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Uncharted Waters Origin Adds Two New Admirals And Tons Of Features In Latest Update



Uncharted Waters Origin, Line Games’ marine RPG sandbox for mobile devices, has just released an exciting new update. The game has followed a regular schedule in its short life, releasing a patch every month that adds new admirals and features.

The May Update for Uncharted Waters Origin is no different, introducing two new S-rank Admirals, as well as Offensive and Companion training systems. First, say hello to Sayida al-Hurra, an original character who is the only remaining member of Granada’s royal family. She is a battle admiral who will do whatever it takes to avenge her family and reclaim Granada from the Christians.

Leon Franco, on the other hand, is an admiral who excels in trade, especially in the art and weapons categories. He has inherited the will of the former head of a Portuguese family and, like Sayida, embarks on a journey to rebuild his shattered family.

In addition, the update adds new Assault content, in which players team up to fight the main boss. Currently, Edward Teach is a villain who can be attacked by those above level 45. Players should stay away from his wide range attacks while taking advantage of his weak ram defense if they want to get this fine gear.

The partner training system is especially useful for the mastery of partners who are already at the final stage. This opens the door to fine-tuning the abilities of companions after they have completed their growth. In addition, the “Change Appearance” feature will allow players to equip selected equipment on their characters.

Another addition to this patch is Guild Donations, which provide promotions for all members of a specific guild. This can be achieved when someone donates currency, and can be additionally applied to guild attacks, which are their version of boss fights. Finally, on June 8, the game celebrates its 100-day anniversary, and numerous rewards await you.

Download Uncharted Waters Origin for free now.

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Switch vs. DS Sales Comparison – April 2023



The VGChartz Sales Comparison Series is updated monthly, each featuring a different sales comparison using our video game hardware estimates. The charts include comparisons between PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch, as well as older platforms. There are articles based on our estimates from around the world, as well as from the US, Europe and Japan.

This monthly series compares the worldwide sales of Nintendo Switch and Nintendo DS.

The DS was released in November 2004 in North America, December 2004 in Japan, and March 2005 in Europe, while the Nintendo Switch was released worldwide in March 2017. So the holiday periods for the two consoles do not match, so it increases and decreases.

Switch vs. DS Global:

Gap change last month: 4,151,602 – DS

Gap change in last 12 months: 2,102,935 – DS

Total leads: 15,395,615 – DS

Switch total sales: 125,055,820

Total DS Sales: 140,451,435

April 2023 is the 74th month that the Nintendo Switch has been available. Over the past month, the gap has grown in favor of the DS by 4.15 million units compared to the Switch over the same period.

Over the past 12 months, DS sales have surpassed Switch by 2.10 million units. DS leads Switch by 15.40 million units.

The 74th sales month for the Nintendo Switch is April 2023 and the DS is December 2010. During the same period, the Switch sold 125.06 million units, while the DS sold 140.45 million units.

Over the lifetime of the Nintendo DS, 154.02 million units were sold. The Nintendo Switch is currently 28.96 million units behind the DS’s lifetime sales.

Lifetime and avid gamer,William D’Angelo was first introduced by VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was hired in 2010 as a junior analyst, promoted to lead analyst in 2012, and took over hardware valuation in 2017. He expanded his involvement in the gaming community by creating content on his own YouTube channelanotherTwitch channels. You can contact the authoron twitter@TrunksWD.

Full article –

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Voicemail Dump Truck 70 – Giant Bomb



Welcome to a special edition of the Dump Truck show for dads! Today we have expert dad Patrick Klepek and soon he will be father Ben Hansen on a dump truck! Call and leave a message for the dump truck at (707)EXIT-FLU.

If you think GIant Bombcast spends too much time talking about non-video games, you’re going to hate this thing.

May 25, 2023

Posted By: Jan

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Alone in the Dark Reboot Coming in October, Playable Prologue Available Today



We haven’t heard much about THQ Nordic’s Alone in the Dark reboot since its surprise reveal last year, but now the promising project is back with an October 25 release date and – for the impatient of us – a playable prologue available now.

The original Alone in the Dark for those too young to remember, released in 1992, offers a truly groundbreaking journey into the unknown. Considered by many to be the grandfather of the survival horror genre, he pioneered the fixed-camera haunted house formula that would go on to influence games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

THQ Nordic’s reimagined version of Alone in the Dark, developed by Swedish developer Pieces Interactive under the direction of Soma and Amnesia: The Dark Descent writer Mikael Hedberg, is based on the original premise of the 1992 original with the help of private detective Edward Carnby. Emily Hartwood investigates her uncle’s suicide at the bleak Derceto mansion and fires up Southern Gothic in an attempt to filter the original blend of exploration, combat, puzzles and history through a more modern lens.

Another look at the reimagining of Alone in the Dark from Pieces Interactive.

As previously reported by THQ, its reboot will feature segments taking place outside the mansion, taking Carnby and Hartwood to forgotten cemeteries, bays and more. And it’s now confirmed that our playable protagonists will be portrayed by Stranger Things’ David Harbor and Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer, respectively (solving one lingering mystery). Depending on the character you choose, you’ll get a different take on the story, with alternate events and unique NPC reactions giving you a reason to play the game twice.

The THQ reboot has a lot going for it, from a striking southern gothic aesthetic to a dark jazz soundtrack (courtesy of musician Jason Kohnen). Dark through game prologue on Steam, prefix 5And Xbox Series X/S from today.

The decision to release a prologue is said to have been partly inspired by Alone in the Dark 2’s “Jack in the Dark” demo, in which players will play as a young girl, Grace, who explores the Derceto mansion in an attempt to send a letter to Emily Hartwood. be her uncle’s guest. Pieces Interactive suggests that this is to give players an idea of ​​the general atmosphere they are aiming for in the full version of Alone in the Dark, but notes that the combat is not shown due to its protagonist’s age.

David Harbor from Stranger Things plays Edward Carnby.

And if the prologue gets you hooked, THQ Nordic is keen to give away the pre-order bonus DLC Alone in the Dark, which I’ll admit is pretty good. Called the Deceto 1992 Costume Set, it allows players to replace the reboot version of Carnby and Hartwood with their original 1992 character models in all their gorgeously vibrant retro paint.

Alone in the Dark will be available in two versions for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC on October 25; there’s a standard edition (worth £49.99/€59.99/$59.99) as well as a deluxe edition which, along with the aforementioned costume pack, includes an artbook, a vintage horror filter pack, as well as a commentary mode featuring reboot director Mikael Hedberg and notably Frédéric Reynal, who created the original game.

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