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Haunted Mansion at Disneyland: $13

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Over the past few years, board games have become popular again. They are back in fashion, and frankly, they are long overdue. There’s nothing better than bringing family and friends together for an evening of fun, competition, and a laugh at a board game that everyone will enjoy. And with so many great options on the market right now, it doesn’t matter if you love complex strategy games or prefer the fast-paced fun of simple party games – you’ll find something to enjoy with your friends and loved ones. And with a little digging, you can even expand your collection of games on a budget.

My family and I love board games, so I’m always on the lookout for the best board game deals. I will never be a rich man: every board game deal I see, I end up buying for my gaming table. Now you too can enjoy the feeling of having more board games than you’ll ever need. Please. Check out our roundup of the best table game deals available right now below, and we’ll keep updating this page as deals come and go, so be sure to check back often.

Discounts on board games

Black tiles with colorful grid symbols

James Bricknell/CNET

Qwirkle is a fantastic family game that uses colors and shapes just like words in Scrabble. Combine lines of different colors and shapes to win against your opponents. This is a fun and simple game that will suit your younger players as well.

You get Qwirkle price alerts: $25

Haunted Mansion Board Game Ready to Play


The Haunted Mansion is one of my family’s favorite attractions at Disneyland, and now it’s also one of our favorite board games. The game itself is a card management game where you try to get as many cards of a certain type as possible while trying to avoid being chased by a wandering ghost.

Small trophies representing Disney villains in front of a green box


Ravensburger can be hit or miss when it comes to board games, but Villainous is one of his best efforts. You play as one of the famous villains from Disney animated films and you need to complete your story before those annoying heroes ruin everything.

It’s a lot of fun for everyone who loves Disney, like we do in our house, and there are plenty of extras too, including Marvel villains.

Board game with golden ticket on purple background

Buffalo games

Golden Ticket is a simple game full of nostalgia for the Roald Dahl classic. The imagery in this game is loosely based on the 1971 movie starring Gene Wilder, and players navigate the city in search of that elusive golden ticket.

It’s a lot of fun, especially if you’re trying to impersonate the characters from the movie that you’ll be playing as.

dark harbor crate

Dan Ackerman

Grim Haven is a great choice for those looking for a little more challenge. This RPG style board game was named one of our favorite co-op games of 2023 and combines dungeon crawling with classic board game mechanics. It is designed for one to four players who must team up to explore forgotten ruins and fight terrifying robotic monsters.

You receive price alerts for Grimharbour: $106.

Betrayal at the house on the hill


This 3rd edition co-op board game is definitely aimed at older kids and is recommended for kids ages 12 and up. However, if something a little spooky sounds right for you, Hasbro’s Betrayal at House on the Hill is worth checking out. It’s now over 50% off and allows six players to play 60 to 90 minutes in a haunted house and they must work together to survive.

You get price alerts for Betrayal at the House on the Hill: $28.

Board game with bright green dice and monsters apiece


If you have a young family, King of Tokyo is an excellent carrier of infection. You play as a giant Kaiju bent on destroying Tokyo and you must fight each other for supremacy.
It’s a simple dice-throwing game where you “spend dice” to buy cards and use those cards to power up your kaiju. It’s fast and, more importantly, fun enough for little kids.

You receive price alerts for King of Tokyo: New Edition: $36.

A blue cardboard box with a family of sticks on the bottom.

Children versus maturity

You’ve probably heard of Cards Against Humanity, a party game that’s often too rough for little kids. Kids vs Maturity comes from the same game premise – the person who makes the referee laugh the most wins the hand – but instead makes her a little naughty.
This is a great start to a family evening that will let your kids feel like they can get away with something they shouldn’t do, but with your guidance and consent. It’s a lot of fun for everyone. You can also save a few extra dollars by activating instant coupon on the product page.

Bright color cards with a Fluxx box on the back

Looney Laboratories

Now I know it’s not the biggest savings in the world, but Fluxx is so good that any discount is reason enough to buy it. The game is a simple card game with a few rules: draw one card, play one. map. Difficulty arises when you play by rules that conflict with these first rules, or change the object of the game, or change places with the person to your left. Everything is very intricate, which is what makes it so wonderful.

You get price alerts for Looney Labs Fluxx (Special Edition): $13.

Additional recommendations for games and entertainment


InStock Walmart: Pro Controller – The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Edition



Available for free shipping now – surprisingly next day. $1 less than MSRP ($74) while they’re still available.

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The military MMO Foxhole is a rabbit hole of bad logistical strategies.



The worst part of strategy games is shuffling. I forgo most 4X in the mid game because shuffling more icons is too tiring. No Total War since the Middle Ages has really thrilled me, because finding a path for each army has added nothing but hassle.

That’s why I love the model of imperialism, where everything is one turn, not a shuffle. Which is why I’m a little surprised at how addictive Foxhole is as a strategy game. Most players (Brandy included) will tell you that this is a game. everything about shuffling, t. logistics. But after I finally found the time to do it, I realized that most of them, even some “logs” oriented players, don’t know what it really means.


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FCC Blocks Robot Broker One Eye From Future Campaigns



Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Today ordered voice service providers to block global gateway provider One Eye. The FCC alleges that the company, which serves as an “entrance” to U.S. phone networks from outside the country, allowed fraudulent robocalls, such as impersonating a major financial institution and calling about fake “pre-authorized orders” placed in consumer names. The Biden administration’s FCC has focused on expanding its ability to enforce automated calls. “This company — what’s left of it — will now go down in robocall history,” said Federal Communications Commission Chair Jessica Rosenworthel. “We can and will continue to disable providers that help scammers.”

Today’s order is the culmination of a series of FCC actions to stop One Eye from facilitating shady robocall campaigns. First, the agency cited the company’s predecessor, PZ/Illum Telecom, for robocalling illegal calls. Then in a termination letter sent in February, the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Enforcement Bureau warned the newly created One Eye that its rebranding would not help it avoid the consequences, but warned that non-compliance would result in a permanent ban. (On the same day he warned US voice carriers on One Eye’s activities.) Finally, sent “initial determination order” in April, another step towards the lockdown he eventually issued today.

The FCC statement did not specify where One Eye is headquartered. The February cease-and-desist letter was addressed to a Delaware-registered limited company, but it could simply be the US arm of a global operation based elsewhere.

The block has teeth thanks to the FCC Gateway Vendor Order. published in May 2022. He laid out a new list of requirements for companies routing foreign calls to the US, including (among other things) caller ID authentication using the STIR/SHAKEN framework, submission of certification plans, response to tracing requests within 24 hours, and illegal blocking. traffic when notified to the FCC.

“The Bureau of Enforcement team has developed a fair, transparent, yet tough process by which we can essentially shut down access to US communications networks for companies like One Eye that target consumers with illegal robocalls,” said the head of the Bureau of Enforcement. Loyan Egal. “Today’s promotion demonstrates another cutting-edge tool in our bot call enforcement capabilities and represents a landmark date in our efforts to protect consumers from fraudulent calls.”

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