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Too many weeds? What to do if you are gardening



Most cannabis products that you can buy legally list the amount of THC they contain. However, if you are consuming an unpackaged edible, it is nearly impossible to determine how much THC, the psychoactive ingredient, is in a food, drink, or smoking product.

In general, you are more likely to experience discomfort if you are using cannabis for the first time or infrequently. So, if you are thinking about taking 4/20, the correct dosage depends on the person using cannabis. with the recommended 2.5mg to startand limit it to 40mg of THC per day.

A 2023 study published in the journal Molecules of the Nutrition Institute of Mahidol University in Thailand found that smoking 2 to 3 mg THC may impair attention, concentration, short-term memory, and executive functions such as memory, thinking, and self-control.

People who smoke more than 7.5mg of THC show more severe symptoms such as low blood pressure, panic, anxiety, delirium, twitching, and difficulty with balance and speech. The same study suggested that an oral dose of 5 to 20 mg of THC may impair short-term memory and “executive functioning”.

Although the use of cannabis or food products does not affect the lungs compared to smoking, Accidental overdoses are more likely.

This may take 30 minutes to two hours for THC to start working in the body after consuming cannabis products. Because the effects of food take longer to take effect, people may eat more, thinking they haven’t eaten enough. The high also lasts longer with cannabis-containing products than with smoking, and can last up to 12 hours to effects below.

If you are planning on eating or drinking cannabis products, be sure to wait until the effects begin rather than consume more. If you end up smoking or consuming too much, you could overdose or get poisoned by cannabis.

Symptoms of overdose and poisoning

Signs of smoking or using too much cannabis include:

  • extreme confusion
  • anxiety
  • paranoia
  • panic
  • fast heart rate
  • delusions
  • hallucinations
  • high blood pressure
  • severe nausea or vomiting

“Any time a person feels they need a medical emergency, they should go to the nearest emergency room or call 911 for help,” the doctor said. This was reported to BuzzFeed News by Carrie Aubre, a certified emergency physician from San Jose, California. “However, in many cases, people are unsure whether their symptoms are related to an emergency.”

People should seek medical attention if cannabis use results in injury, suicidal thoughts, or if they have underlying medical conditions.

“If you have suffered a serious injury related to any kind of accident after using cannabis, you should seek emergency care even if the pain level is not as high as you would expect,” Aubre said. “Cannabis can mask your pain symptoms and the injury could be worse than you think.”

Because THC can exacerbate symptoms of psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and psychosis, it’s important to get emergency help in cases of overuse, Obre said.

Also, people who already have medical conditions, such as heart disease, lung disease, or diabetes, should be more aware of any symptoms or effects of an overdose.

“If you are a person with a chronic illness and notice that your symptoms have worsened after using cannabis, you should seek emergency care, especially if these symptoms include chest pain and shortness of breath,” Aubret said.

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Salma Hayek Pino cosplayed Jackie O in a sexy costume with a golden skirt and fresh bob



Salma Hayek Pinault paired gilded glamor with a Jackie Kennedy-inspired suit for a 2023 look at the late first lady’s iconic style. At a celebration to celebrate the opening of the new Bungalow Gucci boutique in New York’s Meatpacking district over the weekend, the Oscar nominee and recent Charm cover star– brought a lot of sparkle to the ensemble in the style of the 60s.

The actor wore Gucci, of course, in a textured gold sleeveless gown with black lace trim at the neckline and hem. Hayek wore a fitted midi-length dress and a matching cropped jacket with a collar and zippers at the sleeves.

She completed the look with a silver diamond necklace and DeBeers earrings, black peep toe platform shoes and a black bag with gold hardware. As for the hairstyle, Hayek brought out the spirit of the ’60s with a fresh, shoulder-length hairstyle with big, showy curls framing her face. For makeup, she used a glamorous smoky eye with winged eyeliner, rosy cheeks and a matching pink lip.

Jackie O Meets Metallics

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Hayek also shared some behind-the-scenes photos of the look on her Instagram feed. In the caption, she cited Jackie O as an inspiration and mentioned her glamorous team.

Instagram content

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How music affects your brain



TI woke up one morning with Dobie Gray singing “Sail away” My head is spinning, and there are tears in my eyes.

“Day by day I get more confused but I’m looking for light in the pouring rain… Oh give me a beat boys and free my soul, I want to get lost in your rock and roll and float away.”

I stumbled upon this song on YouTube and started listening after playing it a couple of times. Almost instantly, the words and music changed something in me. Shortly before this, I felt melancholy, but when the song started playing, I felt my mood rise, taking me from sadness to a more hopeful feeling. It’s a song I’ve loved since I was a teenager, and maybe it was the unexpected tenderness of the singer’s voice, or the longing I felt just sitting under the words, but I was touched.

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As a researcher at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine studying how the arts help us heal, learn, and thrive, I have read thousands of studies that offer fundamental insights into how music and sound affect many parts of our brain and body. On that day, I was once again comforted by the power of music to support my mental well-being. Just listening to your favorite song can change your mood, evoking old memories. And when we remember to use this knowledge for prevention, wellness practices and interventions, it can greatly improve your daily life.

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The song “Drift Away” triggered a cascade of neurobiological responses, triggering increased blood flow to various areas of my brain, including the limbic system, and triggered a flood of emotions and memories. It also activated my reward system and I started to feel better. Music has a direct impact on us. He comforts us, inspires us, makes us happy, leads and directs us, confirms our feelings, and connects us to our deeply human needs and nature. Structure, rhythms, melodies, syntax, genres, lyrics, a particular instrument or even the voice of a singer speaks to us in the language of humanity..

We are in tune with the music. We bring the world into our bodies and brains through our senses. On a biological level, when I listened to “Drift Away,The music and sound activated my eardrums, which caused the fluid in my inner ear to move. The fluid bent the hairs on my cells, which were converted into nerve impulses going to my brain. These impulses traveled through the neural networks of my brain, evoking strong emotions and memories and almost instantly changing my mood and outlook.

At our core, we feel music — and now we’re closer than ever to understanding why. One of the reasons music has such an immediate impact on us is because it is quickly processed in the limbic system, the part of the brain that helps us experience emotions.

When I listened to “Drift Away”, the neurotransmitter dopamine was freed up in response to these pleasant stimuli and musical freezone happened. In other words, I had an emotional peak that caused a physical reaction. Dopamine makes us feel good, and it also helps cells communicate better, as well as improves concentration, planning, and even helps us think more clearly.

Over the past 20 years, advances in technology, including functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and positron emission tomography (PET), have allowed us to see what is in our heads and explore the extraordinary influence of art and aesthetics on us, offering opportunities to expand consciousness. for all health. Music is the most studied art form, and researchers are now beginning to understand how it ages a person. complex physiological network interconnected brain systems, including the prefrontal cortex, visual cortex, amygdala, hippocampus, auditory and sensory cortices, to name but a few.

It turns out that not only listening to music, but creating it also has significant benefits. For example, mothers sing to your children to help relieve symptoms of postpartum depression and improve communication by lowering levels of cortisol, the main stress hormone. And people with dementia sing too access to autobiographical musical memories encoded in several areas of the brain that have not been damaged by the disease. The result is a radical presence with family and friends, if only for a short time.

These are not casual music lessons or just enjoyable activities. Rather, they are deliberate, evidence-based approaches that help you heal physically and mentally, thrive and learn, and build strong cultures and communities.

Some may find it oversimplified that a song can soothe the soul. But like exercise, nutrition, and sleep, we are discovering that art is essential to our health and well-being.

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All the Ways Divorce Can Negatively Affect Your Finances



Min fact, any marriage lasts for decades – contrary to popular misconception, divorce course in the USA steadily declining for decadesand according to the old opinion, about half of all marriages ending in divorce are nonsense, although for people over 50, the divorce rate In fact doubled over the years. And it’s important because older people tend to have more money after decades of work, savings and their own homes, and this so they have something to lose.

In in addition to affecting your mental and emotional well-being, divorce can also be what scientists call financially disastrous. How financially disastrous? In some cases standard of living could fall by double-digit percentage pointsand there is a non-zero chance of living in poverty as a result of divorce. If your marriage becomes unstable and you start to wonder if it will end in the courtroom, now is the time to think about the financial implications of divorce, because there are so many of them.

ddirect costs of divorce

The first thing to consider when considering divorce is its literal cost. It almost entirely depends on how combat-ready he is. World Divorce, where both parties sit down and decide how to separate everything, maybe as cheap as 200 dollarsor worth a few thousand if you get professional advice but be friendly.

But if you can’t agree on anything and you need to involve lawyers, your costs skyrocket. The average cost of one disputed divorce ranges from $15,000 to $20,000. This can get even more expensive if you have significant assets or if there are other issues that make your partition difficult. So, the first thing you need to do if you are planning to divorce your spouse is to make sure that you can afford these bills.

In addition to attorney fees, there can also be a long list of additional fees that need to be covered in a divorce, including:

  • Accountants or financial planners
  • Real estate specialists
  • intermediaries
  • Therapists (for you and any children involved)
  • movers

Withoften the costs of divorce

In addition to the things that come with an invoice and a fixed number that needs to be paid, a divorce can result in a number of less well-defined costs. For example, when it comes to assets, it’s easy to fall into the “hot sale” mentality because you want to split them up as quickly as possible. As a result, you may sell a common property for less than its actual market value due to the emotional urge to end the whole process.

There is also the issue of assets that do not have a fixed value. For example, suppose there is a house owned by both spouses that is valued at $250,000, and there is a joint IRA or other account with a current value of $250,000. If each spouse gets one of these assets, it may seem fair at the moment, but it is impossible to predict how much these assets will be worth, say, 10 years from now. If the housing market in your area is falling and the stock market is rising, someone will regret this deal.

But separating those assets comes with its own headaches.


Something that many people don’t anticipate during a divorce is the tax implications. These range from the mundane – you will need to consult with a specialist to get advice on what your new filing status should be (single or head of household) and if you are employed, you may need to look into your withholdings and get clarity on your new tax scale. AAnd keep in mind that if you receive spousal support (or alimony), this considered taxable income. If you payment support, it is not taxed.

If you choose to split your retirement accounts, this can be a problem. For 401(k) plans, simply writing a check can result in a Jupiter-sized tax bill, so you’d better get Qualified Internal Relations Order (QDRO) in order to transfer money without killing taxes. You do not need to receive QDRO to split an IRAnotes do you need to be careful when transferring funds – again, you can’t just write a check if you don’t like paying taxes and penalties.


Divorce changes your entire financial scene. If you did not work as a spouse, your income may suddenly drop dramatically even if you have received a spousal support order. You will need to quickly determine if you can survive on your new income or if you will need to develop other sources of income.

Even if your income is equal to your ex-partner’s income, you still expect a shock because you will be maintaining a 100% lifestyle on 50% income. More precisely, you could support 110% lifestyle (or more) because you will have additional expenses such as child care, medical insurance (if you were previously on your spouse’s insurance) and replacing all the things you did not take with you when you divorced – imagine that not only will you have to buy a new house, but also furnished This.


Divorce destroys net worth – usually after a divorce, you lose money. thirty% poorer than you were married. And this financial blow can negatively affect both your future and your present: after a divorce you enjoy a much higher risk of not having enough retirement savings. The cumulative impact of all those bills and expenses, the need to replace assets (like a home) you already had, and the potential drop in income all make your retirement plans a lot bleaker than before.

All you can do is evaluate your new situation and make a plan with a financial advisor. If divorce is imminent, it’s time to start planning for a revised retirement right now.


If you have had joint accounts with your spouse, especially credit card accounts, you may be liable for the debts they accumulate, even if you have nothing to do with the expenses. There is a simple rule of thumb: if your name is on the loan agreement, suppose you can be held liable for the entire debt, regardless of who actually pulled the trigger. This also applies to bank loans, mortgages and car loans. It is very important to get a clear picture of all the debts accumulated during the marriage and to know who is ultimately responsible for them.

Alimony and Alimony

Finally, if there are children, support may be required and if there is a significant difference in income, there may be an order of marital maintenance. Alimony varies. Very a lot of depending on the state you live in, and child support and spousal support will vary depending on other factors such as your income level after divorce and how property is divided. But if you can end up paying or relying on these payments, you need to consider how they will affect your overall financial situation.

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