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The fastest shoe in the world allows you to walk with artificial intelligence



Are you tired of walking at a slow pace while everyone else rushes past you? Well, buckle up because we have news that will blow your socks off.

There is an innovation in the world of shoes – shoes that can make you walk 250% faster. Yes, you read that right, these shoes will have you zipping past everyone else on the street faster than you can say, “Where can I get a pair?”

These babes are modern day heels, but instead of one lone old wheel to keep you on your feet, these clip-on moonwalkers will have you sliding in all eights. Pittsburgh-based robotics and engineering company Shift Robotics sent sneaker lovers and tech fans into a frenzy when the sneaker was unveiled on Kickstarter a few months ago.

What is “Lunar”?

Said to be “the world’s fastest shoe”, these battery-powered running shoes can increase your walking speed by as much as 250%. This means you can get to hair salons, doctor visits, lunch dates and dog play faster while staying at the forefront of tech fashion.


Lunokhods aren’t just fast; however, they are also smart. After all, what would these shoes be if they weren’t equipped with AI? According to the company’s website, The AI ​​inside the shoes has an instant response time, making them very flexible to move through the crowd unhindered. You can literally walk with artificial intelligence under your little toes while in the middle of Times Square. Welcome to 2023.

With this nifty addition, Moonwalkers can adapt to your walking style, reducing the risk of discomfort and providing a natural feel to your stride.

In addition, they are very easy to use, so much so that you can master these puppies in just ten steps. With intuitive commands, you can even turn off the engine when you need to climb stairs or take a more leisurely walk.

Moonwalkers are the future and the fastest shoes in the world (interchangeable robotics)


What can moon rovers do?

Alternatively, if you’re up against gravel, rough terrain, or need to go off-road, these bad guys can handle just about anything that can be found in any environment. With eight overlapping wheels, the shoe can mimic a much larger diameter to tackle these terrains and can handle a total recommended weight of 220 pounds.

Moon rovers can even navigate rain or puddles, making them the perfect shoe for those looking to complete their daily 10,000 steps. What’s really impressive is, unlike the lime scooters that used to litter our major cities, these shoes can even handle uphill climbs like it’s nothing, all without the need for a remote control.

Artificial intelligence technology takes over shoes

Moonwalker is the fastest shoe in the world (interchangeable robotics)


Shift Robotics founder Xunjie Zhang wasn’t exaggerating when he said these sneakers have everything you’ll find in a Tesla in a pair of shoes. There is no need to balance; just walk faster to speed up and walk slower to slow down. We believe in a future where everything is within walking distance, and our first step is to help people walk easily at the speed of running.

With a 300-watt electric motor and eight roller wheels, you can reach speeds of up to 7 mph and cover 10 km without breaking a sweat.

Moonwalkers combine shoes and artificial intelligence

Moonwalker is the future of shoes (interchangeable robotics)

Equipped with state-of-the-art brushless DC motors, a waterproof seal, automotive-grade reinforced plastic, a 90-minute charge, and a 10.5 km range, these Moonwalkers are a no-brainer for those looking to reduce their walking time. It’s important to note that while you can run in these shoes, you won’t get any speed benefits as the Moonwalker was only designed to increase walking speed.

How much are these shoes?

Are you looking forward to when you can pick up the hands (more precisely, the legs) of the moon rovers? You won’t have to wait too long. These acceleration shoes will hit the market this summer for $1,399.


With such a large price tag, I wonder if this incredible innovative device will suffer the same fate as the Hoover board, Segway or Lime scooters. I certainly hope not.

How to reserve a couple

Walking with AI in moon rovers

Moonwalkers combine AI technology to create the world’s fastest shoes (interchangeable robotics)

If you’re like me and can’t wait to get a couple of these babes, you can reserve your moon rovers now at with only $50 deposit. This amount will be deducted from the total purchase price. Protect your pair today and be one of the first to experience the future of footwear.


Ridiculous or revolutionary? Could you walk around in these cool strappy shoes. Let us know by writing to us at

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The best arguments in favor of gambling



There are many people telling you why you shouldn’t gamble. We at AllGambling love gambling if you do it responsibly. That is why we have created in this article the best arguments for why gambling can be something positive.

This is a new interesting way to spend time. Instead of meeting up with friends for dinner or a drink, why not try something different? Gathering everyone in a casino can be more interesting than sitting at a table waiting for a check. Imagine their surprise when you pull out chips instead of cash! Gambling can turn a boring night into something special.

You can win big in gambling. If you do it right, the odds will be in your favor, not against you. Statistics show that the player has a small chance of winning a lot of money, while the casino always takes a small percentage of each bet made into its profit. Of course, there is also a small chance that you will win big, which is why it is called gambling after all.

Gambling is a great way to earn extra money. Done responsibly, the feeling of winning more money at the casino than you spent betting can be an exhilarating experience. Seeing so much cash in your hand is a wonderful feeling, even if you know you’ll have to put it back in your wallet at the end of the day.

Many people take this idea further by turning gambling into their full-time job. Many jobs require minimum work while offering high salaries. Many professional poker players take advantage of this opportunity and travel the world playing poker while earning more money than ever with a regular job.

There are great opportunities to win big in gambling. People who don’t gamble often can’t understand why anyone would want to take that kind of risk when they can already make good money in a full-time job. However, for many people this chance is not enough. To understand this, you need to take a little risk and try it for yourself.

There are many good reasons to gamble. So much so that we decided to share with you the top five arguments in favor of gambling!

1. It’s a lot of fun!

Gambling is interesting and exciting. Imagine that you are going on vacation, but instead of just relaxing on the beach or by the pool, you can also sit at the table and turn your free time into a social activity. It can be more fun than just sitting on the beach all day, and you’ll have something to remember and talk to friends and family about when you get home.

2. You can win big!

We discussed earlier that gambling is a great way to earn extra money or even turn it into your full-time job. We will now focus on the benefits of big wins and how they can affect your life.

There is a special rush associated with victory. Everyone wants to know what it’s like to be at the top of your game and experience the feeling of incredible wealth; those feelings come from big wins. Of course, it’s not just fun and games, because the real winners are the casino owners who make money from gambling. But you can be one of the lucky few who make tons of money betting on your favorite teams or playing slots to win big at the casino!

3. Gambling is fun!

Even if you don’t win big, gambling is fun. Imagine going to a concert or going out for a drink with friends and enjoying the same night at the casino. Why would you go to a bar when you can gamble?

The casino has everything from slot machines to poker tables. Poker is one of the most popular games because it is very social. Most poker players play for fun, not money, so this is a great way to chill out with friends or even meet new people who share your interests.

4. It’s interesting!

Betting on your favorite team is a lot of fun, especially when they win! Just like in the game, when you bet on sports, there is an atmosphere of excitement. Casinos are designed to be exciting and popular because of the positive vibe they create for people, not only gamblers but also socialites, party goers and regular people who want to have a good time.

5. Gambling is intriguing!

It is hard to understand why so many people gamble. But casinos would not be so popular if not for their appeal to people of all types.

There’s something about pushing a few buttons and seeing money appear in front of you is so exciting. Even though there is no real money on the slot machine, people still love to watch their favorite TV shows and movies to get away from reality and relax. Gambling is a great way to have fun, relax and find something new on the weekend.

There are so many good reasons why people gamble! It is very important to understand what gambling has to offer you before deciding whether it is right for you or not. I hope these five reasons will help convince you that you should try your hand at a casino.

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LAPD upgrades car cameras for transparency with police



The Los Angeles Police Department is upgrading the cameras in its patrol cars to capture wider angles at higher resolutions and allow video to be uploaded from location to location in the hope of increasing transparency with the police, Chief Michelle Moore said.

The LAPD is collaborating with axona private company based in Scottsdale, Arizona to install a new Axon Fleet 3 car camera systemwhich will be rolled out to all vehicles within a year, Moore said.

“We recognize [our current systems] are based on technology that is sometimes more than a decade old,” Moore said at a press conference on Thursday. “We know that when this happens with technology, you fall behind… Technology is constantly improving.”

According to the LAPD, the cameras will also record high-quality video in patrol cars and provide “knee-to-head” video in the passenger area and “enhanced night vision capabilities.”

The new Axon Fleet 3 will also allow LAPD officers to use their body cameras as a microphone, meaning they no longer need to carry separate microphones that can move around while interacting with civilians.

In addition to the new cameras at the LAPD park, Moore announced the installation of new cloud routers from the Boise, Idaho-based company. lullaby point which are installed in the back of black and white LAPD vehicles.

The Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager routers will quickly relay data from the patrol car back to the Los Angeles police stations so that watch officers can see things like body-worn video and new vehicle cameras, rather than information stored in the car.

Moore called the LAPD technology upgrades the “next step” in the department’s “modernization”.

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