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Galaxy S22 Deals: Save at Samsung, T-Mobile and More



Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy S23 seriesarrived earlier this year and there are many deals there if you want to pick up one of the latest Samsung devices. But now that a new generation is on the shelves, that also means you can take advantage of great discounts on last year’s models. If you don’t want or need the latest and greatest, the S22 series is still a good choice. Below we’ve rounded up the best deals currently available in the old line for you to get your hands on. Galaxy S22 previous generation phone is cheaper.

Not only did Samsung recently slash the starting price of the base model by $100, but many carriers and retailers are looking to get rid of their inventory (some models are already sold out at various retailers) now that the new phone has arrived. If you’re looking to get your hands on the old model, there are plenty of deals and offers out there if you get going soon. There are several discounts for unlocked models, and you can save even more if you have an old device to trade in or need a new service line. To help you make the most of these deals before they’re gone, we’ve rounded up some of the best Galaxy S22 phone deals below.

The Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra featured several significant camera improvements over the previous generation of Samsung S21 devices, including larger pixel sensors and Adaptive Pixel technology for better photos and videos at night. There’s an improved portrait mode, as well as a new auto-framing feature that can detect and track up to 10 people to capture everyone clearly in a photo.

However, this Galaxy S22 Ultra which created the biggest sensation upon release. Samsung’s top phone first introduced the S Pen in the S series, paying homage to the already canceled Galaxy Note.

A line of new Samsung S22 phones on a black tabletop.

Richard Peterson/CNET

The S22 Ultra also features significant camera upgrades, including Samsung’s largest pixel sensor, as well as a range of raw photo processing tools for more complete editing, and an improved Super Clear Glass lens for smoother, clearer, glare-free night video.

We’ll take a close look at every detail of each of the three Galaxy S22 models and show you the best Galaxy S22 deals online and in stores.

What colors is the Galaxy S22 available in?

Both the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus are available in Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green, and Rose Gold. The Galaxy S22 Ultra has a slightly different lineup: phantom black, phantom white, green, and burgundy.

How much does the Galaxy S22 cost?

Three models of the Galaxy S22 are available in a variety of memory configurations, and with the announcement of a new Galaxy S23Samsung has reduced the base price of the Galaxy S22 by $100. US pricing for each model now starts at:

  • Samsung Galaxy S22: $700 (originally $800)
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus: $1,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: $1,200

Both the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus are available in 128GB and 256GB storage options with 8GB RAM, while the Galaxy S22 Ultra will also add 512GB and 1TB storage options with 12GB RAM.

Be sure to check out all the Galaxy S22 deals below.

Best Galaxy S22 Deals

Most carriers and retailers are offering some form of S22 deal right now, especially if you have an old device you want to trade in. We’ve rounded up the best Galaxy S22 deals you can buy and we’ll continue to update this page as new deals come in, so stay tuned if your carrier or preferred retailer isn’t listed below.

The Samsung website is the obvious place to buy Galaxy phones. It offers all device configurations and multiple payment options, and offers carrier and unlocked models, so you can choose between buying the phone directly, through carrier payments, or financing it through Samsung, depending on your preference.

At the moment, Samsung does not offer any direct discounts on unlocked models, although it guarantees compensation for both working and damaged devices. Those who trade a device in good condition will receive at least $165 in compensation for the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus, or at least $95 for damaged devices. Those who trade the S22 Ultra will receive at least $280 for devices in good condition and at least $160 for damaged devices. However, you can earn a lot more depending on what devices you trade in, with the latest iPhones fetching up to $650.

If you don’t want the headache of navigating through carriers, plans, and installment payments, you’ll need an unlocked phone that you can buy right away. You can save up to $117 on the Galaxy S22 if you upgrade to 256 GB model. If you want a more advanced model, you can save up to $189 on S22Plus or $250 for S22 Ultra. Just note that discounts vary quite a lot between different colors and configurations.

Since the launch of the new S23 series, Verizon has cut their deals on the S22 series. Verizon does not currently offer any discounts or discounts when trading in for a basic S22 or S22 Plus. However, if you specifically buy the S22 Ultra, you can save up to $600 on the S22 Ultra with a trade-in.

Several bonuses are also available. When you switch your existing number from another carrier, you will receive a free $200 Verizon gift card. And if you’re looking to add a new line of services or upgrade your existing line, you can save on some Galaxy tablets and watches.

Best Buy is offering up to $400 off unlocked models with same day activation. While Best Buy doesn’t currently have specific carrier deals from Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, you can save up to $400 with a qualifying trade-in.

T-Mobile usually has some pretty nice deals for both new customers and existing ones. Right now, T-Mobile has a few different offerings that vary slightly depending on whether you’re using the Magenta Max plan.

Customers can save up to $700 on all three models by getting a standard S22 for free when adding a new service line to an existing Magenta Max plan. Those without a Magenta Max plan can save up to $400 when adding a new line to another eligible plan. And if you have an old device to trade in, you can save up to $400 or upgrade to an eligible plan.


Analysis: $787.5 million Fox News settlement is the price to pay for spreading lies



By reconciling with Dominion Voting Systems, Fox News has avoided a torturous and protracted legal battle in which its founding chief Rupert Murdoch, its top executives and its biggest stars would have to face hostile scrutiny of the embarrassing question of why they allowed a dangerous and slanderous conspiracy theory about the 2020 election to spread across the net when so many of them knew it was a lie?

But the $787.5 million settlement – one of the largest defamation lawsuits in history – and Fox’s statement in court admitting that the court found “certain claims about Dominion” made in its programming to be “false” – at the very least, they represent a rare, high-profile admission to the wrongdoings of the influential conservative media and America’s most popular cable network.

“Money is a responsibility,” Dominion attorney Stephen Shackelford said in front of the courthouse, “and we got that from Fox today.”

The terms of the agreement, which was abruptly announced just before the lawyers were due to make opening statements, did not require Fox to apologize for any infractions in its own programming, a point Dominion is said to have insisted on.

Shortly after the agreement was reached, Fox said that he “hopes that our decision to resolve this dispute with the Dominion peacefully, rather than through hostile litigation, will allow the country to get away from these problems.”

The settlement contains an implicit statement of “no contestation” of several preliminary findings by presiding judge Eric M. Davis that cast Fox programming in an exceptionally harsh light.

In one of those findings, the judge sided with Dominion in his contention that Fox could not argue that its conspiracy theory broadcast — typically involving the false claim that its machines “switched” Trump’s votes to Biden’s — fell under operation of the law. A “news gathering” status that can protect news organizations when the facts are in dispute. The judge wrote, “the evidence does not support that FNN reported in good faith and disinterestedly.”

In another opinion, the judge wrote that “the evidence presented in this civil suit demonstrates CRYSTALLY that none of the allegations regarding the Dominion about the 2020 elections are true.”

Through these findings, the judge severely curtailed Fox’s ability to claim that it was acting as a news network pursuing the claims of a newsmaker, in this case the President of the United States, who was the main proponent of the false Dominion narrative.

In those tumultuous days leading up to the first day of the trial, Fox made it clear that if it lost in court, it would prepare an appeal that would, at least in part, contradict those judgments. Now they are undeniable.

By late afternoon on Tuesday, it was clear that Fox’s lawyers were busy making quick calculations to take the financial hit rather than risk losing in court.

Dominion was able to gather an unusually large amount of internal documentation from Fox showing that many inside the company knew that the Dominion conspiracy theory in the election was pure fantasy, as many lawyers argued before the trial. This extended to the highest ranks of the network – up to Mr. Murdoch himself.

This evidence appears to have brought the Dominion closer to the legal threshold in defamation cases known as “actual malice” – established when defamatory statements are “made with the knowledge of being false or with reckless disregard for whether it was true or not” . (However, this bar is not always easy to meet, and there are no guarantees to the jury.)

“The vote for Dominion revealed a lot of critical evidence that Fox acted with malice or recklessly disregarded the truth that could have been proven by a jury, so the only question left would be damages,” said Karl Tobias, professor of law. University of Richmond. “The trial in the case could also damage Fox’s reputation when the evidence was presented in open court.”

It was less surprising that Fox took the plunge than that he did it so late on Tuesday. During the trial, Fox News employees and Mr. Murdoch argued with lawyers about what they knew about the lies and why they didn’t take action to stop them. The answers would further expose the internal modus operandi of an organization that has long guarded its internal operations.

The only question that only time will answer is whether the settlement was enough for Fox News to change the way it handles such inflammatory and defamatory conspiracy content. The sum is a hefty $787.5 million. Fox News certainly doesn’t want to see such a settlement anytime soon as other court cases looming, notably a $2.7 billion lawsuit from another election technology company, Smartmatic.

But Fox managed to avoid Dominion’s goal of an on-air confession or apology, meaning he didn’t have to force either on his audience, who had heard little of the affair on Fox’s show to begin with.

“It’s hard to say how devastating a decision against Fox would be for the company, apart from the financial cost of the verdict, because their audience is very loyal and believes in the polarized point of view that their hosts represent,” Michel Simpson Tugel, Trial Attorney. says in the statement. “But the reputational damage from executives, including chairman Rupert Murdoch, and the hosts taking the stand seems to have spurred the parties to a decision.”

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Quordle Today: See every Quordle answer and tooltip for April 19th.



If Quordles today is too difficult, you have come to the right place for hints. Here are not just hints, but a whole Quordles solutions. Scroll to the bottom of this page and there it is. But are you sure you need all four answers? Maybe you just need a strategy guide. Anyway, scroll down and you’ll get what you need.

What Quordles?

Quordles is a five letter word guessing game similar to wordle, except that each guess applies letters to four words at once. You get nine guesses instead of six to guess all four words correctly. Looks like a game of four wordle games at the same time, and that’s essentially what it is. But it’s not as intimate as it seems.

is Quordles harder than Wordle?

Yes, but not devilishly so.

where Quordles from?

amide wordle The boom of late 2021/early 2022, when everyone was learning to love free browser games with word guessing once a day, creator Freddy Meyer says he drew inspiration from one of the first major wordle variations, sit back – the one where you essentially play together wordles one day. He took things up a notch and released Quordle on January 30(will open in a new tab). Meyer’s creation was covered in Guardians(will open in a new tab) six days later, and now, according to Meyer, it’s attracting millions of users daily. Today Meyer earns modest income(will open in a new tab) from Patreon, where dedicated Quordles fans can donate to keep their favorite puzzle game running.

How Quordles pronounced?

“Quordle”. It should rhyme with “Wordle” and definitely shouldn’t be pronounced exactly like “curdle”.

is Quordles strategy is different from wordle?

Yes and no

Your starting strategy should be the same as in the case wordle. In fact, if you have a favorite wordle foreword, there is no reason to change anything here. We offer something rich in vowels, with common letters like C, R and N. But you do it.

However, after the first guess, you will notice that the situation gets out of control if you play Quordles just like wordle.

What should I do in? Quordles what i don’t do in wordle?

Solution wordle The puzzle can cool down to a series of substitutions for a single letter. If you narrowed it down to “-IGHT” you could guess “POWER”, “NIGHT”, “LIGHT” and “VISION” and one of those would probably be the solution – though it’s also a known way to end up losing. V wordle, especially if you’re playing in “hard mode”. IN Quordleshowever, this one-letter sifting is a death trap, and it hints at an important strategic difference between wordle another Quordles: IN Quordlesyou can’t afford to waste guesswork unless you’re constantly removing as many letters as possible.

Guessing a completely random word that you already know is not a solution, just to rule out three or four possible letters that you haven’t tried yet is a desperate dead end move. wordle. IN Quordleshowever, it is a normal part of a player’s strategic toolkit.

Is there a way to get a response faster?

In my experience Quordles can be a slow game, sometimes taking longer than it takes to play wordle four times. But a kind of guessing can speed up the process. The following strategy also works with wordle if you only want the solution and don’t need to have the least possible guess:

Try starting with a set of words that has all the vowels (including Y) written on the board along with some other common letters. We were lucky with three words: “NOTES”, “ERDKY” and “BALL”. youtuber DougMansLand(will open in a new tab) suggests four words: “CANOE”, “SKIRT”, “REVERSE” and “FRIEND”.

Most of the alphabet has now been removed and you will only have one or two wrong guesses if you use this strategy. But in most cases, you will have all the information you need to guess the remaining words without making any wrong guesses.

If the strategy doesn’t work and you’re still stuck, here are some tips:

Are there double or triple letters in today’s Quordles words?

A letter occurs twice in one word.

Are any rare letters used in today’s Quordles like Q or Z?


What do today’s Quordles words begin with

P, O, L and S.

What are the answers for today Quordles?

Are you sure you want to know?

There is still time to turn back.

Okay, you asked for it. Answers:




  4. CHEAP

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What does it mean to hedge a bet



October 19, 2021

Whether you are betting on sports, investing in stocks, or making any other financial investment, you will be looking at one point to protect your money.

As a simple explanation, hedging your money can be seen as an investment “insurance” to protect yourself from potential losses. In finance, it is used as a strategy or device to limit any potential loss of financial assets and ensure the company’s long-term growth.

Sports betting is the same when the bookmaker or you can set up betting hedging that protects both sides of the outcome.

When a book sets up a hedge, they do so with a cash out feature. This allows you to receive the money earlier, while the bookmaker avoids the risk of paying you the amount that you would have received when all the bets in your bet slip have been completed.

In this article, we will take a closer look at hedging in sports betting and how it can be done. Before we begin, you should know that there is a difference between a hedge bet and an arbitrage bet. Hedging bets are legal while arbitrage bets are illegal and will get you banned.

How to hedge Tennis bet

Hedging in sports betting is usually done on tennis bets. One of the most famous tennis bets you will see is that the underdog forfeits the first set but still plays the 2nd and 3rd sets.

To hedge against this bet, place two separate bets: one for each of the two outcomes. A common way to do this is to hedge with an alternative bet on that match. Let’s say you’re betting on the underdog +3.5 sets in a tennis match. After they have withdrawn from the first set, you must place two bets: one if the player wins the 2nd or 3rd set, and one if he wins the 2nd set but loses the 3rd. You can also hedge with an alternative bet or match on the same tennis event to cut your losses if the first bet doesn’t work. By insuring against losing, you are making less profit than if you just let that bet work and hope for the best.

How to hedge Basketball bet

Hedging a basketball bet can be a bit tricky as there are more outcomes on the spread. One of the best ways to hedge a basketball bet is to place two separate spread bets and another over/under bet.

For you NBA fans, let’s say you’ve watched this game on TV and you think the San Antonio Spurs will win, but their lead is only 1.50. If you look closely at this game, you will notice that Tony Parker is out of the game due to injury. After more research on this team, you will find out that their reserve center is injured and will not play either.

What you want to do is hedge this bet by adding a handicap. In this case, we will immediately give the spread of points, and then add -5 for spurs. This gives us the new San Antonio line -6.5 (1.50 + 3.00 = 4.50).

Now you would like to put this new line on the spurs. If they lose, you win both bets: one on the Spurs +1.50 and the other on San Antonio -6.5 (-110).

How to hedge Baseball bet

Hedging a baseball bet can also be difficult as there are so many different outcomes in the game itself.

Let’s say you bet 1.50 on the Yankees on a game in which A-Rod is going to be a big success. Prior to the first pitch, A-Rod is placed on the disabled list with a hamstring injury and will be out of action for at least two weeks. You cannot leave this bet unchanged, so you will need to hedge against this bet.

One of the best ways to hedge a baseball bet is to place a separate bet on both sides of the line you are betting on. In this case, we want to take our original bet and add a bet to the same bet: A-Rod doesn’t play and the other one where he plays.

So let’s look at our original string. We want to bet on the Yankees at 1.50 where A-Rod will get hit and be in the starting lineup. After some research, we see that his hamstring injury is not serious and he will hit third in this game against a right pitcher.

Since we know he won’t win this game, we can add a bet that he won’t win to the same bet. In this case, we would bet that A-Rod would go 0-4 with four outs.

As mentioned earlier, the Yankees have about 1.50 favorites to win this game, and you can now bet on both sides of this line. You will now have a Yankees win bet of -1.50 and a bet on A-Rod 0-4 with four outs +650.

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