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Ottawa declares Chinese diplomat persona non grata in Canada



The expulsion of the Chinese diplomat comes after claims by Beijing that it tried to persecute the Canadian MP.

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Dianne Feinstein era



Many agendas hinge on whether the senator decides to stay or leave.

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Drone video shows a shell exploding in Bakhmut, Ukraine



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    Drone video: an artillery shell exploded in the west of Bakhmut


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    Foreign students in Ukraine still in limbo after a year of war


  • Russian mercenaries threaten to leave if they don’t get more ammunition


  • The video shows how Russian and Ukrainian delegates fought over the capture of the Ukrainian flag


  • The enraged commander of the Russian mercenaries said that his troops would leave Bakhmut


  • Putin to face war crimes trial, Zelensky tells International Criminal Court


  • Kremlin accuses Ukraine of assassination attempt on Putin


  • ‘We didn’t attack Putin’: Zelensky denies Kremlin drone strike


  • Russia claims Ukraine tried to kill Putin with drones


  • Authorities say several Russian missiles hit eastern Ukrainian city


  • Deadly Russian air strike on a residential building in Ukraine


  • More than a dozen killed in Russian airstrikes in Ukraine


  • Russia launches largest series of airstrikes on Ukraine in two months


  • Video shows Ukrainian artillerymen using US-made howitzers to shell Russian troops near Bakhmut


  • The head of NATO said that the alliance will continue to support Ukraine


  • Russian military urges ‘real men’ to come forward in recruiting video


  • In the video, the moment when a Russian plane accidentally fired on a Russian city near Ukraine


  • The head of NATO visited Kyiv and honored the memory of those killed in the war


  • Watch: Video of white flashes in the night sky scared Kyiv


  • The Kremlin announced Putin’s unexpected visit to Russian-controlled areas of Ukraine


Video from Ukrainian military drones showed a shell explosion in the Bakhmut area, which is still held by Ukrainian forces, and widespread destruction of the city after weeks of Russian bombing.

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California Banking Regulator Says SVB Oversight Is Inadequate



(Reuters) – The California financial regulator failed to pressure Silicon Valley Bank management to resolve known issues quickly enough before the lender collapsed in March, according to a report released Monday, in which the agency promised to perform better going forward.

The California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) autopsy followed a scathing Federal Reserve report released last month in which the US central bank blamed its own poor oversight, reckless bank management and loosening of rules for contributing to the collapse of the SVB, which has now ranks third in US history.

Regulators have since vowed to tighten supervision of the banking sector, while lawmakers have also complained that officials are too slow to address poor risk management. Former SVB chief executive Gregory Becker is due to testify before Congress next week.

The DFPI played a supporting role, with the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, which could provide more staff for oversight, the main oversight of the SVB, according to a report released on Monday.

According to the report, SVB “has been slow to address deficiencies identified by regulators, and regulators have not taken adequate steps to ensure that SVB issues are resolved as soon as possible.”

Timing was of the essence partly due to the bank’s skyrocketing asset growth, which quadrupled in four years to exceed $200 billion by 2021, according to a report that says the California regulator will apply enhanced scrutiny to banks with 50 dollars. a billion or more assets and a high level of uninsured deposits is a factor that encouraged bank runs.

However, the report notes that in the old days, large amounts of uninsured deposits did not necessarily indicate increased risk, since accounts with large deposits were often held by corporate clients, who tended to rarely change banks.

The report also says the DFPI plans to require banks to consider how to manage the risks posed by social media and real-time withdrawals, which could amplify and accelerate bank runs. In just one eight-hour period on March 9, SVB depositors filed withdrawal applications for approximately $42 billion.

(This story has been repurposed to remove redundant text from point 1)

(Reporting by Douglas Gillison; editing by Aurora Ellis)

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