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Florida Republican Passport Bill Allowing Transgender Children to be Taken From Their Families



The inadequacies of our justice system will be something to look out for; and, of course, this wish is not so much about the punishment of imprisonment for any one person, but about equal justice for all. However, it is shocking, for example, that Leicester was released after two hours stay in custody last week; hey was released again on Tuesday less than two hours after surrendering to the authorities.

Such a terrible event and the injustice that followed it are accompanied by two separate cases of people, one Blackone whiteleft to die in their prison cells on less battery. On Monday, a grand jury ruled that a group of policemen who shot an unarmed fleeing black man nearly 50 times not face the consequences. Another young woman, white, that too fatal shot after accidentally driving on the wrong road on Saturday.

All this suggests that our society is cruel. Racism underlies much of this violence, but the violence is so deeply ingrained in our social veins of disturbing anger, in our structural veins of prison coldness, that people of all backgrounds are drawn into it.


Arizona Senate Settles Election Audit Lawsuit



PHOENIX. The left-wing watchdog group on Wednesday announced a settlement of more than $150,000 in a lawsuit against the Arizona Senate, which has fought to keep emails, text messages and other records relating to partisan scrutiny of the 2020 election.

American Oversight, which promotes government transparency, will receive $153,000 from the State Senate. Under the agreement, which both parties originally signed in March, they mutually absolve each other from legal action. The agreement also states that the settlement is not indicative of any wrongdoing.

The lawsuit also extended to Cyber ​​Ninjas, a now-defunct Florida firm that led the Senate review of ballot-counting machines, computers, and ballots in Maricopa County.

Shortly before the settlement was signed, lawyers for the Arizona Republic argued that some of the records held by the Senate should still be public.

American Oversight said in a statement that the whole ordeal was worth it “in time to provide much-needed transparency” to the audit.

Corey Langhofer, a Senate attorney, did not immediately respond to a voice message asking for comment.

In 2021, the Republican-led Senate initiated a review after Joe Biden was declared the winner in Arizona over then-President Donald Trump, sparking unsubstantiated allegations of fraud and other campaign collusion.

Shortly thereafter, American Oversight filed a lawsuit.

Between various lawsuits and court rulings, the Senate released over 20,000 entries. But legislators also held on to some documents, justifying it with legislative privilege.

In August, the Arizona Supreme Court sided with the Senate, ruling that emails and other documented communications are confidential.

A Senate audit found no evidence of widespread electoral fraud in Maricopa County.

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Larry Kudlow warns DeSantis ‘close to making a fool of himself’ over Disney feud



“He’s not going to run for president against Walt Disney,” Kudlow said.

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Biden criticizes McCarthy’s performative debt limitation bill



President Joe Biden lashed out this afternoon at Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who has finally unveiled a real list of proposals after months of screaming about vague “cuts” and the disingenuous linking of the debt limit to spending cuts. The bill primarily targets the Biden agenda and wins in the legislature.

President Joe Biden lashed out this afternoon at Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who has finally unveiled a real list of proposals after months of screaming about vague “cuts” and the disingenuous linking of the debt limit to spending cuts. The bill primarily targets the Biden agenda and wins in the legislature.

“This is MAGA’s economic agenda: cutting costs for the working and middle class,” Biden said at a union hall in Maryland on Wednesday. “It’s not about financial discipline, it’s about cutting benefits for people they don’t seem to care much about.”

Biden’s response came after McCarthy finally released the proposal after months of going to the administration to discuss proposals he was unable to make.

320 pages document is a set of basic messages about red meat and benefit cuts: it will remove the tax credits for green energy enacted in the Inflation Reduction Act, add additional requirements for benefit programs such as SNAP (formerly known as food stamps), cut money allocated to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and revoke the Biden administration’s order to pay off student debt. It will also suspend the debt ceiling until 2024.

In short: he is dead upon arrival at the Senate. This should show that all Republicans in the House of Representatives can agree with the proposal (which is already in doubt) and give McCarthy a foothold when he criticizes Biden for refusing to negotiate.

Basically, it’s still about Republicans wanting to use the debt ceiling to extract political concessions from Biden that they will never get through legislation. Now they will use this document to rebuke the White House for quiet won’t negotiate with them that they’re just financially responsible (huh) and that they have no choice but to combine the debt ceiling and spending cuts (because the Democrat is back in the White House, so it’s time to pretend they don’t no matter the severity).

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