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Surrounding tumors with brown fat can deprive them of nutrients



Scanning electron micrograph of a brown fat cell surrounded by capillaries.


Implanting brown fat around cancerous tumors can cut their size in half, as the fat burns the fuel the tumors need to grow. While tests have only been done on mice and human tissue to date, white fat could one day be extracted from humans through liposuction and genetically engineered using CRISPR technology to turn it into brown fat, which then strips tumors of nutrients like sugar.

Brown fat is mainly found in newborn people and hibernating mammals burn other fats and sugars…

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Experimental Cancer Vaccine Combined with Immunotherapy Delayed Melanoma Return, Moderna and Merck Say




New trial data from an experimental mRNA vaccine show it reduces the risk of recurrence of serious melanoma skin cancer when combined with immunotherapy. drug manufacturers Moderna and Merck.

In a study of 157 people who had surgery to treat melanoma, 78.6% of those who received Keytruda personalized vaccine and immunotherapy were cancer-free after 18 months, and 62.2% of people who received immunotherapy alone had no recurrence. Cancer recurrence or death occurred in 22.4% (24 of 107) of those receiving combination therapy and 40% (20 of 50) of those receiving immunotherapy alone.

No serious side effects of the experimental vaccine were reported. The most common side effects were fatigue, pain at the injection site, and chills.

Dr. Kyle Holen, Senior Vice President of Moderna and Head of Development, Therapeutics and Oncology, said in a statement that the results “provide further development of the potential of mRNA” for people with melanoma, and it “could be a novel means of potentially extending the lives of patients.”

Moderna’s experimental cancer vaccine, mRNA-4157/V940, is designed to activate the immune system to create a response to specific tumors. Merck’s Keytruda, already used in the treatment of melanoma, stimulates the immune system to attack tumors.

Phase 2b data have not been peer-reviewed or published; preliminary test results were published in December. The companies presented the latest data at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research.

The companies said they plan to begin the Phase 3 trial in 2023 and expand it to more tumor types, including lung cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, melanoma accounts for about 1% of all skin cancer cases, but is responsible for the majority of skin cancer deaths. The group estimates that about 100,000 new cases of melanoma will be diagnosed in the US in 2023, and nearly 8,000 people will die from melanoma.

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Journey for Justice Alliance Wants to Localize Justice Activities and Make It Politics Starting with Chicago Convention on Saturday – Chicago Tribune



What began in 2021 as a drive for fairness in education has now evolved into a campaign to secure “strong anti-racism legislation” in at least 20 cities by the end of the year, according to Jitu Brown, National Director of the Journey for Justice Alliance.

Dozens of intergenerational mass public organizations that make up the national network monitor their justice or Quality of life agenda – a platform focused on meeting the basic needs of poor and/or marginalized communities through political initiatives – with equality or town hall week where the group advances the agenda to become politics in 39 cities, including Chicago.

“We need to understand that the way we start to heal our communities is self-determination, where we start saying, ‘We want public schools, not school closures. We need decent housing. We need economic infrastructure in our neighborhoods.” This is what our ancestors fought for,” Brown said.

Journey for Justice launched its coalition in 2012, and in 2021 it reached out to leaders and organisers, from a variety of quality of life areas — housing, health, environment and climate justice, youth investment and food insecurity — to speak out about how inequality affects these areas and offers solutions at the grassroots level. Alliance produced 16 page report last year, he asked local and federal governments to commit to racial justice in these areas.

The Journey for Justice Chicago Alliance will meet at the annual convention of the Kenwood-Oakland Community Organization. Brown said this and other City Hall gatherings are aimed at localizing the quality of life agenda; push for city resolutions to be passed by elected officials; and set up fairness commissions to make decisions law. Brown said the goal is to have resolutions passed in at least 20 cities by the end of the year, and to start passing laws at the state level over the next two years. Then it comes to transferring all local work to the federal level.

Old. Angela Clay, recently elected in the 46th district, said she has her support for the initiative. She said it was a tangible goal to pass a resolution before the end of the year.

“We can always talk about things when they go wrong or what just happened this past weekend downtown and say, look, this is why we need this quality of life plan,” he said. Clay. “We need to launch something to make people feel noticed. … This is the plan of the people, and the people should feel respect for their decisions, and the people in the city council will really do it for them.”

“Locking guns across states unites us in our wildest dreams of a collective louder voice,” said Shannon Bennett, executive director of the Kenwood-Oakland Community Organization. “This ‘Justice or Something’ agenda has spread to every aspect of our lives.”

A free Kenwood Oakland Community Organization convention will be held at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. College Preparatory High School from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm Saturday. It will host seminars on investing in youth, the rights of the elderly, affordable housing, economic development and education. The workshops will be followed by a Journey for Justice Alliance city council meeting.

For more information go to or

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I tried cold diving. It’s harder than influencers think.



As it turned out, my fear of being a bum was stronger than my fight-or-flight fear, so I closed my eyes and focused on my breathing until I could somehow control it. I can’t say that I relaxed, but I no longer felt like I was dying. Well, he told me that if I make it to 90 seconds, then everything else will be smooth. And, despite the pain in my legs that I experienced, and the ridiculous tension that I kept in my shoulders, it was so.

To be honest, the biggest positive outcome for me was the feeling of accomplishment. It was not easy to stay under this water for five minutes, but I persevered and achieved my goal. I took pride in myself and a newfound sense of confidence that I could breathe through other stressful, uncomfortable situations. And, according to Tipton, I’m not alone in this feeling.

“One of the things that people report, and one of the reasons they benefit from exposure to cold, is that they feel like they’ve done the task,” he said. “They have the ability to control their breathing when they couldn’t before, and that sense of fulfillment and accomplishment makes them feel good.”

Tipton divided the other main benefits into three categories: feeling alert and alert (obvious, not requiring scientific evidence), boosting the immune system, and reducing inflammation. I would add that another thing I hear a lot about is improved mood and mental well-being.

When it comes to scientific evidence, most of the existing research is either too extensive or not properly designed to determine if there is a physical or mental benefit to cold immersion.

For example, in one case study published by Tipton and colleagues, a 24-year-old man with treatment-resistant depression was eventually able to stop his medication after a weekly cold water swim. However, it is unclear whether she felt better after bathing due to the cold or the exercise itself (which has been shown to help with depression).

One study mentioned by Tipton found that swimmers had fewer upper respiratory tract infections than non-swimmers, although this advantage was the same whether they swam in cold water or in warm pools.

Tipton said that, anecdotally at least, many people seem to actually experience benefits, such as one woman who found that cold water immersion helped her deal with severe migraines. While he believes the anecdotal evidence is credible, he wants to do more research to be able to back it up scientifically.

“We don’t have a lot of good research yet, but we do know what neurochemicals are released when you do a cold dive, and that’s increased endorphins, increased norepinephrine, increased dopamine, as some of the early studies have shown,” Justin Puder said. BuzzFeed News South Florida psychologist. “If you told me as a psychologist that you could do something that increases these neurochemicals, I would say it has a great chance of improving mental health.”

This chemical release suggests there may be a benefit, but again, we still don’t know for sure if there is or how long these benefits might last, according to Puder.

I admit that the challenge and satisfaction of it all made me want to come back for more. Since I don’t have constant access to a natural body of water or a personal bath, I may try to keep the water as cold as possible during the last 30 seconds of my daily shower.

While you can fill a tub with ice water and try cold water dips on your own at home, Tipton said it’s probably safer to try these methods in a more regulated environment.

Even if you do get better at some point, Tipton warned that more is better when it comes to dipping into the cold. When people think something is good for them, they tend to assume that doing it twice as much is even better, but overexposure to the cold can actually do more harm than good, he said.

I’m looking forward to more research that I’m sure will be published given how trendy cold water immersion has become in the wellness space. If I feel like I’m getting any health benefit, I may want to do it (safely) even more. Maybe someday I can have my own pistonbut until then, I’ll stick with short cold showers and occasional winter dips in the ocean.

you can buy piston from Cold Plunge for around $4,990.

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