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What the incredible Moonlight win says about the future of the Oscars



manner MoonlightWinning Best Picture at the Oscars may have been strange and shocking, but it upset the expected favorite. la la country, the Barry Jenkins film set a number of milestones. It is the lowest-budget film to win the award since Delbert Mann. Marty in 1955; when adjusted for inflation, this is the lowest figure ever. It is the first film focusing on an LGBT character to win Best Picture and the first film to have an all-color cast. Moreover, it is incredible that Moonlight beat la la country simply because the latter seemed like a film meant for Academy voters—a well-made original musical about artistry and Hollywood dreams, laced with nostalgia for the golden age of the film industry.

But maybe it shouldn’t be so surprising that Moonlight took Best Film. It’s a terrific film, but in some ways it fits the model that the Academy has been leaning towards in recent years. For decades, it was very unusual for the film with the most awards of the night to lose the Best Picture race. But in recent years, that has been the norm. For decades, the gap between Best Picture and Best Director (as happened last night at the Oscars) has been a relative rarity; this has happened 8 times in the last 20 years. Moonlight is a unique film that tells a story that the Oscars have largely ignored throughout its history — but it’s also a smaller, more personal story that voters have begun to warm up to.

Moonlight It won three Oscars this year: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor (Mahershala Ali) and Best Adapted Screenplay for Jenkins and Tarell Alvin McCraney. Last year’s Best Film winner spotlight took only two trophies, and in 2015 Birdman won four. One year before 12 years of slavery won three, as argon in 2013. In each case, there was a different, more lavish production that won just as many, if not more, trophies: survivor, Hotel Grand Budapest, gravityAnd Life of Pirespectively (with all but Budapest winning the nomination “Best Director”, but not “Best Film”). la la country seems to belong to this new ticket-sharing norm, where voters attribute a bunch of technical victories to a brilliant leader but give away the best film to a more critically acclaimed, smaller production.

Again, this is not to be discounted Moonlightfateful triumph. Although I like movies spotlight another Birdman were independent works, they were made on a much larger budget and distributed by the more established independent divisions of major studios (Moonlightthe distributor was A24, a company founded just five years ago a name that quickly became one of the most respected in American feature films). However, in the last decade, only one major studio has won the Best Picture award, Warner Bros. argon another Renegades). As Hollywood’s major production companies ditched prestige films to focus more on big franchises, the Best Picture nominations list is mostly filled with independent and “medium” companies (with Amazon’s streaming service making a breakthrough this year for Manchester by the sea).

If things have already gone in this direction, then Moonlight may be the beginning of even greater nautical changes. Of nine nominees for this year’s Best Picture, it was the highest grossing ($22 million in its fourth month of release, behind the next lowest). Hell or high water with $27 million). The Oscars used to evoke a certain reverence for well-reviewed films that made a splash. It’s like choosing a consensus, like beautiful mind, gladiator, Brave heart, another Forrest Gump took the prize over more famous films. la la country fits well in this form, but this form can be broken.

It helps Moonlight was widely known, causing enthusiastic critical raves that happen once in a generation, not once a year. In addition, it was a beautifully shot film on all levels, with support from the broader Academy chapters (it was nominated for music, cinematography and editing, as well as pending writing, acting and directing accolades). This is critical to winning Best Picture because people from every branch of the Academy vote for the winners, and this is what has kept smaller, less technically impressive indie films from winning in the past. Perhaps next year the trophy will go to some major epic hitting the box office, like a Christopher Nolan movie. Dunkirk, and this recent pattern will be reversed. Anyway, MoonlightThe victory is so shocking that it will be remembered forever. Whether this is Oscar’s magical anomaly or a sign of profound change at the Academy remains to be seen now.


Michigan school bus driver passes out, student saves the day



What started as an ordinary bus ride home from school ended with one high school student from Michigan hailed as a national hero for stopping his school bus to a safe stop after the driver passed out.

Dillon Reeves, a seventh grader at Lois E. Carter High School in Warren, Michigan, was one of dozens of students on the bus home from school Wednesday afternoon, officials said. Around 3 p.m., an unidentified bus driver radioed to the transport base that she was “very dizzy” and needed to stop, initiating a process allowing the dispatcher to direct her to another driver.

But when the driver slowed down, she lost consciousness. Robert D. Livernois, superintendent of Warren Unified School District, said at a press conference on Thursday. According to him, the bus began to roll in the direction of oncoming traffic.

Dillon sat about five rows behind the driver and quickly dropped his backpack, “ran to the front of the bus, grabbed the steering wheel and stopped the bus in the middle of the road,” Livernois said.

“In my 35+ years of education, this was an exceptional act of courage and maturity on his part,” Livernois said.

The video shows Dillon grabbing the steering wheel and calmly and slowly taking control of the brakes. Children panic and scream in the background. “He had enough funds to move slowly, probably in anticipation of the bus being full of passengers,” Livernois said.

After the bus stopped, Dillon told the other students to call 911.

Livernois said a man walking down the street and a woman two cars away from the bus came to the aid of the students. The man escorted the driver along with Dillon while the woman helped the children out through the back door so that they would not witness their driver’s misfortune.

Livernois said police and firefighters arrived at the scene within four minutes. No injuries were reported among students, and no damage to the bus was reported, he said.

The driver started work in July and was “one of our best,” the superintendent said. According to the school, she strictly followed the protocol, warning the base to send a backup driver. It also emerged that she took her foot off the accelerator as she prepared to stop, Livernois said.

Skip McAdams, Warren’s fire commissioner, said the driver was semi-conscious when firefighters arrived at the scene. She became more “focused and focused” when she was taken to the hospital and placed on an ECG monitor and oxygen along with an IV. “She didn’t remember the actual incident, but she does remember that she wasn’t well before the incident,” McAdams said, adding that her vitals were stable.

The 40-year-old driver remained in the hospital as of Thursday and was undergoing examination and observation. Livernois said she had no fainting spells and passed the mandatory medical examination from the Department of Transportation. The driver is undergoing a drug test as required by federal law, Livernois said.

Steve and Ireta Reeves, Dillon’s parents, praised their son’s actions and called him a hero. Dillon has been riding his father’s lap on back roads and driveways since he was 4, said Steve Reeves, who described his son as “very attentive to his surroundings.”

Ireta Reeves said that when she asked Dillon how he knew what to do, he replied, “I’m watching [the driver] do it every day.”

The school board plans to hold an awards ceremony for Dillon, Livernois said.

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The Best Sex Toys on Amazon: How to Avoid Poor Quality or Counterfeit Devices



Cheats may be all the rage, but sex toys are one category of shopping where you need to make sure you’re getting the real deal.

Just because you can buy just about everything on Amazon doesn’t mean you should, especially if you’re not trying to pick up fake or poorly made sex toys.

Since you’re reading this, it’s unlikely you’re trying to, but it’s not uncommon to find illegal sex toys sold by third-party sellers like Amazon that, at best, can stop working and be actually dangerous to a person. use on your body at worst.


What to look for when buying a sex toy

However, we understand that buying sex toys can be intimidating, and switching to Amazon instead of a full-fledged sex shop or manufacturer’s website (although we’re big fans of both) can make the process a lot easier. To make sure you’re getting the quality product you deserve, we’ve looked at the brands that actually sell on Amazon, tested some of the toys ourselves, and put together some tips on how to shop safely.

Why is it ugly to buy sex toys on Amazon?

When you go to a sex toy brand website or a reputable sex shop, you are essentially getting a verified selection of toys. There will be no random fakes or scams that don’t have your best interests in mind. You are also buying from people who know what they are talking about when it comes to sex toys.

Amazon, on the other hand, pretty much lets anyone sell anything.

“Buying from third-party stores like Amazon does not guarantee an authentic product,” Mashable Sex and Relationships reporter Anna Iovine wrote in her guide on how to buy sex toys. “Given that the toy will be in or near your genitals, you need to make sure it’s legal.”

Not too long ago, a rose toy went viral on TikTok despite its dubious quality. If you search “Hitachi Magic Wand” on Amazon, you will get a lot of results.(will open in a new tab)even though the website is not listed as a trusted Magic Wand retailer.(will open in a new tab). In fact, the Magic Wand website explicitly warns consumers to “beware of counterfeit Magic Wand products in places like e-Bay and Amazon.”

good news Amazon begins to take stronger measures to prevent the sale counterfeit products(will open in a new tab). In the meantime, Amazon still has a lot of legitimate branded storefront products – you just need to know how and where to look.


Where to buy sex toys online (including Target and Sephora)

How to Buy Sex Toys Safely on Amazon

  • Start with a window display. Unauthorized sellers can be tricky on Amazon. Just because a product is linking to a legitimate storefront doesn’t mean the product itself is legit (we’ve experienced this ourselves, it’s easier than you think to be scammed!) To make sure you’re actually looking at a genuine product. always start at the storefront and work your way up. If you have a brand that you like, it’s a good idea to check their website to see if they have a link to their storefront, rather than going straight to the Amazon search bar. For each of our products below, we’ve also linked an Amazon storefront so you can safely explore what the rest of the brands have to offer.

  • Double check the seller. While this is not a hard and fast rule, 99% of the time a quick look at the seller will help you determine if you are buying a legitimate product or if you are being scammed.

    The seller can be found on the right side of the page, not directly under the product name.
    Credit: Screenshot/Amazon

  • Be on the lookout for anything suspiciously cheap. If that $120 sex toy you’re looking at is only $65 on Amazon, and only on Amazon, there’s a more than decent chance you’re getting a fake. We understand the joy of finding a good deal, but it’s always good to approach markdowns with a healthy dose of skepticism.

We reached out to LELO, one of the brands on this list that has two Amazon storefronts, to ask how consumers can shop for sex toys safely on Amazon. Their CMO Lukas Matutinowicz shared the following three points via email with Mashable:

  • Read seller ratings. Think of the seller the same way you think of a product on Amazon. Would you feel confident buying a product that only has 10 reviews or that has a low overall rating? The chances are pretty low. Look for a reasonable number of reviews and a positive overall rating.

  • Look for a warranty and/or warranty. Most sex service companies stand by their products and are not afraid to share them. View product images, product pages, and storefronts to learn about each company’s policies. Some products, such as LELO, even include a warranty in the product packaging.

  • The tamper-evident label is your last security check before use. Once you’ve found your product, personally verified your seller, and the item has arrived, there’s one more step to make sure you’ve purchased your toy safely. Before opening the product package, double check for Tamper proof sticker to make sure you are the first to open and enjoy your toy. If the sticker is removed or damaged, be sure to contact the seller immediately.

Looking for any tamper-evident stickers or seals, such as this one on the box of the Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3, is a great way to finally verify your purchase.
Credit: Bethany Allard/Mashable

As a final reminder before you go shopping, there are plenty of inexpensive sex toys you can get without shopping on Amazon, but if you really want to get the most out of your Prime subscription, here’s our pick for the best sex toys on Amazon. :

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Artificial intelligence and the future of employment



Editor’s Note: In this Looking Ahead, students discuss artificial intelligence. Next week, we’ll be wondering, “With the news of the departure of Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon, is cable news in decline? Or is reshaping a chance for him to rise? How do you consume your news? Students must Click here submit opinions of less than 250 words by May 2. The best answers will be published the same evening.

When direct-dial telephones appeared on the switchboards in the 1950s, almost a quarter of a million telephone operators lost their jobs, many of them becoming so-called “hello girls.” More recently, grocery stores and fast food restaurants have cut staff with self-service kiosks. Today, college-educated professionals in many industries fear being replaced by artificial intelligence.

AI will change the future of work, but not necessarily for the worse. Seemingly stable permanent jobs could be in jeopardy, according to the World Economic Forum. The forum projects 85 million job losses by 2025, but also estimates that AI will create 97 million jobs. Their advice to troubled workers? Start retraining.

Automated work will never replace human ingenuity, creativity, or friendships. Jobs that value these skills will become more important with the advent of AI. Workers must see themselves as more than a set of technical skills. AI invites entrepreneurs and pioneers to continue discovering how a changing economy can best appreciate unique human skills, and this can give a competitive edge to those who develop traits we may have taken for granted of late.

— Emily Marsh, Hillsdale College, Economics and Mathematics

The future of education

Artificial intelligence is pushing pedagogy into a new era. Although the first version of ChatGPT was launched a few months ago, it has already had an amazing impact on teachers and students. Forty-three percent of college students report using AI, but more than half say it’s a scam to complete assignments. Educators already have a hard time spotting wrongdoing, and in the next few years this will become almost impossible. It makes no sense to ban technology in the classroom. Artificial intelligence is the future of education.

AI enables an unprecedented level of personalization. Its adaptability allows you to create effective learning programs targeted at each student to increase engagement. The AI ​​also serves as a mentor, explaining complex concepts and issues. In addition, the simplicity of ChatGPT allows anyone with a computer or smartphone to access it.

Many educators seem reluctant to acknowledge that artificial intelligence is changing education. AI won’t take their jobs; good teachers will always be needed at every level of education. AI will only make their job easier by making grading and other routine tasks easier, allowing teachers to focus more on their students.

Educators need to use AI, and students need to be taught how to use it responsibly. Instead of being considered a form of cheating, AI should be seen as an important tool in helping students become better writers and problem solvers.

— Nicholas Rhine, Villanova University, Finance

Revival of the humanities

Many of my colleagues in the humanities are pessimistic about future job prospects. The spread of AI for them is the final nail in the coffin of a discipline that is already in decline. But I am quite optimistic about the future of AI.

AI is designed to streamline time-consuming tasks — coding, math, data analysis, and more — in an efficient and accurate way so that we don’t have to. But since the machine can only produce results based on input, it cannot create new knowledge on its own. That’s what the humanities are for.

Pushing new boundaries in thinking requires a deep curiosity that only humans are capable of—a curiosity cultivated by participation in the work of great thinkers. Aristotle’s teachings are responsible for how we conduct science today. Shakespeare’s plays show us the power of understanding character. Orwell’s stories warn us of the dangers of an unfree society.

Thus, in tandem with the rise of AI, there will be a renaissance in the humanities that will feed it with new knowledge as well as define the ethical framework for its use. AI does not detract from the value of the humanities. It revives him.

— Long Tran Bui, Swarthmore College, Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

Our new companion

No one can disagree: AI will have a huge impact on the labor market and productivity. The rapid rise of ChatGPT testifies not only to the popularity of AI, but also to its ability to solve any day-to-day tasks.

But the AI ​​revolution will not be as apocalyptic as many fear. Those who have taken the time to ignore the hype and use ChatGPT for themselves know that AI tools are more barking than biting. Despite the human tone, GPT, like other AIs, cannot use the most basic logical reasoning.

Of course, future improvements may correct factual errors. But will further training—and extra money for AI developers—really teach new skills to programs that have already learned more than 175 billion parameters?

I’m not sure that AI can replace a human at work. By its nature, AI cannot think like a human. However, it can digest colossal amounts of information and regurgitate it for quick consumption, making it a valuable tool. AI can take its place alongside existing programs, making time-consuming data tasks more efficient, streamlining work in analytics, computer science, and management. This would encourage more growth and therefore more jobs in many areas of business.

If we learn how to use AI to improve our workflow, we will be ready for the future with AI on our workstations. AI will become a companion for all workers and a boon for the labor market.

— John Manning, University of Notre Dame, history.

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Magazine editorial report: Paul Gigot interviews Wall Street Journal columnist Andy Kessler. Images: Zuma Press/WSJ Composite: Mark Kelly

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