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LeoVegas account suspended: why and how to fix it



October 20, 2021

From time to time, online casinos prohibit players from playing with them. Being one of the best online casinos in India, LeoVegas bans players from time to time.

We have previously created an article for players who have their Betway account suspended. It quickly became one of the most popular guides on AllGambling.

This article explains in detail why this is happening and what you can do to fix the problem.

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There are various reasons why your LeoVegas account might be banned. Below is a list of the main reasons why this happens:

  • Suspicious login (on a device other than the usual one or from another country)
  • Unfair advantage practices (arbitrage betting, bonus abuse)
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Gambling for minors
  • Irresponsible gambling


If you have your LeoVegas account blocked due to a suspicious login, it usually happens for the following reasons: playing from another country, using a device other than your usual one, or using a VPN.


Recently, we have seen massive bans on players using arbitrage bets and abusing bonuses. This is because LeoVegas and other online casinos want their game to be fair for all players, not just those who use dishonest tactics.

Many people don’t realize that arbitrage bets and bonus abuse affect other players. This is because constant abuse will lead to lower odds and less valuable bonuses over time.


Players will often have multiple accounts for different purposes. Examples of this are having one account for real money play and another for free spins without the need for a deposit.

Having multiple accounts is against LeoVegas policy and will result in you being permanently banned from playing at their casino in the future. Unfortunately, unlocking an account is very difficult, if not impossible, as LeoVegas does not post how an account can be unlocked.


The age limit for gambling is 18 years. If you are playing at a casino with Curacao or MGA licenses such as LeoVegas and you are underage, you will not be allowed to play.


If you play LeoVegas and have a gambling addiction, this will usually result in your account being banned.

Not knowing the signs of gambling addiction can lead to serious consequences in the future. For more information on responsible gambling, visit


how to fix blocked account

If you have your LeoVegas account blocked, you are probably interested in getting the problem resolved. The solution to your banned account depends on why you’re banned, which is why we’ve split this up into a few different recipes.


If you have blocked your LeoVegas account due to a suspicious login, this issue should be resolved by contacting support.

If you need assistance, please contact LeoVegas support at or visit their website for more information.


If your account is banned due to unfair advantage practices (ARB), you can try to contact support, but you will probably be permanently banned. If you had funds in your account, you can request a withdrawal, however LeoVegas can legally confiscate your funds and they will likely do so.

Your best chance of playing online casino games again is to find a new online casino to play at and stop using unfair advantage methods.

Here are some good alternatives to LeoVegas in India:


Casumo invites you to play slots, live casino and sports betting. The welcome bonus requires a wagering requirement of 30x. Licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. Please play responsibly. Age limit: 18+


With 10CRIC you can play online casino, bet odds and play rummy. The welcome bonus requires a 40x wagering requirement. Licensed by the Curacao Gaming Authority. Please play responsibly. Age limit: 18+


Pure Win challenges the establishment with a great new product and welcome bonus. The welcome bonus requires a wagering requirement of 35x. Licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. Please play responsibly. Age limit: 18+


If your account is blocked due to multiple accounts, you need to contact support. It happened that the ban was lifted, but only in rare cases, when it was obvious that this was not done on purpose. Your chances of getting banned increase dramatically if you don’t take advantage of the welcome bonus.


If your account has been suspended because you are under the age of majority, there is no way to resolve this issue. If LeoVegas allows you to continue gambling after they already know you are a minor, they risk losing their MGA license.


If your account is suspended due to your gambling addiction, it cannot be resolved by contacting support. If you think that this is the case, we recommend that you seek help from professionals or stop gambling altogether.

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First drive of the Mercedes EQE SUV: great luxury in a compact SUV



Mercedes has a very clear plan. Its EQ lineup will continue to grow as it aims for parity with its gas-powered vehicles, and the automaker will eventually transition its consumer vehicles to electron-powered vehicles. The latest part of this scheme is the EQE SUV, a larger and taller version of the EQE sedan. Both are eco-friendly cousins ​​to the E-Class, and both bring what we like (and don’t like) about the EQS to a wider audience.

Starting at $77,900, the EQE SUV won’t surprise you if you’ve driven literally any other Mercedes EV. Instead, a mid-size luxury electric car is part of a larger puzzle. That doesn’t mean the car doesn’t live up to Mercedes-Benz’s luxury car promises. That being said, the buyer doesn’t have to break the $100,000 mark for an electric SUV.

It has a comfortable interior, smooth ride, firm but pleasant steering, and of course, the voice-activated MBUX infotainment system in the car that actually works. All three trim levels have a range of over 250 miles, and rear-wheel steering is an option that’s definitely worth the money. However, we’re still not fans of the brakes and the Hyperscreen still seems like a lot of hype to us, even though we were able to watch a movie while driving through Portugal on the passenger screen. To learn more about our first ride in the 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV, watch the video below.

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“I started thinking that I could build an AI therapist using the ChatGPT API and customize it to match the therapist’s specifications,” she said. “This increases the accessibility of therapy by providing free and confidential therapy, AI rather than human, and removes the stigma around getting help for people who don’t want to talk to a human.”

In theory, AI could be used to address the growing need for mental health facilities and the shortage of mental health professionals to meet those needs. “Affordability is just a matter of mismatching supply and demand,” Ayer told BuzzFeed News. “Technically, the amount of AI could be infinite.”

The 2021 study published in SSM Population Health included 50,103 adults. 95.6% of people reported at least one barrier to health care, for example, the inability to pay for it. People with mental health problems appear to be particularly affected by barriers to health care, including expenses, lack of specialists and stigmatization.

In a 2017 study, people of color were especially susceptible to health roadblocks as a result racial and ethnic differences, including high level mental health stigmalanguage barriers, discrimination and lack of health insurance.

One of the advantages of AI is that the program can be broadcast in 95 languages in a matter of seconds.

“Em’s users are from all over the world, and since ChatGPT is being translated into several languages, I have noticed that people are using their native language to communicate with Em, which is very helpful,” Brendle said.

Another benefit is that while AI can’t provide true emotional empathy, it can’t judge you either, Brendle said.

“From my experience, AI is generally nonjudgmental, and that opens a philosophical door to the complexity of human nature,” Brendle said. “Even though the therapist is not judgmental, we still tend to be human.”

Here’s When AI Shouldn’t Be Used as an Option

However, mental health experts warn that AI could do more harm than good to people who are looking for more information, need medication, or are in a crisis.

“Enforcing predictable control over these AI models is something that is still being worked on, and so we don’t know in what unintended ways AI systems can make catastrophic errors,” Ayer said. “Because these systems do not distinguish true from false or good from bad, but simply report what they have previously read, it is possible that AI systems will read something inappropriate and harmful and repeat this harmful content to those who seek help. It’s too early to fully understand the risks here.”

People at TikTok also say they need to make adjustments to the online tool — for example, AI chat could provide more helpful feedback in their responses, they say.

“ChatGPT is often reluctant to give a definitive answer or make a judgment about a situation that a human therapist could give,” Lam said. “In addition, ChatGPT somewhat lacks the ability to provide a new perspective on a situation that the user may have overlooked before, that a human therapist might see.”

While some psychiatrists believe that ChatGPT can be a useful way to learn more about medications, it should not be the only step in treatment.

“It might be better to ask ChatGPT about drugs, as if you were looking up information on Wikipedia,” Thorous said. “Finding the right medicine is all about matching it to your needs and body, and neither Wikipedia nor ChatGPT can do that right now. But you can learn more about drugs in general so you can make better decisions later.”

There are other alternatives including calling 988, free crisis hotline. Crisis hotlines offer calling and messaging options for people who can’t find mental health resources in their area or don’t have the financial means to reach out in person. In addition, there Trevor Project hotline, SAMHSA National HotlineAnd other.

“There are some really great and affordable resources like 988 emergency calls that are a good option in a crisis,” Torows said. “Using these chatbots during times of crisis is not recommended as you don’t want to rely on something untested and not even designed to help when you need help the most.”

The mental health experts we spoke with said that AI therapy could be a useful tool for expressing emotions, but until more improvements are made, it won’t be able to outperform human experts.

“Currently, programs like ChatGPT are not a viable option for those seeking free therapy. They can offer some basic support, which is great, but not clinical support,” Thorous said. “Even the creators of ChatGPT and related programs are very clearly not using them for therapy right now.”

Dial 988 in the US to contact National Suicide Rescue Line. Trevor Project, which provides suicide prevention help and resources for LGBTQ youth, 1-866-488-7386. Find other international suicide services at Befrienders Worldwide (

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GigaOm Research Bulletin #002



Welcome to the March 2023 GigaOm Research Bulletin.

Hello again, there’s a lot to talk about, but first a few words about our principal analyst, Michael Delzer, who passed away earlier this year. Michael’s experience, wisdom, energy, patience and good humor inspired everyone who worked with him. He was above all an outgoing person, as one work colleague remarked, “While Michael is undoubtedly one of the smartest people I have ever met, I will remember him primarily for his kind and open heart.” Rest in peace, Michael.

Main research results

See below for our most recent reports, blogs and articles, current press quotes and information on where to meet with our analysts in the next few months. Any questions, please reply directly to this email and we will respond.


in trend:“Software-defined WAN Radar” by analyst Ivan McPhee, released in January, is now our most popular survey. Convergence is the key word in this carefully crafted report that evaluates offers from 20 vendors.

We are currently holding briefings on:Agile portfolio planning and management, AIOps, MGT APIs, edge platforms (CDN+), FinOps, hybrid cloud data protection, password management, policy as code, process and task analysis, SaaS management, SSA (SASE), UCaaS, creation flow management values.

Warm up is:Application security testing, anti-phishing, SIEM and DDoS protection. In the next newsletter, we should be informed about our reporting schedule for the third quarter of 2023, which is being finalized as we speak. So watch out for this space for both.

Recent Reports

We have released 19 reports in the month since the last bulletin. Quick stats: We have 73 reports already published or planned for 2023 to meet our goal of covering 120 technology categories.

INAnalytics and AIwe’ve released reports on data lakes, lake houses, and data science.

INcloud infrastructure, we’ve published reports on Platform as a Service (IPaaS) Integration, Cloud Surveillance, Amazon s3 Alternatives, Kubernetes for Edge Computing, and Managed Kubernetes. And instoragewe’ve looked at managing unstructured data for both business-oriented and infrastructure-oriented solutions.

VSafetydomain, we released reports on cybersecurity incident response, Domain Name System (DNS) security, next-generation firewalls, and security awareness and education. And innetnetwork access control, edge colocation, and cloud networking.

INDevops, we have a report on GitOps and CI/CD for Kubernetes. And inSoftware and Applicationswe have a report on e-signature solutions.

Blogs and Articles

We have published several tech blogs, including:

To UEBA or not to UEBA? – that is the question. Our security analyst Chris Ray sees UEBA as more than just a security monitoring tool.

CXO Insight: Do We Really Need Kubernetes at the Edge? Storage and Kubernetes Category Leader Enrico Signoretti shares his thoughts on edge computing solutions.

And a couple about the analytics industry and the nature of the analyst:

How can industry analyst firms work better with early-stage startups? John met with AR specialists about their research into the state of startups with industry analysts.

Chairs, towels and GPS-navigators: where is the line for souvenirs for analysts? On a lighter note, John addresses the swag of events and their ramifications.

And finally, the ability to read the latest month’s newsletter if you missed it.


GigaOm analysts have been cited in various publications over the past month. If you have any needs, please let us know.

GigaOm HCI Reports | Blocks and Files – Alistair Cook

Primary Enterprise Storage Radar | Blocks and Files – Max Mortillaro and Aryan Timmerman

Cyber ​​security training | Computer Weekly – Jamal Bihya

sustainability | ZDNET – Jeff Uyleman

Cyber ​​leaders of the world | center eyes – Chris Grundemann

Microsoft and ChatGPT | Stack – John Collins

Where to Meet GigaOm Analysts

In the near future, you can expect to meet our analysts at Kubecon/Cloud Native Conin Amsterdam and RSA Conference in San Francisco. Let us know if you would like to arrange a meeting.

As always, for news and updates, add to your lists and reach out with any questions. And thank you for your feedback on this newsletter. We’re making improvements along the way as we better understand your needs.

All the best and speak soon!

John Collins, Vice President of Research

Claire Hale, Engagement Manager

The GigaOm Research Bulletin #002 first appeared on GigaOm.

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