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The black family was reportedly pulled over due to tinted windows. The CPS then took their children.



Two black parents from Georgia are reportedly fighting to get their five children back from Tennessee. The saga began when they were pulled over for tinted windows and arrested for possession of a small amount of marijuana more than a month ago.

Bianca Claiborne and Deonte Williams were on their way to a funeral in Chicago on February 17 when Tennessee Highway Patrol pulled them over for being “dark in color”.[ed windows] and driving in the left lane without active overtaking”, according to Lookouta non-profit news organization that broke history and spoke to the family.

According to Tennessee Lookout, after the car was pulled over, police found a joint and a small amount of marijuana in the bag, less than five grams of marijuana in total. The police charged Williams with a misdemeanor and arrested him, while Claiborne was charged.

But just six hours later, Claiborne, who was not arrested, reportedly had her five children taken from her and placed in state custody after the State Department of Children’s Affairs requested and received an emergency order from a judge. Their youngest child is a four-month-old boy who is still breastfed, Claiborne told Tennessee Lookout. The remaining children are aged 2 to 7 years.

The state reportedly accused the family of putting their children in danger in court documents obtained by Lookout.

Williams told Tennessee Lookout that this is a lie and that he believes the state “kidnapped” his children. Claiborne told Lookout her health has been affected, including a trip to the emergency room due to a panic attack last weekend, which she attributes to the anguish of separation from her children.

A lawyer representing the family said their ordeal “shocks the conscience”.

“I just have to believe that if my clients looked different or had a different background they would just be given a link and told you just keep these things away from kids while you are in this state and they would be on his. way,” Nashville lawyer Jamaal Boykin told Tennessee Lookout.

The Department of Children’s Affairs told VICE News in a statement that state anonymity laws prevent them from commenting on active cases and suggested that “anyone who releases the contents of a minor’s petition is breaking the law.” However, DCS said the Coffee County Judge was responsible for the decision to place Williams and Claiborne’s children in state custody.

“DCS and law enforcement are following evidence collection protocol,” a spokesperson for VICE News said via email. “These findings are then presented to the court. In this case, the evidence led the court to place the children in DCS custody.”

A spokesman for the Tennessee Highway Patrol told VICE News in a statement that “criminal investigations and prosecutions are ongoing and the District Attorney’s office serving Coffee County has claimed the privilege of not releasing documents at this time,” citing Criminal Justice Rules in Tennessee Courts.

Tennessee’s foster care system has long been recognized as one of the most dysfunctional in the nation. In July 2021, seven children in state custody spent the night at the DCS office in Nashville, including several children who slept on the floor. according to video obtained by Tennessee Lookout at the time.

And last year, the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth says the report that from 2016 to 2020, the state had the highest rate of foster care instability in the nation, defined as three or more placements in the first year of detention. At the time, more than 33 percent of cases in Tennessee met this definition, compared to a national average of 14 percent. (Supreme Senator of Tennessee Republican Party filed a bill to abolish the Commission for Children and Youth.)

Democratic State Senator London Lamar said at a press conference on Thursday that the justice system is “absolutely inadequate [the] children on charges of misdemeanor.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous when marijuana is legal in about half the states in the country, and a black family has five children taken away and placed in a DCS that does a poor job of caring for the children they already have.” Lamar said Thursday. “And they will not return their children to them on charges of wrongdoing.”

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Cuba vs USA: 2023 World Baseball Classic Semi-Finals Live | Baseball World Classic



Cuba 1-3 USA, bottom 2nd


Trea Turner, yesterday’s hero, is up next. He does it yet again, hitting a massive solo home run to pad the US lead!

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Cuba 1-2 USA, bottom 1st inning


And just like that, USA takes a lead with Paul Goldschmidt crushing a ball right out of the park for a home run. The killer 1-2-3 of this USA lineup already pays dividends.

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Cuba 1-0 USA, top 1st inning


Now, this sets up Cuba’s home run threat Alfredo Despaigne. This is exactly how they would draw up an ideal first inning. Wainwright falls behind 2-0. Despaigne takes a strike down the middle, that looked like a good pitch to hit too.


Despaigne has his seven home runs in the WBC, impressive considering how few games Cuba has played. Despaigne fouls the next pitch off. 2-2. Wainwright’s next pitch is outside. 3-2. Another ball will walk in a run.


Wainwright tries to get him out with his curve, but it’s just off the plate. He walks in a run!

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Cuba 0-0 USA, top 1st inning


Adam Wainwright’s first pitch is ball one to Roel Santos. Santos smacks his second pitch for what’s ruled an infield hit. Cuba has a leadoff base runner.

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key events

Cuba 1-3 USA, 2nd bottom

At first, Trout plays a runner, and I begin to shy away from my prediction that it won’t be a scoring game. I feel like it might get out of hand right now.

Trout swings and misses for a hit, then nearly knocks one down. He’s in the park and he just came out number three. Until the third inning!

Cuba 1-3 USA, 2nd bottom

Betts continues his hot attack, scoring a single in the outfield. He’s 2-for-2 and the line keeps moving for the United States.

Single home run! (Three Turner, Cuba 1-3 USA)

Cuba 1-3 USA, 2nd bottom

Treya Turner, yesterday’s hero, is next in line. He does it one more time by hitting a massive solo home run to increase the US lead!

Cuba 1-2 USA, 2nd bottom

Tim Anderson is next to receive the ball before going wild on the next pitch. 1-1 Next pitch is far outside. 2-1 He fouls the next off 2-2. The next serve has to be a strike, you feel it, but it’s called a ball and that makes it complete.

Anderson ends the battle with a weak ground. Two away.

Cuba 1-2 USA, 2nd bottom

Elias went to the second half of the work. Pete Alonso is ready to play and, having worked out the score 2:2, he takes off first.

Cuba 1-2 USA best 2nd inning

Moncada strikes. 0-1 Next inning just around the corner. 1-1 He takes the ball from the outside. 2-1 He commits a foul 2-2. Then he moves on to Tim Anderson for the final out of the inning and we’re heading towards the end of the second.

Cuba 1-2 USA best 2nd inning

Santos comes out for a second out, but Drake gets to second base in the game. So the runner is in a winning position for Moncada.

Cuba 1-2 USA best 2nd inning

Guibert is next, he’s 0-2 down and clears out. John Smoltz talks about “nobody knows how to talk anymore” and he talks exactly like the grandfather you don’t like to talk to during holiday get-togethers.

Cuba 1-2 USA best 2nd inning

Yadir Drake hits one of those dirty first-strike home runs to start the second inning. Wainwright’s next serve for the ball. 1-1 The next serve hits the corner. 1-2 The next pitch is the first hit to leave the infield. Cuba has another leader.

Cuba 1-2 USA, bottom 1st inning

Smith is ahead with a runner on first and two outs. Elias is down again 2-0, but Smith hits hard on the third and goes empty. 2-1 The next step is in the dirt. 3-1 That’s a great record for a hitter, but Smith just clears one in the infield for an out.

However, Paul Goldschmidt made it early with a 2-1 USA. Yup, it already looks like Cuba should have gotten more out of the top first.

Cuba 1-2 USA, bottom 1st inning

Kyle Schwarber is next with two outs. He leads 3-0 and then he goes for a walk and here comes Will Smith who has heard all your slapping jokes, thank you very much.

Cuba 1-2 USA, bottom 1st inning

Next up is Nolan Arenado, who scores four innings.

2 run home run! (Paul Goldschmidt, Cuba 1-2 USA)

Cuba 1-2 USA, bottom 1st inning

And just like that, the US takes the lead with Paul Goldschmidt smashing a ball right out of the park for a home run. The 1-2-3 killer of this US lineup is already paying dividends.

Cuba 1-0 USA, 1st lower half

Mike Trout, who hits odd two holes, is next. Elias leads Trout 1-2. It looks like Trout will get at least a hit, but Joklis Gibert catches the ball deftly from right field in the first half.

Cuba 1-0 USA, 1st lower half

Roenis Elias, who has been jumping through the majors for the past few years, is playing against the United States here, and Mookie Betts beats him with the first double.

Cuba 1-0 USA, best 1st inning

Ariel Martinez goes shortstop and somehow Wainwright avoids the jam by giving up just one run. This is a huge amount for them, and it could end up being a huge early waste for Cuba.

Cuba 1-0 USA, best 1st inning

Andy Ibanez is moving up to second and now the US is a long way from coming out of it, having just given up one run.

Cuba 1-0 USA, best 1st inning

Next up is Erisbel Arrubarrena. Wainwright falls behind again, 2-0. Finally, he strikes with a curve that hits the heart of the cymbal. 2-1 Arruebarrena swings and misses on her next move. 2-2

And he hits a ground ball to third base, throws home plate on time, and it’s the first out of the inning. The databases are still loaded, but there is one.

Run on a base-laden walk! (Alfredo Despain, Cuba 1-0 USA)

Cuba 1-0 USA, best 1st inning

So, this poses a threat to Alfredo Despain’s Cuban home run. That’s how they would have made the perfect first inning. Wainwright trails 2-0. Despaigne hits the center, which also looked like a good hitting serve.

Despain has seven WBC home runs, which is impressive considering how few games Cuba has played. Despaigne fouls on the next innings 2-2. Wainwright’s next pitch is outside. 3-2 Another ball will go on the run.

Wainwright tries to pull him out of his curve, but it’s just not on the plate. He is running!

Cuba 0-0 USA best 1st inning

It’s sort of the traditional Cuban style of baseball: contact and speed. Louis Robert does the same and it seems to drive Wainwright crazy (no pun intended), he gets the weak contact he wants but can’t turn it into an out. The bases are loaded and no one is there.

Cuba 0-0 USA best 1st inning

Yoan Moncada is next. He leads the score 2-1. Moncada swings and misses on the next serve. 2-2 Then he hits the tapper, which bounces and just stays fair. Moncada leads him and it’s another infield hit from Wainwright.

First serve

Cuba 0-0 USA best 1st inning

Adam Wainwright’s first serve is the first for Roel Santos. Santos slaps his second pitch for what counts as an infield hit. Cuba has a leading runner.

Most of the Cuban population in the Miami area comes from families that fled the Fidel Castro regime and harbor negative thoughts about the current government, so the atmosphere can be tense.


USA vs Cuba, in Little Havana. The Cuban national team will play in Miami for the first time ever. Protests have been organized for the game around the stadium. Winner advances to the WBC Final. It’s going to be another historic night, that’s for sure.

— Shawn Spradling (@Shawn_Spradling) March 19, 2023



USA vs Cuba, in Little Havana. The Cuban national team will play in Miami for the first time. Protests against the game were organized around the stadium. The winner advances to the WBC Finals. It will be another historic night, that’s for sure.

— Shawn Spradling (@Shawn_Spradling) March 19, 2023

I’m trying to figure out, given Miami’s very specific politics, whether this will sound like a home game to Cuba or not. I think we will see.

Quick recap: This special edition could have used a lot more Ohtani and a lot less Justin Verlander’s brother. It’s still better than half an hour listening to John Smoltz explain his thoughts before a game.

And now we have the start of Cuba-USA! Real baseball coming soon!

Hey, congratulations to Fox Sports 1 on a well-deserved introductory program for international baseball competition: a special interview with Shohei Otani. Much more fitting than the special race car shown before Friday’s game.


Okay, yesterday I guessed that the US would be able to get a quasi upset victory over Venezuela, and while it was a little easy for a while, it worked out in the end. I guess I’ll let it go and I’m assuming they can win again despite having to play back to back games.

I’m a little less sure, simply because it’s a little more difficult for them to prepare for a team with so many lesser-known players, even if communication between the two countries has opened up since the last WBC game.

I do not expect such an aggressive explosion as yesterday’s 9-7 back and forth. Maybe it will be something like a 4-3 victory for the USA?

Is there another opinion? Or, even better, do you want to agree with me and say what a wise soothsayer I am? In any case, you can email us your predictions (at or via Twitter (at @HunterFelt) and we will publish them here in the early stages of the live blog.

Hey, some potentially big news if Cuba needs a striker in a key opportunity during today’s game. Cespedes hasn’t played in the majors for several years, but the 37-year-old has veteran experience fighting MLB-caliber jocks and probably still has some pop left in his beats.

Former big leaguer Yoenis Cespedes, who had left Team Cuba in Tokyo for "personal reasons, " is back with the team. He took BP here but is not in starting lineup.

— Gordon Edes (@GordonEdes) March 19, 2023


Former major league player Yoenis Cespedes, who left the Cuban national team in Tokyo for “personal reasons”, has returned to the team. He took BP here, but not in the starting lineup.

— Gordon Edes (@GordonEdes) March 19, 2023

Cuba starting XI

1. Roel Santos, L.F.

2. Yoan Moncada, 3B

3. Louis Robert, CF

4. Alfredo Despain, DH

5. Erisbel Arruebarruena, SS

6. Andy Ibanez, 2B

7. Ariel Martinez, C

8. Yadir Drake, 1B

9. Joelkis Guibert, RF

Starting pitcher: Roenis Elias

US starting lineup

1. Muki Betts, RF

2. Mike Trout, CF

3. Paul Goldschmidt, 1B

4. Nolan Arando, 3B

5. Kyle Schwarber, LF

6. Will Smith, C

7. Pete Alonso, DH

8. Tim Anderson, 2B

9. Treya Turner, SS

Starting pitcher: Adam Wainwright


I won’t lie, it didn’t look like the US would go that far. It appeared that Venezuela were on track for the semi-final matchup against Cuba after troubling control issues with American pitcher Daniel Bard saw them lose a 5-2 lead midway through the game. However, Trea Turner’s grand slam in the 8th inning ensured that the Bard (or manager Mark DeRosa, who left his reliever for too long) wouldn’t be an asshole yesterday.

So now they are confronted by the Cuban team, which first time in WBC history now featuring current and former MLB players like Luis Robert and Yoan Moncada of the Chicago White Sox, it’s an intriguing mix of both known and unknown that could get this US team into trouble. The two teams have never met at the World Baseball Classic before, and in fact, this could be a completely historic sporting event.

Even the mound tarp is ready for The @WBCBaseball semis @loanDepotpark. Team USA vs Team Cuba. Believed to be Cuba’s first game in Miami since at least 1959. @JimBowdenGM & I have the call 7pET @MLBNetworkRadio

— Mike Ferrin (@Mike_Ferrin) March 19, 2023


On the mound, USA will have starting Adam Wainwright and Cuba will have starting left-hander Roenis Elias. The winner of today’s semi-final will go to the championship game to face the winner of tomorrow’s game between Japan and Mexico.

As usual, we would love to hear from you during this game, you can send in your thoughts and comments and we will use them in this live blog. You can send them to or tweet at @HunterFelt.

Cuba vs. USA in the first of two WBC semi-finals at LoanDepot Park in Miami. The game starts on Fox Sports 1 at 7:00 pm EST, but we’ll be back to that time with lineups, predictions, and other such stuff before kickoff.

Hunter will be here soon. In the meantime, here’s how Saturday’s quarter-finals went:

Trea Turner won the Grand Slam in the eighth inning to take the United States to a 9-7 victory over Venezuela on Saturday night to advance to the World Baseball Classic semi-finals.

Trailing 7–5, the United States loaded the bases in eighth on a walk, single and hit by a pitch against underdog pitcher José Quijada. Silvino Bracho was relieved and then Turner, the ninth batter for the USA, sent his substitute 0-2 407 feet deep into left field, the third Grand Slam in Team USA history.

David Bednar, the fifth U.S. pitcher, won. Ryan Pressley made three saves.

Luis Arraes, who plays in the stadium he will soon call home with the Miami Marlins, hit two home runs for Venezuela.

Team USA boasts a roster of big names that many have chosen to repeat as WBC champions.

All nine hitters on Team USA are stars, including Los Angeles Dodgers right fielder Mookie Betts, Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout, St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Paul Goldschmidt, and Cardinals third baseman Nolan Arenado.

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Politics of Viola Davis’s Oscar comment about “the only profession that celebrates what it means to live life”



Yesterday, I praised Viola Davis’ Oscar speech for being memorable without being overtly political—for simply talking about her work in a touching and well-written way. Twitter quickly let me know that I missed something. On social media and on conservative news sites, Davis’ speech actually sparked outrage.

Explaining that she believed her mission was to “unearth… the stories of people who dreamed great things but never made those dreams come true, people who fell in love and lost,” Davis said:

I became an artist – and thank God I did – because we are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live life.

This statement became one of the points of discussion of the right Internet after the Oscars ceremony. “Art is beautiful; art enriches; art can connect us to each other,” writes Ben Shapiro. V daily wire. “But the sheer arrogance of declaring that artists are “the only profession that celebrates what it means to live life” is simply amazing. How about doctors? What about stay-at-home mothers who help shape lives rather than pursue their own career interests? How about undertakers? How about if almost everyone in a free market economy gives themselves to others to improve life?

Variations of this sentiment have ricocheted online, with Davis sometimes being misquoted as saying that only “actors” celebrate what it means to live life, or worse, are the only ones who “know” what it means to live life. .

Do people have the right to be offended? Did they say that artists are better than everyone else? If you read her words literally, in the context of her speech, and give her the slightest benefit of doubt, it’s hard to see the backlash against Davis as anything but a symptom of our overblown culture wars.

Everyone “celebrates what it means to live life” in their own way, but for whom can this be the main function of their profession? Artists, definitely. The clergy, perhaps. Doctors Keep life, not to glorify them, and it does not humiliate them if they talk about it. Stay home parents help others, and Davis might even agree that it is more noble, important and necessary than “glorifying” the meaning of life.

Her point was simply that artists have a unique role to play in telling stories about the human experience and that she is glad to be a part of it.

Of course, she could have edited herself to be less controversial, though perhaps less interesting., statements. If she had simply said, “I became an artist—and thank God I did—because we are celebrating what it means to live life,” the complaints might have been more difficult. The word “one” emphasizes the special feature of the artists, but it is also a whistle for anyone who has a strong resentment of Hollywood elitism and condescension. And there has rarely been a better time to express such outrage than now.

On the right, reflective aversion to the entertainment industry has taken on a new dimension under Donald Trump. during Fox and friends after Oscarthe confusion that la la country Wrongly declared “Best Picture” Steve Doucey called “Hollywood got the election wrong, and last night Hollywood got the Oscar wrong.” Guest Tucker Carlson agreed, but added that Moonlight “should have won” because that’s what the moralizing, politically correct establishment wanted. Yes, the Oscars were both a disaster out of touch with reality and a cunningly rigged game.

Donald Trump interpreted the Academy’s failure in his own way: “I think they were so focused on politics that at the end they couldn’t come together,” he said. beardas if the accountant of PricewaterhouseCoopers, who handed Warren Beatty the wrong envelope did so because he cursed too hard at Kimmel, who tweeted the president “are you okay?”

Liberals may moan when Trump attributes a logistical error to his critics. But of course, both sides today see a lot of politics in entertainment: see below. all takes do like Dusi and compare the end of the Oscars to election night.

To many viewers on Sunday, Davis’s speech was remarkable in that she almost went beyond the partisan strife and just spoke passionately about acting. But one word – “only” – was enough to make it a culture war litmus test. Maybe she wanted to argue about the place of art in society, or maybe she just portrayed her profession as she really sees it. In any case, it was a defiant move in an age where artists are increasingly being held to the same standards as candidates for office: they are expected to choose their words not for truth, but for politics.

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The Cowboys acquire Brandin Cooke from the Texans, adding firepower to a powerful offense.



The Dallas Cowboys traded for a key wide receiver to bolster their offense on Sunday.

The Cowboys acquired Brandin Cooks from the Houston Texans for a fifth-round draft pick in 2023 and a sixth-round pick in 2024.

The deal went through after Cooks expressed his dissatisfaction with the franchise and made it clear that he did not want to be involved in the restoration.


Brandin Cooks of the Houston Texans warms up against the New York Giants at Metlife Stadium on November 13, 2022 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Cooper Neal/Getty Images)

“My mind is not there. I don’t see this as part of a rebuild, no matter how it looks. what it’s like to be part of something that has a solid plan,” he told reporters in January, adding, “I’m not going into the offseason thinking I want to be part of a recovery.”

Cooks led the Texans with 57 catches for 699 yards in 13 games in the 2022 season. He also had three touchdowns. He signed a contract extension ahead of the 2022 season, but Houston only had three wins in 2022 and topped the standings. 2nd pick in the NFL Draft.


Brandin Cooks of the Texans during a Jacksonville Jaguars game at NRG Stadium on January 1, 2023 in Houston.

Brandin Cooks of the Texans during a Jacksonville Jaguars game at NRG Stadium on January 1, 2023 in Houston. (Cooper Neal/Getty Images)

The contract with the wide receiver runs until the 2024 season. He is reported to earn $18 million in 2023.

“Without blessing and can’t wait to be special for a star! I am very grateful to the Jones family for this opportunity for me and my family, ”said the ESPN receiver.

Cooks is looking to add some firepower to the Dallas offense after trading Amari Cooper to the Cleveland Browns last season and failing to properly replace a dynamic receiver. Cookie will line up with CeeDee Lamb on offense.

Brandin Cooks of the Houston Texans reacts after a catch against the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium on November 13, 2022 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Brandin Cooks of the Houston Texans reacts after a catch against the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium on November 13, 2022 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Dustin Sutloff/Getty Images)


Dallas was fourth in scoring and 11th in yards scored in 2022. For the second year in a row, the team failed to qualify for the divisional playoff round.

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