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‘The Daily Show’ moves into the post-Trevor Noah era, paying tribute: Contenders TV – Deadline



daily show six months were busy after host Trevor Noah surprised everyone by announcing he was retiring after seven years.

Noah’s last show was in December, and the Comedy Central series shook up the swivel chair format with guest hosts including Chelsea Handler, Kal Penn and Sarah Silverman, as well as in-house correspondents including Roy Wood Jr. and Desi Lidick. .

Showrunner Jen Flantz said during the show’s panel at the Deadline Contenders Television: Documentary + Unscripted event that it was a fun ride. “It was really great to see so many different voices given the power at the table,” she said. “It’s hard to think about the next one. No time to be sad about Trevor [leaving]No time to think about what’s next. We’re just living in it right now.”

Wood added that he enjoyed his recent stint as host. “The most I learned, the biggest difference between a correspondent and hosting is that as a correspondent you get the freedom to be a bit of an agent of chaos and support a bigger story. But as a host, you still need to be able to find the truth, feelings, or emotions behind something.”

He also revealed that Noah sometimes drops by to watch the show and Wood teases him by saying that it’s like watching his ex-girlfriend.

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The trio agreed that Noah has been a huge influence on the franchise. Flanz said Noah was adamant about two things: finding viewers where they are, especially online, and building his content across platforms.

“I don’t think anyone saw daily show the table was occupied by someone when Trevor took over from John Stewart,” she added. “He kind of paves the way for the guests [hosts]so someone other than John could take the table, and he did it very well.”

David Kibuuka, the show’s lead producer and writer, said he was sad that Noah had left, but added that there was a “boost of energy” every week with new hosts. “Trevor said it was time for him to leave, so we all think of it as more of an opportunity. We’re having a good time – and he’s not dead.”

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Roy Wood Jr stirs up media scandal at White House Correspondents Dinner



Comedian Roy Wood Jr. did what many guests at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner forget about: he made journalism famous.

In a series of hilarious remarks that covered everything from Don Lemon to Fox News Channel’s massive $787.5 million settlement, the Dominion vote, and President Biden’s age, Wood spent much of his time calling for support for local journalism, noting that reporters working for regional and local media Outlets are often the first to notice abuse or something wrong. He also mentioned his father’s work at the local radio and his mother’s career in education.

The comments added a personal touch to an annual hearing organized by the White House Correspondents’ Association to highlight the mission of holding government officials accountable for reporting to the American public.

The WHCA hires a comedian every year to add some fun and spice to the action. Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, Larry Wilmore and Michelle Wolfe are among those who have done this difficult task in the past.

Wood has not shied away from discussing the current controversy in the media. Indeed, this week’s events – during which Fox News fired primetime anchor Tucker Carlson and CNN cut ties with longtime anchor Don Lemon – have likely made his job easier. “To Tucker’s staff: I want you to know that I know how you feel,” Wood said. “I work for The Daily Show, so I was also taken aback by the sudden departure of the fake news host.”

The comedian began by noting that the media and the government are “all united by one thing and that’s a scandal” before moving on to Fox News Channel and CNN. He also had some time for former President Donald Trump: “Following the Donald Trump scandals is like watching Star Wars movies,” Wood said. “Donald Trump is the only politician whose scandals have received spin-off from Disney.”

But the main burden of his statements was taken by the media. “My dog, Don Lemon. Don Lemon released a statement saying he was fired from CNN, then CNN released a statement saying they offered Don a date. They had to part ways because Don Lemon can’t even accurately tell the Don Lemon story , Wood said.

He also toasted Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, albeit slightly. Is Joe Biden awake? Wood asked. “Say what you like to our president—when he wakes up from his slumber. The work is being done. He can doze off, but then it’s the infrastructure bill. Student loan forgiveness. Bring Britney Griner home.”

The President also took part in the event, using his time on the platform to highlight the importance of journalism to democracy and reiterate vows to achieve freedom for unjustly imprisoned journalists such as Evan Hershkovich of the Wall Street Journal and freelancer Austin of the Washington Post. teak

He did get a few digs on the Fox News Channel and others, including Rupert Murdoch, executive chairman of Fox News Corporation, the parent company of Fox Corp. “You might think that I don’t like Rupert Murdoch. It’s just not true. How can I not love a guy who makes me look like Harry Styles?” he asked.

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Jack Nicholson rarely appears in public to cheer on the Lakers in their Game 6 playoff win over the Grizzlies.



Oscar winner Jack Nicholson made a rare public appearance Friday night to cheer on his beloved Los Angeles Lakers for winning the Game 6 playoffs against the Memphis Grizzlies.

The longtime court match and the Shining star gave a thumbs up and smile as the Lakers roared 125-85, seated with actor Son Rae.

Jack Nicholson is in Game 2 of the 2008 NBA Western Conference Semi-Finals when the Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant receives the NBA’s most prized player’s trophy.

(Kevorg Jansezian/Associated Press)

Nicholson hasn’t appeared on the front row in nearly two years since attending last season’s opening game in 2021, according to Showtime. Rachel Nichols. The star of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Chinatown celebrated his 86th birthday last week.

On the Friday night before the release, viewers recorded his return as he was greeted by another celebrity booster. LarryDavid another greeted with hugs LeBron James.

Even the Lakers’ Twitter account noted the moment with two words that need no further explanation: “Jack is back.”

Known for years for chit-chat and charming referees and outsiders, Nicholson, himself a former point guard, has supported the Lakers through home games, hard times, and playoff victories since the 1960s.

“He calls me Flip half the time and Skip the other half,” then-Timberwolves coach Flip Saunders told The Times during the 2004 NBA playoffs. “But he’s a big fan. He’s trying to stir up the Lakers. You love seeing people showcase his passion for the game.”

Nicholson’s last acting role was in the 2010 romantic comedy How Do You Know, directed by fellow NBA fan James L. Brooks.

When the Lakers took the win on Friday, they celebrated Nicholson’s return by showing the legendary actor his own close-up at the Arena Jumbotron.

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Michelle Obama stole the show at the Bruce Springsteen concert in Barcelona.



Former First Lady Michelle Obama joined Bruce Springsteen on stage and sang backing vocals during his concert in Barcelona, ​​Spain.


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