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Our favorite moments in Zelda: Breath of the Wild



There’s always something new to find in Hyrule

It has now been six years since the release in 2017 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The Switch launch name and Nintendo’s swan song on Wii U left an indelible mark on the industry with their approach to open-world space.

Tomorrow, May 12, its continuation The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Will be released. In fact, our review of it should already be live right here and now. This is an updated version of Hyrule that we saw in Breath of the Wildonly now with floating sky islands and a hot new villain in town.

it doesn’t erase Breath of the Wild at least from the history books. I didn’t play myself Tears of the Kingdom at the time of this writing, so who knows if I like it better. But Breath of the Wild was a pretty big change for the industry and I don’t think it will be forgotten. In fact, on the last day before we all skydive into the new Hyrule, I wanted to have a little celebration. Breath of the Wild here on Destructoid.

So I asked the Destructoid staff to share their favorite moments, big or small, from their playing time. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Please share yours in the comments below and let’s thank them for that.

Screenshot from Destructoid

Eric – Seeing the dragon

It has a lot of exciting moments. Breath of the Wild it made me appreciate the scope of what Nintendo has created. Even just jumping off the Great Plateau and descending into Hyrule for the first time was amazing. But the dragons were the moment when I felt like I was seeing something really amazing.

The first one I saw seemed to be miles away, drifting with the wind. I thought to myself, “Ah, that’s a cool background effect.” Then, playing later, I climbed a snow-covered mountain and found a massive ice dragon in the fog right in front of me. It really started. Naidra as I find out what was corrupted and needed help to free herself to roam the skies of Hyrule like other dragons. And the more I played, the more I understood these dragons, like everything else in Breath of the Wildare part of the world. Everything interacts, and everything is one living virtual ecosystem of interacting rules and ideas.

Even when I got a screenshot of Nydra now, years later, for this part, I had to appreciate the feeling of sliding around and seeing all the ice explosions ripple outward. It’s not some kind of secret boss or scenery. They are part of Hyrule, the world that Link and I travel through, but that lives and breathes separately from Link.

Screenshot from Destructoid

Zoey – Introducing Hyrule Castle City

Enough Breath of the WildThe world is made up of wilderness and long forgotten ruins. It often feels like the whole world has simply gone and is on its way to healing the scars that Hyrule once sat on. However, when you finally muster up the courage and approach the castle dominating the landscape, you will find that something brings you closer to home.

Hyrule Castle City is the utterly gutted remains of the largest settlement on the map. All that was left was burned beyond recognition. However, despite this, you can still see the fine details that go back to ocarina of timea particularly ruined version of the Castle City depicted in the second act of this game.

This is a dangerous place for delays, as guardians are still crawling through the ruins. However, it is one of the few places where Breath of the Wild trying to bring home the destruction that was caused when everything went wrong.

Screenshot from Destructoid

Holmes – Party with Prince Sidon

Games either work hard to be playgrounds or obstacle courses. Roblox another Fortnite are playgrounds. Final Fantasy IX another advance wars are a series of obstacle courses, with little conversation or free will. Of course, many games try to mix and match, and the original Zelda was one of the first to put one into the other. Specifically, it’s like a series of one-screen playground obstacle courses. Sometimes you need to defeat enemies, solve puzzles, or use certain items to complete the course. These are the more closed parts. The other courses are open to you from the start to roam as you please. This tension between opposites, free and strict, open and closed, free and entangled, has made Zelda a genre-defining hit from the start, and most of its sequels have followed suit.

Breath of the Wild made the playground much, much larger than ever before, and the obstacle courses, for the most part, have not grown in volume. you can play Breath of the Wild for several hours, never hitting an obstacle that you cannot simply climb over, go around or go around in any other way. It still has some really fun, focused objectives like shrines, and a part where you have to invade the banana-obsessed Yiga clan’s home base. But for the most part what did Breath of the Wild stand out how much you didn’t have to do in it. Those who felt like before Zelda holding hands became excessive, and the trainees were delighted at how this one simply threw you out into the street and said: “You yourself understand.”

As an older person who constantly has to “figure out” life, this was a huge repulsion. the freedom to do what you want, and more about the series of choices you have to make in order to do things as well as you can. It’s up to you to remember to pay your bills, make sure your child gets to school on time, find out about the best deals on groceries, consider refinancing your mortgage when interest rates change, convince your sick but defiant older parents to go to the doctors, the list is here. continue. Once you’re old enough to be the one who’s supposed to take care of yourself and guide others instead of guiding yourself, it can be exhausting to play a video game that requires you to navigate a giant open map on your own.

That’s why my favorite part Breath of the Wild it’s when it suddenly turns into a high-stress, linear obstacle course where you never have to ask where you should be going, but instead you have to focus on some Resident Evil 4combat in survival style. After Prince Sidon the Shark Man encourages you to follow him to his Zora domain, it starts to rain. like anyone Breath of the Wild the player knows that wet ground means no climbing, so there’s no way to get off the trail in front of you. It’s slippery and full of monsters, so slashing, shooting, and sneaking up on enemies is a must. The strategic use of time-limited electroelixir is also close to mandatory.

If you want to have the freedom to go where you want and do whatever you want, all the time, I’m sure this part has been a chore for you. But to me, a guy burdened with many real-life choices (and responsibilities), this gallery of elaborate, exquisitely crafted challenges feels like the right combination of handcuffs and fistfights; a small oasis of binding challenges in an unstructured adventure.

Screenshot from Destructoid

Timothy – Between Moments

Many games are fun to play, but fewer are fun to watch. I’m sure that I don’t have to tell you this. Breath of the Wild surely falls into the latter category. Even after spending over 100 hours in Hyrule, watching people research or break the physics engine never gets boring. There’s a reason the online content never stopped for this six year old game with no live service elements.

However, for me, it’s not the wild and wacky feats that make exploration fun. These are ordinary, unremarkable stories that stay with you because they are so unique. is yours. For example, when I visited again Breath of the Wild This last holiday season, I was on my way to the magnificent temple on Evening Island. However, while on a boat ride, I accidentally spotted a chest floating in the water. Guided by the pure instincts of completion, I unrolled my vessel to grab my treasure. What followed was a comedy of errors in which I just could not go to the chest for the life of me. It was the same slight inconvenience you might experience when trying to find your keys in the morning despite only having them in hand.

When I finally received my prize, I boldly declared to my audience, “After all, it’s better not to have five arrows.” It was technically correct. What’s this ten arrows.

But you know what? This my ten arrows now. The fact that I remember it clearly six months later shows how easy it is Breath of the Wild creates lasting memories.

Screenshot from Destructoid

CJ – From the shadows

I’ve been wrestling with this clue every week because even though I adore Breath of the WildI don’t know if I have even one favorite moment from it. Because there are so many thrilling moments in this game, from the first time you step out of a cave, or the first time you see a dragon, or the first time you wander around the Isle of Evening Dawn, completely unprepared for what you’re about to face. . The game is an outstanding collection of outstanding moments. So instead of trying to figure out my favorite, I want to talk about something that stuck in my memory.

So I played Breath of the Wild about 40 hours at the moment. I have seen so much in this world, but there are still parts of the map that are not yet filled. And there is one place that especially calls to me: the Ruins of Tiflo. I’m going there thinking that’s how you get to the Master Sword. What I find is a sanctuary quest shrouded in darkness. I’m confused and a little scared as I grab the nearest torch and start lighting the torch stands. I don’t know if I should. I don’t know where to go. I just keep moving forward until I hit a dead end.

I don’t usually feel fear when I play. The Legend of Zelda game, but the ruins of Tiflo awaken my deepest childhood fear of the dark. I am absolutely on pins and needles going through this place. A few minutes later I find the pedestal. Just as I’m starting to get frustrated, thinking I’ll have to run through these ruins looking for the orb again, I turn Link around and Hinox flies out of the shadows, charging towards me.

I don’t remember screaming at that moment, but I probably did. I probably beat the controller as well as I usually do when the jump scare lands so well. The Legend of Zelda The show has leaned towards the dark and gloomy before, but nothing about this show scared me more than this giant fucking Hinox popping out of the dark like it was Slenderman.

Again, this is not my favorite moment in the game, but damn it, it remains the most vivid in my memory today.

Eric Van Allen

Senior News Reporter. Although Eric has been writing about games since 2014, he has been playing them for much longer. Usually found in RPG battles, digging into indie gems, or hanging out at Limsa Aethryte.


Triumph raises $14 million for SDK to add real money tournaments to games



The surge in interest in esports, online fantasy leagues, and a more developed online financial infrastructure has made the concept of real money gaming more popular among consumers and game developers. Today a startup called triumph — which created the real money tournament engine and accompanying SDK — announces $14.1 million to continue developing its platform to work in a wider range of markets (currently available in 37 US states plus Washington, DC) . and attract more customers.

So far, Triumph has been in silent beta testing, creating a few of its own games to test the technology and working with early customers. So far, the stats look promising, the startup said: When plugged in, Triumph’s real-money engine increases play time by an average of 3.6 times per month, resulting in $54 in average monthly revenue per player per game. Currently, its focus is on mobile games, but a more important goal is to expand to platforms such as VR and others.

Thanks to these early numbers, and the enthusiasm and hard work of the founders, Triumph was able to convince several powerful investors to support it.

The funding is announced today for the first time, but it actually covers both the $3.9 million seed round and a Series A of around $10.2 million. The latter is led by General Catalyst, which also includes Box Group, Heroic Ventures, Nostalgic Modern, Raven One Ventures, Steel Perlot, Strike, and Valhalla Ventures. Flux led the previous round with Great Oaks, Heroic Ventures, Raven One, Magic Fund, Kevin Hartz and more.

Image credits: triumph

Triumph got its start a couple of years ago when its two co-founders (and co-CEOs) Jacob Brooks and Jared Geller (top right and left) were Stanford students in the throes of COVID-19. The couple rented a house with a few other friends and created an isolated capsule, spending a lot of time indoors playing and programming.

Some of these games ended up leaning towards real money tournaments, where friends essentially used Venmo to place cash bets and pay them out. Brooks and Geller, computer science students at the university, decided to work on a game with built-in bets.

As is the case with many startups that end up focusing on developer tools, the pair found that creating the money feature was significantly more difficult than developing the game itself.

This is not surprising: financial services such as payments have become “fintech” with integrated APIs precisely because of how difficult it is to bring together different parts of the payments ecosystem.

This task is even more difficult in skill-based real money games. Although it is not the same as online gambling and is legal in most states, real money games come with additional levels of difficulty due to the fact that each state has its own laws with which to comply with the provisions of “know your customer” and how to sort young users, as well as the complexity of building payment. another payment systems.

Brooks, who eventually dropped out of Stanford to build it (Geller was eligible for a college degree, and did), is very enthusiastic about what he calls the “brass nails” of these payment systems, but he’s also a gaming enthusiast. and seem to think like a player, thinking about the business potential of the product they created.

“There are many exciting cases where real money tournaments can work,” he said. “Anything that has a dedicated user base can work. Right now when you’re playing a game, you’re watching ads or being bombarded with nudges to make your player better.” He thinks it’s about creating a smoother experience that can open the door for developers to end it all.

The product is delivered as an SDK, which is currently free to integrate. Triumph makes money by taking 20% ​​of the tournament fees (players deposit money into the bank to play, the publisher charges the tournament fee per game).

Triumph customers will, in theory, be game publishers using this in multiple games, and they can track usage using the dashboard:

Image credits: triumph

Game publishers are constantly looking to expand their user base through app install ads and other forms of marketing, and once they have players they are always looking for ways to keep them engaged. Triumph believes that an engine that includes real money tournaments has an opportunity to take a place in this market, which has not seen much innovation.

Niko Bonatsos, managing director of General Catalyst, believes another reason Triumph could catch on in the market is that it’s a relatively uncompetitive space, at least for now. Papaya Gaming, Avia Games, MPL, and Skillz, among others, develop real-money services for skill-based games, but of these, only Skillz offers tools for third-party developers, and they are harder to implement and more expensive to use.

It also helps that the founders are smart and full of ideas on how to make games more interesting for the average player, he says.

“First of all, it is an investment in the two of them, and also in what is a very interesting space and quite an attractive idea.” He added that they also have ideas about user engagement and related areas that could also come into the frame at some point.

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Redfall convinced me that always online for single player is just stupid



Increase / The author, awakening to a terrible era in which he finds himself forever craving games that can be played offline, is driven mad by his impulses to the point where he can no longer maintain his human form.


I was playing the new Arkane co-op shooter with vampires. red case about five o’clock. From what I have seen and experienced reviews are right: The scenery, art, music, sound and voice acting – everything is solid, and sometimes great. But the actual gameplay is mostly boring marker quests, inventory stat comparisons, and shooting brain-dead enemies with clumsy weapons.

Perhaps I enjoyed playing better. We received our verification codes Thursday afternoon, with the embargo set for Monday evening. be a fan bootywhole DISCOURAGED series, and death loopI planned to collect as much time as possible in what I assumed would be a wealthy world. I needed to travel on the weekends, but that didn’t matter: I took my trusty Steam Deck and a good enough laptop with me and spent some time on trains, planes, and idle moments at the hotel.

But red case doesn’t want you to spend any time offline in his leafy, haunted New England town or on a slow connection. You will need a account to play. Redfalll, despite the fact that the platforms it’s available on, Xbox and Steam on PC, have their own matchmaking and voice chat capabilities. All the host/join buttons and prompts make launching a single player game the same as launching a multiplayer game, only more lonely. But in the end you can play red case independently after a few clicks.

Until your connection to Bethesda drops. Then, a few steps from your character’s feet, you will be taken to the title screen with a warning: “Connection to Arknet lost” or “Connection failed”. First time I tried to play red case on my Steam Deck on the train I got this warning. The next time we played was on a laptop at our hotel, which usually had intermittent Wi-Fi requiring login after about 10 minutes of play.

Deciding it was enough to connect once to verify my account, I fired up the game while tethered to my phone, launched a session, fell asleep on the Steam Deck, and then woke it up on the plane. I was able to start playing again at about half the fire hall’s basement and then got the big red loading error again. If you are not online, you are not playing. This went on until Monday morning, when red case was unavailable because Arkane was preparing a day one patch.

I’ve emailed the Arkane press to ask if singleplayer without a connection might come in a future patch. [Update: Redfall‘s director told Eurogamer in late March that the developer was “looking into” and “working actively” to allow offline play]. In the meantime, I’ve come to the conclusion that single-player games that require a constant connection to the network, especially those tied to the server of one company, have almost no justification.

Given the advent of portable PC gaming devices like the Steam Deck, with more and more devices forcing people to either tether their phones or wave their arms to boost Wi-Fi, doesn’t seem like a good gaming business strategy. This requirement also does not apply to the segment of the US population without a reliable Internet connection, which is effectively denied access to such games.

There is also a save game corner. Despite the weather red case finds its audience (maybe after numerous patches), someone might want to play the game far in the future, long after Bethesda stopped maintaining servers for it. After all, interesting setbacks are often an important part of the story. Maybe someone is revamping the server which can cheat red case thinking Bethesda doesn’t mind. Perhaps, as Ars previously pointed out, Arkane, Bethesda and Microsoft may change their minds, as in the case of Back 4 Blood and EA SimCity.

But this seems unlikely. The more I think about it, the more I agree with Engadget Indoor Review. You can technically buy this game for $70 on PC or Xboxbut in reality it is Game Pass a game. It’s meant to be downloaded by those looking for a new co-op experience, tried and possibly kept as its somewhat empty and unfinished areas fill up and DLC leaks out. This is a AAA class tent for service, however its development has been hasty and forced.

I will always be a little disappointed red case, who previously enjoyed the immersive worlds and intriguing mechanics of Arkane. But being cut off from playing this new game when I could have enjoyed it the most, being cut off from the constant internet connection that permeates my work and life, adds another layer of bad luck to the experience.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide and other Mad May 2023 discounts!



Fair warning to all children: M-Day falls on Sunday, May 14 this year. This means that your golden child status is now hanging in the balance. One bad gift and you’ll be demoted to “accidental offspring” or worse. Luckily, there are plenty of deals on great gifts for moms arriving early. Amazon AU in particular offers decent discounts on games, accessories, and LEGOs. Things that might just buy you a year of living without a dog kennel.

Fancy colored accessories

Mother’s Day gift idea

Starlight DualSense Blue

Other colors available are Galactic Purple, Nova Pink, Midnight Black and Cosmic Red, as well as Camo Gray (for the more discreet mother).

Xbox Series X/S Controller dark pink

Xbox Series X/S Deep controller Pink

Other colors include: black, white, electric volt, pulsing red, shock blue and green.

Switch Pro Zelda Controller

Switch Pro Controller Zelda

Razer Kraken BT Kitty Ed.  Headset

Razer Kraken BT Kitty Ed. Headset

Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless Mouse

Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless mouse

Botanical LEGO sets

When you think of a Mother’s Day gift, a LEGO set might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but the (relatively) new Succulents and Orchid sets are the latest in a series of “black boxes” aimed at adults. 18+. Since they are meant for adults, they need to be built and put on display. Maybe the mother in your life would like it. Or maybe you want to add some greenery to your home or office.

LEGO Orchid Plant 10311
Succulents LEGO 10309
LEGO Bonsai Tree 10281
LEGO Birds of Paradise 10289

Lego Birds of Paradise 10289

LOTR: Rivendell 10316

LOTR: Rivendell 10316

No, technically not a flower. But just as beautiful. Included here for a kid who wants to get big.

Withings ScanWatch and Apple Watch Series 7

Mother’s Day gift idea

Withing ScanWatch

Withings ScanWatch

Available in black, white and rose gold in two sizes (38mm or 42mm).

Smart watch Apple Watch Series 7 GPS 41 mm

Apple Watch Series 7 GPS 41mm Smart Look

Smart watch Apple Watch Series 7 GPS 45 mm

Apple Watch Series 7 GPS 45mm Smart Look

Series 7 is Apple’s latest and greatest watch. Today, both the 41mm and 45mm models are on sale on Amazon at a significant discount (cheaper than on Black Friday). The biggest upgrade for the Series 7 over the Series 6 is the display. It has the same always-on Retina display, but is 20% larger and has a more crack-resistant front crystal screen. It also adds even more health-related features, such as measuring blood oxygen levels or taking an ECG.


Mother’s Day gift idea

For a game with a high percentage of chances of being dug up by a mom, you really can’t get past Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This is definitely one of the most relaxing games on the Nintendo Switch. This building has almost endless replayability, decorating, fishing, farming, collecting, exploring the sim, and best of all, you can do it at any pace you like.

PlayStation Prezzies

Console PS5 + God of War Ragnarok
To roam
Hogwarts legacy

Multi platform!

Hogwarts inheritance

Forbidden Horizon West

Forbidden horizon West

Note. The Burning Shores add-on is now available for $29.95.

Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart

Ratchet & Clank Rift apartment

When it comes to the vast catalog of PlayStation games, there is no shortage of entertainment for moms in the vast catalog of PlayStation games. With all that said, you really can’t go wrong with Hogwarts Legacy. If she grew up reading these books, being able to fly around on her broomstick (rather than on your floor all the time) is pure wish fulfillment.

Purchased Xbox Items

Mother’s Day gift idea

So, is mom doing Microsoft? Well, why not consider upgrading it to the current generation with the Series X? Alternatively, we’ve picked out a few games that should make her happy (and hopefully distract so you can raid the fridge or take your mind off housework).

pickups for pc

Mother’s Day gift idea

Meta Quest 2 128 GB
Tiny Tina's Chaotic Wonderlands, ed.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Ed.

Chronicles of the Advocate of the Great Ace

Great Advocate Ace Chronicles

Sims 4

Do you have a mother who works at Steam? We mean the games, not the stuff that comes out of her ears when you spill a cup of juice in the lobby. While we can’t point to an official Mother’s Day sale just yet, this time of year is still a gold mine for winning something cheap that will make her relax. A little.

Our Australian wrangler Adama. You can watch him play on YouTube.

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