephus, who had spent part of the last two seasons on the injured reserve, and Moore, who the team signed as an undrafted free agent in 2019.

“These players have demonstrated decision making that is inconsistent with our organizational values ​​and violates league rules,” Lions general manager Brad Holmes said in a statement. The command said in a statement that they “support the conclusions and actions of the league.” Tony remains on the team.

Friday’s fines follow those imposed on former Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley, who received a season-long suspension in 2022, and Arizona Cardinals defenseman Josh Shaw, who was suspended from November 2019 until the end of the 2020 season. of the year. Both players were punished for gambling in NFL games.

The recent string of suspensions, the first in decades, comes after the NFL dropped its longtime opposition to sports gambling. In 2017, team owners voted to move the Raiders to Las Vegas, and the turning point came in 2018 when the Supreme Court overturned a 1992 law that banned sports betting in nearly every state. Since then, the NFL and other professional American leagues have forged partnerships with major gambling companies and casinos.

The last series of gambling fines in the NFL of the magnitude of those announced on Friday occurred in 1963, when Green Bay Packers running back Paul Hornung and Lions linebacker Alex Karras — at the time, two the league’s biggest stars were suspended for a season for betting on NFL games. Five other players were also fined for betting on the 1962 championship match.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell did not comment on the suspension, published Friday, but when Ridley’s ban was announced in 2022, he said NFL personnel playing football games are demanding “the most substantial sanctions” as it compromises “the integrity of the game.” “.

Details of the violations of the five players were not disclosed.

In Ridley’s case, he used a gambling app to place three multiple bets in November 2021 while he was in Florida and away from his team. Genius Sports, a company hired by the NFL to provide “comprehensive betting monitoring services,” warned the NFL that a player may have been betting, prompting an investigation by the league.

An NFL spokesman said that each year the league informs staff of the rules preventing them from placing bets or facilitating bets on any NFL game, practice or other event, such as the draft. Players are allowed to bet on other sports, but may not gamble at work or while at work, including travel to games or promotional appearances on behalf of the league.

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