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Elemental gets 20-minute extended preview of Disney CinemaCon 2023 presentation



At CinemaCon 2023, Disney premiered a 20-minute extended look at the start of Pixar’s Elemental, the upcoming film that explores the perceived differences between the fire, water, earth and air inhabitants of Element City, and how they all have so much in common. more in common than they think.

The clip shown to attendees at Disney’s CinemaCon 2023 presentation began with two fiery characters – Bernie and Cinder – arriving at Element City by boat and making contact with immigration. We then follow them to their home, where we meet their baby Amber (Leah Lewis), one of the main characters in the film.

The footage then shows Amber growing up, and one scene shows the family shop and Amber’s father saying that one day it will be hers. Then two water characters come in and splash randomly and we hear Amber say “You splash, you buy it!”

We then see Amber as a teenager and she loses her temper with a young fire buyer who just wanted a free snack. We can clearly see that Amber has anger issues, which is fitting since she is fire! We also see her spitting out a fireball and flipping it over like a pizza and telling the customer, “Get off your lazy ash!” Hooray, fire puns!

Amber believes that “the elements don’t mix” and thinks she has everything she needs in her area and never needs to cross a bridge into town. It is also shown that her father is possibly sick or dying from something, as he has a bad cough and keeps talking about needing to take a nap.

One day, Amber runs the store herself on the day of the big sale and loses her temper with people again. This time, her anger gets the better of her and she floods the store’s basement. Out of the water emerges our other protagonist, water resident Wade (Mamoudou Ati), who works as a city inspector and gives her a ticket because the plumbing in the store is substandard.

However, he is easily pissed off and cries a lot. Amber chases him back to City Hall as he tries to fix a breach in her store, and this leads them to the train to downtown Element City, followed by a chase that ends the clip.

The Elemental will hit theaters on June 16, 2023. For more, check out the movie details and all the Wish news from Walt Disney Animation from CinemaCon 2023.

Adam Bankhurst is a news columnist for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @AdamBanhurst and beyond Twitter

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Activision Blizzard generates a 35% jump when everything clicks



Activision Blizzard suffered a setback today with the UK blocking its sale to Microsoft, but the publisher may find some comfort in its recently released first-quarter financial results, which showed growth across all divisions and major franchises.

The company initially told investors he will announce the results on April 27 after the close of trading. The representative said“We raised revenue to answer questions that are already answered in the revenue material we planned to release tomorrow.”


  • income $2.38 billion (up 35%)
  • net orders: $1.86 billion (up 26%).
  • Net profit: $740 million (up 87%).

“Growth in the first quarter was broad-based, with net bookings up year-over-year across each of our top five intellectual properties: Call of Duty, Candy Crush, Warcraft, Overwatch and Diablo,” the company said in a statement.

“We continued to perform well with our intellectual property on our strategically important mobile platform, with mobile orders growing in double digits year-over-year thanks to Candy Crush, Call of Duty Mobile and last year’s launch of Diablo Immortal. ”

Activision’s segment revenue was up 28% year-over-year to $580 million as Modern Warfare 2 not only set some of its own records, it also faced easier-than-usual comparisons to the previous year’s Call of Duty: Vanguard .

Despite this, Activision’s segment monthly active users were down 2% year-over-year and 12% quarter-on-quarter to $98 million.

Although Blizzard remains the smallest of the company’s three divisions with $435 million in revenue in the segment, it posted the biggest percentage gain for the quarter, with sales up 62% to $435 million.

He noted that Overwatch 2 engagement had dropped from the previous quarter (when the game launched), but added that hours played were still roughly double what Overwatch was posting before it switched to a free-to-play model.

Blizzard’s monthly active users are up 23% year-over-year but down 40% quarter-on-quarter.

King remained the single largest contributor to the company’s revenue and earnings, reporting segment net revenue rose 8% year-over-year to $739 million.

Candy Crush’s operating profit fell less than 1% to $241 million, but is still well above Activision’s ($179 million, more than three times its Q1 2022 total) or Blizzard’s ($56 million, up). about 6% year on year).

Candy Crush became the top-grossing game franchise in the US app stores for the 23rd consecutive quarter, the company said.

King recorded 243 million monthly active users for the quarter, down 3% from last year but up 4% from the previous quarter.

Looking ahead, Activision Blizzard expects “YoY 2023 GAAP revenue to grow at least a record high,” with Q2 GAAP revenue growing at least 10% and net orders growing at least thirty%.

As for what might impact some of those numbers, the company cited strong pre-sales and demand for Diablo 4, which is scheduled to launch on June 6th.

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UK blocks Microsoft Activision deal to protect cloud gaming



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