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The Crown season 6 release date, spoilers, plot details



Make tea and pancakes guys. Crown returns for a sixth and final season. One of Netflix’s most popular shows, the historical drama chronicles the reign of Queen Elizabeth from 1940 to the early 2000s. The first season began with Queen Elizabeth inheriting the throne at just 25 and marrying Prince Philip. Since then, Crown retold the juicy history of the royal family, while revealing the secrets of the monarch.

Crown has been on Netflix since 2016, but the streamer put production on hold last year when Queen Elizabeth died. At the time, show creator Peter Morgan made a statement in honor of the monarch. “Crown this is a love letter to her [Elizabeth] and I have nothing to add yet, only silence and respect,” he said. Now production of the sixth season is in full swing. Vanity FairX the first shots of the series show a young meeting of Prince William and Kate Middleton at the University of St. Andrews, which means that the final season will start in 1997, when the fifth season ended, and run until at least 2001. Any fan of the royal family knows that every year is a whirlwind, so keep reading for everything we know about CrownX final stretch.

What will happen in the sixth season of The Crown?

The official plot has not yet been revealed, but if Crown While remaining historically accurate, season six may include the death of Princess Diana, September 11, William’s first year of college, Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee, and the deaths of Princess Margaret and the Queen Mum. I told you! Every year has been a whirlwind.

Will we see Prince William and Kate fall in love with each other?

All signs point to yes. Footage from the sixth season shows William and Kate (played by Ed McVeigh and Meg Bellamy) hanging out in college. In one photo, William looks longingly at his bride-to-be, and in another we see a laughing Kate with a group of their friends. As the story goes, they met at the University of St. Andrews and dated for almost five years.

during their engagement interview With ITV newsWilliam said: “When I first met Kate, I knew there was something special about her and then I realized that maybe I would like to explore something about her, but we ended up for a while were friends. It was a good foundation. Now I sincerely believe that to be friends with [each other] is a huge advantage.” We may not see how their romance plays out, but if my suspicions are correct, we’ll at least get a glimpse of the years of friendship that William spoke of.

Who will appear in the sixth season Crown?

The sixth season cast includes newcomers McVeigh and Bellamy, as well as Imelda Staunton (Queen Elizabeth II), Viola Prettejohn (young Princess Elizabeth), Jonathan Pryce (Prince Phillip), Lesley Manville (Princess Margaret), Bo Gadsdon (young Princess Margaret). , Dominic West (Prince Charles), Olivia Williams (Camilla Bowles), Elizabeth Debicki (Princess Diana) and Khalid Abdullah (Dodi Fayed).

When it will be Crown The debut of the sixth season?

Netflix did not release CrownX A return date is still unknown, but the sixth season is expected to air in November or December 2023.

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HONG KONG — Public screenings of the Winnie the Pooh slasher were abruptly canceled in Hong Kong on Tuesday, sparking discussions about tightening censorship in the city.

Film distributor VII Pillars Entertainment announced on Facebook that the premiere of Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey on Thursday has been canceled with “great regret” in Hong Kong and neighboring Macau.

In an email response to the Associated Press, the distributor said theaters had notified him that they were unable to show the film as scheduled, but did not know why. The cinema chains involved did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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The screening of the film in Hong Kong sparked concern on social media about the curtailment of freedoms in the territory.

The film was originally scheduled to be shown in about 30 theaters in Hong Kong, VII Pillars Entertainment reported last week.

The Film, Newspapers and Articles Authority said it had approved the film, and arrangements by local cinemas to show approved films “are the commercial decisions of the respective cinemas.”

The screening, originally scheduled for Tuesday night at one cinema, was canceled for “technical reasons,” the organizer said on Instagram.

Kenny Ng, a professor at the Hong Kong Baptist University Film Academy, declined to speculate as to the reason for the cancellation, but suggested that the mechanism for suppressing criticism appears to be commercial solutions.

Hong Kong is a former British colony that returned to Chinese rule in 1997 with a promise to keep its Western-style freedoms. But China introduced a national security law after massive democratic protests in 2019, silencing or jailing many dissidents.

In 2021, the government tightened the rules and empowered censors to ban films deemed to violate the sweeping law.

Ng said there have been more cases of censorship in the city in the past two years, mostly targeting non-commercial films such as independent short films.

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