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Michael Phelps lost his shirt while partying with Diplo in Vegas



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‘Prima Facie’ review: Jodie Comer on Broadway in Olivier-winning role



Here’s what I love most about Susie Miller’s One-Woman Olivier Award-winning play “Prima Facie” opening tonight at Broadway’s Golden Theater: About halfway through it starts to rain heavily, from one end of the stage to the other – real water pouring down – and the rain continues long enough for audiences to worry that Jodie Comer, the beloved Killing Eve co-star who commands the stage for 100 minutes in Prima Facie, will catch a cold.

Comer plays a young lawyer who, blissfully ignorant, used to be fine defending sexual predators and is now an unfortunate, powerless rape victim himself. The rain is not a baptism – it is a way to further humiliate her at her moment of her greatest humiliation. So here’s what I least like about the play: I have to recommend it even though I don’t like it – it’s not fun, it’s not entertaining, it’s not inspiringly good in the way that theater can be. But this show, which stars a popular TV actress, will do its part to address the injustice that women are left speechless and powerless after they’ve been sexually assaulted. And for this “Prima Facie” deserves high praise – even flattery.

The main story arc is simple: Tess Ensler comes from a poor family and rises to the top of her class in law school, giving her the opportunity to become one of two young star lawyers in the London legal system. and she knows it. She loves the law. She believes in the law. She believes that the legal system works. All she has to do is win her cases, she says, whether her clients are guilty or not. In the end, jury decides, not her. She is flawless.

That is, until Tess is the victim of a shockingly brutal date rape by another brilliant young colleague – this time the son of a wealthy and powerful London lawyer. At that moment, Tess’s blissful ignorance is washed away by her vomit and his cum in the shower.

What’s good about this play is that it’s not so good: Tess, while still looking at the world from a position of strength, explains how the law works when it comes to sexual assault, and it’s enlightening. And yet it is also boring and somewhat artless. Letters are good in the sense that it is good to eat vegetables, but there is no poetry in them. We speak strictly about the law and how lawyers think.

As for Comer, she plays an overworked ass who drinks too much and talks too much (she tells the story from the point of view of a lot of people, so there’s a lot to say) and it gets tiresome. She advances in the first half of the show, playing for the laughs of an audience that already loves her. (The applause when she first took the stage was deafening.) There are also a lot of distracting sound effects—disco blaring or a heart beating so loud you can hardly hear Comer speaking—and you want silence, and just for one moment of silence.

However, the play becomes more interesting during and after the rape, when the jubilation wears off and Tess comes down to earth to suffer with the rest of us. Comer slows down, and instead of racing through the story, manically changing costumes on stage, moving furniture from stage to stage, she stands on stage in her own body, her bare feet on the ground.

In this moment, Comer personifies every woman who has ever felt alone in this world, and it’s touching when she sees her mother in the courtroom and suddenly feels the support of someone she used to look down on. It’s touching when she thinks of her best friend, an actress who works on a cruise ship, and feels proud. She is touching when she sees the only woman working in court that day, a female police officer, put her hand on her mother’s to console her. This is the only motionless moment of the whole performance: when Comer says one word – “sister”, there is no dry eye in the house.

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Why Trump is beating DeSantis among DC Republicans



Last year, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who was re-elected by a landslide in November, became Donald Trump’s only real challenger in the 2024 Republican presidential primaries. Six months later, DeSantis has yet to announce his candidacy, while Trump has won the support of a wide range of elected officials and expanded what was once a somewhat narrow margin. primary surveys. Reports say Trump is doing a good job. win Republican elites, while DeSantis foughtespecially in small groups with other politicians and donors.

Last week, DeSantis traveled to Washington, D.C., where he met with a group of Republican lawmakers to try to drum up support. One of them, Texas Representative Lance Gooden, endorsed Trump shortly thereafter. Gooden is in his third term representing the Fifth District of Texas; he voted against certification of voters from Arizona and Pennsylvania in 2020. Gooden and I recently spoke on the phone about his support, the GOP’s concerns about DeSantis, and whether abortion could hurt the GOP next year.

Could you talk a little about your support for former President Trump and how you came to this decision?

I was a strong supporter of Donald Trump during his time in office. I was a big, strong ally. When he left his post, a period of time passed when we did not know who would be the standard-bearer of the party. Since Trump left office, various profiles have been brought up such as Ron DeSantis. I told myself that I would support the candidate I thought was the best, who I thought could win. I suspected that this candidate could and would be Donald Trump. But I did not want to support him out of loyalty and friendship. I wanted to support him because I really believed he was right. I promised myself and my constituents that I would do my due diligence, take my time and take my time with nothing. I did it.

You put aside personal friendships and said, “I will make this decision on the merits.”

Yes, and it was very difficult, because about a month ago, Donald Trump came to my state and held a rally. On the day of his rally, he released a list of all elected members of Congress and state officials who were part of his Texas leadership team. I was not on the list and it was very strange, but I thought it was too early. I also didn’t even date Ron DeSantis. I wanted to at least see him. Then either I would have made a different decision, or if I had stayed with Trump, that would have been an even stronger show of support, because I could really say that I am doing this after quite a lot of extra work.

You have done your homework. You are familiar with the politicians.

This was my goal. Yes

What did you think of DeSantis before you met him?

I will be very frank. I don’t want to sound critical. I’ll just report back.


Much of the information I learned about Ron DeSantis came from some of my colleagues who served with him. DeSantis left Congress when I was in Congress, so I didn’t know him as a colleague. I spoke to some of the members who said he was a nice guy, but instead of having a beer after work, he would go home and FaceTime his wife and kids for an hour or two, which is admirable.

As a father, it is very difficult for me to travel back and forth across the country every week. Many times I call the night before, have a quick bite to eat, and then pick up the phone and talk to my kids while they do their homework. I understand. I respect it. But every time I turn down an invitation to dinner or a social activity with a colleague, I turn down the opportunity to expand my list of allies.

Washington is a city that loves to pat on the back, smoke cigars and drink beer. Since he didn’t, and since he was also at the Freedom Caucus where they inevitably annoy some people from time to time, I don’t know if he had such a close relationship. When he got to Florida, I think he did a fantastic job, but I’m not sure if he has the personal touch that Donald Trump might have, or I understand his wife, Mrs. DeSantis. He fought it. He was definitely very late to the game. He probably should have come to Washington and started demanding a meeting with members of the organization eight to ten months ago.

In this dichotomy between going out and having a beer with people and staying at home and talking on the phone with your kids about their homework, which do you think is more like Trump?

Well, Trump is in his seventies, he has grown children.

Right, maybe help the grandchildren with their homework.

yup One of my best friends in Congress – he raises a lot of money and has dinner every night with a colleague or member of the Washington DC. He is not married and has no children, so he can do it. I could do it, but it will cost me money that I am not willing to pay. I suspect DeSantis was in the same boat years ago.

Let’s go back to DeSantis. Back in the fall, I contacted a couple of his emissaries and basically told them, “I was a Trump supporter. I’m undecided. I really want to do my due diligence.” And I remember one of them said, “Well, he’s going to start having meetings, probably in December or January.” And it really rubbed me wrong. I thought: is he a king? Meanwhile, President Trump – I hear messages from him, he writes, calls, says: “If you are in South Florida, let me know. stop by I want to see you.” He’s very warm and he’s very approachable.

You say he doesn’t behave like a king.

He doesn’t behave like a king. He acts like your friend, your father, your grandfather. DeSantis’ orbit reminded me of my days as a state legislator, and Rick Perry’s ensemble of defenders and bosses seemed a bit exclusive. I think the Trump organization has always been very inclusive. This annoys some of his advisors because he is so approachable. One of the complaints when he was in the White House was that he was too approachable.

I think Trump’s defenders could say that he was trying to gather all the different opinions to find the best. It was the management style.

It was a management style, but I think some of the people who are on his campaigns now are saying, “Thank God he was so accessible back then because it paid dividends now that he gets support every single day.”

Tell me about meeting DeSantis on Capitol Hill.

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Dodge the cat says she felt ‘really bad’ when she wore a viral look with red crystals at Fashion Week



Dodge Cat felt a little out of her element when she flaunted her bright red crystal at Paris Fashion Week.

The Grammy-winning rapper was recently unveiled. in an interview with L’Officiel that she was suffering from stomach problems, which led to her appearance when she went out wearing 30,000 hand-placed Swarovski crystals.

Doja said the all-red, sequined, viral look was born because she “wanted to do something really big” for Schiaparelli’s presentation. She added that she “fell in love” with sketches of the mind-blowing ensemble that were sent to her before the event.

“I got to Paris and did some shows before Schiaparelli. Super smooth, super easy, fun, loved it. I didn’t realize that I had to get up at four in the morning [the day of the show] to get there by five or so,” she explained, remembering moments before her epic metamorphosis. “So we got there and I didn’t realize until I sat in the chair that I had gastroenteritis. So I got really sick.”

The “Woman” singer said she began to feel what felt like a “spinning knife” inside her stomach while preparing for the big event in January.

Recalling how the “cute” glamor team helped her get ready, she was in awe of how they supported me at an unexpected moment, especially iconic makeup artist Pat McGrath, who “kept giving me ginger ale and all these different things to help soothe my stomach”. “.

Doja Cat at the 65th Grammy Awards.

Axel/Bauer-Griffin via Getty Images

“The whole team was so nice. The whole glamorous team was so understanding, so empathetic and kind. It was great and very professional,” continued Doja. “I tried to make a joke and highlight the situation, but over time it only got worse.”

She added: “My stomach felt like it had a blade in it and it was just spinning at 100 miles an hour. I have never felt worse pain than this – and on one of the most important days of my life!”

Fighting through the pain, Dodja allowed the team to finish her change in a tedious process.

“So I put my arms out, sat down, I was wearing underwear and a bandeau,” Doja said, explaining how the team worked on her outfit. “They started with a layer of red paint and they just covered me with that and then a layer of glue and then I think they sprinkled glitter on top. Then the crystals.

Having endured pain and suffering for almost five hours to prepareThe 27-year-old fashionista was able to bring to life a memorable image.

Her impressive fortitude is not surprising, as she insisted that she was “willing to sacrifice her comfort” and “will do anything for this fantasy that is in my head.”

Asked if it was worth it, Doja replied “definitely”, adding, “I’m very, very proud of it.”

Stunning iconic looks at Paris Fashion Week are something the Los Angeles native is familiar with.

Last year she painted herself in gold and also rocked a dramatic extraterrestrial style blue and white makeup for a different look.

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