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Fentanyl at the border: Americans are ready to send troops, trade restrictions with Mexico



Most Americans want the US to send troops and equipment to Mexico to stop the flow of fentanyl across the southern border, according to vote The National Sheriffs Association releases on Friday.

The public is also overwhelmingly in favor of imposing trade restrictions on Mexico to force its leaders to do more about fentanyl. And the Americans would like the US to label smuggling cartels as terrorist organizations, TIP Poll found.

The poll comes less than a week before the Biden administration repeals its Section 42 pandemic law, which allowed it to deport illegal immigrants without having to go through the full immigration process for them. Roughly half of those crossing the border are expelled under Section 42, and once that right expires on May 11, experts expect the already chaotic border to be a disaster.

Sheriffs on the front line say the chaos will quickly seep inland.

“At the time of this writing, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are on the southern border, ready to cross the border, and Washington has few plans to prevent a massive attack by cartels bringing in additional illegal weapons, deadly fentanyl, human trafficking and the exploitation of children and women. every American community,” said Sheriff Mark Dannels of Cochise County, Arizona.

He is chairman of the border committee of the National Sheriffs Association.

A new NSA poll has found that 50% of Americans already believe that migrants at the border are a problem for their own communities. Republicans are more likely to see the situation as a problem than Democrats, and Westerners and Southers more likely than those from the Midwest or Northeast.

Americans were divided on the impact of increased migration, with about a quarter saying newcomers bring more crime and compete for jobs, and a quarter said they offer new economic opportunities.

But there was more consensus to blame the situation on the border for the record deaths from fentanyl and to support tough decisions.

Some 53% approved “deploying U.S. military personnel and assets inside Mexico” to force Mexican leaders to do more to stem the flow of the deadly synthetic opioid. Only 30% opposed.

Supporters included 56% Democrats and 62% Republicans, although independents were more skeptical.

All three demographics wanted the US to use trade restrictions to produce Mexico: 83% of Republicans, 76% of Democrats, and 68% of independents supported this idea.

President Trump then showed just how receptive Mexico is to trade pressure when he threatened to impose a 25 percent tariff on all Mexican trade in 2019 in response to an influx of migrants.

Mexican officials rushed to Washington for talks, agreeing to new migration moves that almost instantly resolved the surge.

By 2020, the U.S. had the fewest number of illegal crossings in over 40 years.

V TIP Poll was held from March 21 to April 4, and involved 1,414 American adults.


Trump made sure the jury knew he wasn’t attracted to attorney E. Jean Carroll, or



Jurors in a civil trial in which author E. Jean Carroll accuses Donald Trump of rape were finally shown footage of Trump’s testimony on Thursday, where he mistook a picture of Carroll for one of his ex-wives, Marla Maples.

Jurors in a civil trial in which author E. Jean Carroll accuses Donald Trump of rape were finally shown footage of Trump’s testimony on Thursday, where he mistook a picture of Carroll for one of his ex-wives, Marla Maples.

During the same testimony that was taped in Mar-a-Lago in October, Trump visits incredibly strange places, telling Carroll’s lawyer that, like her client, she’s not his “type” either.

In accordance with reports from the courtroom, the testimony shows an agitated Donald Trump becoming snarky and annoyed when Roberta Kaplan interrogated him seven months ago. Trump chose not to attend the civil trial, but jurors reviewed the tape on Thursday. Carroll is suing Trump for battery and defamation, alleging he raped her in a locker room at Bergdorf Goodman in the 1990s.

Trump has denied the allegations since Carroll first came forward, and his main defense has argued that Carroll is not his “type”. But during his testimony, Trump made a breach in his own defense. When Kaplan showed Trump a picture of him talking to Carroll at a party in the past, Trump confused Carroll for Maples.

“This is Marla,” he said, according to reports. It’s Marla, yes. This is my wife.”

Kaplan later reportedly asked Trump questions about other women who had accused him of sexual harassment. It was then that the former president got heated, telling Kaplan, “Honestly, you’re not my choice either.”

“Under no circumstances will I have any interest in you,” he said, bringing the rejected dude to defend the bar.

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In Israel, McCarthy vows to continue supporting Ukraine



Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican who became Speaker of the House in January, publicly vowed on Monday to continue supporting Ukraine’s war effort, dropping previous suggestions that a new House majority could cut U.S. military and financial investment in Kiev’s efforts to repel Russian invasion. .

Speaking at a press conference in Jerusalem shortly after speaking in the Israeli Knesset, Mr. McCarthy resolutely fought back after being asked by a reporter for the Russian state news agency RIA Novosti if he could turn down aid and weapons for Ukraine.

“I vote for aid to Ukraine, I support aid to Ukraine,” Mr. McCarthy told a reporter, who prefaced his question by saying: “We know that you do not support the current unrestricted and uncontrolled supply of arms and aid. to Ukraine”.

Mr. McCarthy, who had earlier said there would be no “blank check” for Ukraine, then denounced Russia’s actions in the conflict.

“I do not support what your country has done with Ukraine; I also do not support your killing of children,” McCarthy told a Russian reporter. “And we will continue to support because the rest of the world sees it for what it is.”

These statements stood in stark contrast to Mr. McCarthy’s recent signals of aid to Ukraine amid pressure from far-right Republican lawmakers to test US support for Kiev and stop US funding of the conflict.

Mr. McCarthy’s words drew a storm of applause from Republican hawks, including former Vice President Mike Pence, who thanked Mr. McCarthy. on twitter “For making a convincing statement about Russia on the world stage.”

Mr. McCarthy’s promise may embarrass him because of the small but critical fact of his conference, which openly opposed Ukraine’s further funding of the war.

This group of mostly ultra-conservative Republicans includes several members of the House of Representatives who voted to remove Mr. McCarthy’s speaker’s gavel in several consecutive ballots earlier in the year. It also includes right-wing representative Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia, who has become one of Mr. McCarthy’s closest allies.

In recent weeks, as Republicans struggled to unite around a spending cut plan ahead of talks with the White House on a debt ceiling, Ms. Green has waged a relentless campaign against continued military and other forms of aid to Ukraine.

She called for zeroing this part of the budget, accusing the Biden administration ofdeceived” by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and arguing that the aid being provided makes the United States too active a participant in the country, stating that “Ukraine is not the 51st state.”

Under pressure from Ms. Green and others, Mr. McCarthy has recently been reticent in his public comments about Ukraine. Last month, the speaker declined to share details of a phone call with Zelenskiy, simply saying it was a “good conversation.”

But right-wing Ukraine skeptics recently lost one of their most effective platforms for getting their message across to voters after Tucker Carlson was fired by Fox News. Mr. Carlson, who promoted a similar message about Ukraine in his prime time, provided Ms. Green and others with a permanent platform to reach out to millions of Republican-leaning viewers as a means of putting pressure on Mr. McCarthy.

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Capitol Lens | twelve years ago



On May 1, 2011, President Barack Obama briefed the nation on the assassination of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. In this file photo, the crowd celebrates the news in front of the White House following the president’s address.

Post Lens Capitol | Twelve years ago, he first appeared at roll call.

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