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Ray Romano errs on the side of statins after stent blockage



Recently, Ray Romano had something no one likes: a health fear associated with the “widowmaker.”

The ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ star on Monday revealed that high cholesterol has put him in close danger with a so-called widow’s heart attack, caused when the heart’s main artery is almost or completely blocked.

“I just needed to get a stent in, I had a 90% blockage,” Romano told Marc Maron about the latter. WTF podcast as they discussed aging and diet. “I’m a little lucky that we found him.”

Romano said that while he doesn’t feel 65 in his mind, his body has given him several notices.

“20 years ago I had high cholesterol and my boyfriend always told me, ‘Why don’t we start taking statins,'” Romano said. Statins are a class of lipid-lowering drugs that are used to reduce the risk of heart disease and are commonly used to treat high cholesterol levels.

“Every time I said, ‘Let me do it myself,’ and I would go home and eat properly, not vegan, but I would eat a little healthier and lower it a couple of ticks,” he continued.

Romano said this method would lower his total cholesterol from about 280 to 220, which is still on the verge of being high. Johns Hopkins Medicine. “But then I would come home and think I was sexy, I already figured it out, and I started cheating, cheating, and that was the cycle.”

However, his doctor expressed concern, saying he wanted to treat Romano’s cholesterol levels more aggressively. He constantly told the comic that he would like to see lower numbers.

“Everything else was checked,” Romano said, revealing that he did stress tests and calcium tests but stayed on that cycle for 15 to 16 years.

Now the ‘Men of a Certain Age’ star is ‘on medication’ and says his cholesterol has dropped immediately. “If I could go back 20 years, I would take medication,” he said.

Maron said he has also struggled with cholesterol, saying he is constantly exercising and experimenting with a vegan lifestyle, hoping to improve his health.

“It’s hard for me to maintain this diet, it was hard,” Romano explained. “Here’s the catch: so I’m on medication and it’s really depressing now, so I guess I can enjoy food and eat now – my sugar levels are up now! I have prediabetes.”

Earlier this month, Romano said ET he had chest pains while filming Somewhere in Queens.

“I called my agent at 1am because I couldn’t sleep, I said, ‘I can’t do this,'” the comedian said. “Because – I’m not kidding – I had to go to my cardiologist in New York, get on the treadmill and get stress tested because I got chest pains.”

In 2017, Romano and Maron teamed up for the International Myeloma Foundation’s 11th Annual Comedy Celebration to raise money for the Peter Boyle Research Foundation, named after Romano’s late actor and co-star in Everybody Loves Raymond, who died in 2006. after a four-year battle with myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cells of the bone marrow.

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“Jane Campion – Her Way” Tribute at the Sydney Film Festival




V Sydney Film Festival I want a present ‘Jane Campion – her way, a retrospective of the pioneering director’s films. Campion herself will appear in a conversation with David Stratton On June 10, the 2023 festival will celebrate its 70th anniversary (June 7-18).

Hero allied with ACMI And National Film and Sound ArchiveJane Campion – Her Journey will include screenings of all nine of Campion’s feature films, as well as a selection of her short films. The selection will continue with a tour of the ACMI in Melbourne (June 15-July 2) and the NFSA in Canberra (July 20-30).

“For our 70th edition, we wanted to present a retrospective befitting this milestone, reflecting the bold and boundary-pushing filmmaking that is synonymous with our festival and region. Campion is a pioneering filmmaker who has made a huge impact on cinema with her bold and unforgettable films,” said the director of the Sydney Film Festival. Ours Moodley.

“Campion broke down barriers for women in the industry by winning two Oscars and becoming the first woman to win the award. Palme d’Or in Cannes. She has changed the film landscape around the world, creating films that are now part of the history of cinema. It will be great to see her entire range of talents in one program that will take us to unexpected and exciting places with every shot and film.”

Jane Campion, Movie Woman, a 2022 documentary from a French filmmaker. Julie Bertucelliabout Campion, her life and work, will also be shown as part of the retrospective.


Sophie Harpers was appointed executive director Australian Directors Guild. She will take office May 29. Harper is currently a senior fund manager at Screen Canberra where she most recently managed programs including the A$5 million ($3.5 million) CBR Screen Fund for the state government. Harper previously lived in Denmark from 2009 to 2015, holding various positions in European Film College including Deputy Director, Chief Creative Documentary, Director (Acting) and Production Supervisor. Upon her return to Australia, Harper created and hosted the popular podcast “Not by chancewhich has been downloaded over two million times. She has previously worked in both ScreenAustralia And Australian Film Commission in various roles, including the role of manager of governance and compliance.


V High Court of Singapore issued an order to block 20 streaming sites and related domains responsible for distributing illegal streaming content in Singapore. on order internet providers must disable access to these sites and their associated domains. The order is the last one in the current campaign Coalition against piracy members BBC Studios, La Liga, Premier League another TVB Internationalresulting in the blocking of almost 300 sites that offered access to highly sought-after content, including premium sports, drama and entertainment.


Sony Liv1st Malayalam original, “Jai MahendranThe production of a political drama has begun. The show focuses on the life of Mahendran, a manipulative officer who believes in achieving a goal through power play and using his influence in the system. However, his freedom in the office comes to a halt and his ideology is questioned when he becomes a victim of the same power. In an attempt to protect his work and restore his reputation, he plans to sabotage the entire system in his favor.

Jai Mahendran is curated by an award-winning director. Rahul Riji Nair as writer, producer and showrunner, and the show is directed by Shrikant Mohan. The show stars Saiju Kurup, Suhasini, Miya, Suresh Krishna, Maniyanpilla Raju, Balachandran Chullikad, Vishnu Govindan, Siddhartha Shiva and Rahul Riji Nair in the lead roles.


Prime videopresented the trailer for the Indian crime documentary series “Dancing on the grave“. Amazon Original Series Documents and Investigates Sudden Disappearance and Murder Mystery Shakere Khaliliwho belonged to a noble family in Bangalore. Produced India Today Originals Productionscreenwriter and director Patrick Graham and in collaboration with Deodorant Kanishka SinghDancing on the Grave will have its world premiere on April 21st.

The trailer gives a glimpse into the life and gruesome death of Shakereh Khalili (nee Namazi), a beautiful heiress who gave up everything to marry another man. Does the series explore her motivations for upheaval and the events that led to her disappearance without a trace?

Watch the trailer here:

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17 Romantic Comedy Men Who Are The Good Guys



17 Romantic Comedy Men Who Are The Good Guys

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‘Beef’ star David Cho has come under fire again for an interview alleging sexual harassment.



Rodin Eckerroth

Beef actor David Chow is under fire for a resurfaced 2014 podcast interview in which he discusses the sexual abuse of a masseuse, a story he later called fictional.

Chou’s comments surfaced after his role as Isaac Cho on the recently released Netflix show Beef, hosted by actors Ali Wong and Steven Yuen, to critical acclaim.

In the clip, which was circulated online after the hit show aired on Netflix on April 6, Chow details getting an erection during a massage and intercourse in front of and with a masseuse he named Rose.

According to the transcript of the video published by BuzzFeed News after its initial release in 2014, Chow detailed masturbation during a massage and forcing Rose to participate in a sexual act in which she “definitely did not participate”, admitting that it was “rape behavior” but denying that he was a rapist.

The full interview excerpt from Chow’s podcast, DVDASA, was tweeted by journalist Aura Bogado. who tweeted on sunday that it was removed after someone identifying himself as Chow asked Twitter to remove the video on copyright grounds. So Bogado tweeted excerpt from interview on TikTok, she said she was removed from the video platform for violating community guidelines.

In clips of interviews that stay on social networks, Cho describes the masseuse as “half black, half white” and says she was excited about the “thrill of a possible prison”.

“You’re basically telling us that you’re a rapist now, and the only way to get a really hard cock is through rape,” podcast co-host Asa Akira says, to which Choi replies “Yes,” before referring to himself as ” successful rapist.

After criticizing an interview in 2014, Chow issued a statement to a now-defunct podcast website in which he denied he was a rapist and claimed the story was not factual or “a representation of my reality,” according to BuzzFeed News.

Chou, who is also a successful graffiti artist, released another interview statement. on instagram in 2017 after a mural he painted in New York how to spray paint with the word “rapist”. At the time, Chow again denied that the story he told on his podcast actually took place and wrote that he had “ZERO history of sexual abuse.”

CBS News has reached out to Chow for comment, as well as to Wong, Yuen and Netflix. Neither Wong nor Yuen, who are also producers on the show, have spoken publicly about the incident.

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